ACDC is different from other cannabis strains available because of its extremely high level of CBD and very low THC level. With its 1 to 6% THC, there’s no hallucinogenic effect and the CBD amounts, on the other hand, is about 20%, which is higher than the normal level of .05%.

ACDC is crossbred of Cannatonic and Ruderalis, and a well-balanced hybrid of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. However, in some cases, this CBD strain is on the side of Sativa. Because of its high CBD content, ACDC has won several Cannabis awards.

The scent of ACDC is sweet, skunky and earthy and some may have a flavor of the fruit. When smoking marijuana, a user may able to distinguish the lemongrass and cherry aroma better. The sprout of ACDC is stiff but soft and has a green color with hairs of orange. They are available in various methods such as tinctures, capsules, lotions, and teas.

Medical patients especially those who are suffering epilepsy, should use this strain. ACDC can help treat a few medical conditions such as cancer, seizures, severe pain, and alcohol addiction. Individuals with less serious ailments can also use ACDC. Since this CBD contains a high CBD level, it might be beneficial for ripe bakers who intend to lower the threat of severe side effects.

Research at the New York University’s Langone Comprehensive Epilepsy Center examined the formulation of CBD strain in an agent called “Epidiolex”. Researchers discovered that the medicine was effective, safe and well-accepted.

Because the Indica and Sativa are well-proportioned and sometime may side more at the Sativa, users can experience invigorating effects such as excitement, tranquility, and joy. You may become a more motivated and social butterfly. Some may describe the feeling as very peaceful without any worries.

ACDC Strain: Growing Information

ACDC is a hairy plant with slim, fluffy leaves that grows in an average height of four feet. It has a similar structure to the “skunk” strains with the sprouts group together in wide bunches called colas. The leaves are purplish and nugs have a size of a thumb.

Most breeders and users would approve that ACDC strain is tricky to grow and needs more time maintaining the cannabis plant for a successful harvest. Set and brace the hemp plant to provide a platform to grow well and develop robust branches and stalk. You will also need to supplement the crop with elements like calcium and magnesium.

These growing issues must be spotted and treated quickly, or else the harvest can drop in health very quickly. Also, shaking the cannabis plant may be enough method to give less stress to the harvest and could help improve the crop process.

ACDC can be planted both in the indoors and outdoors, however, it grows better and faster indoors as the monitored environment can perform as a preventive measure to various diseases and pests. While in the outdoors, the weather can either be warm or moderate to somewhat colder for the hemp plants to mature well, but the blossoming period takes longer if the climate is on the colder setting.

ACDC maturing period is between 9 to 10 weeks for both the indoor and outdoor plants. The indoor plantation can expect to harvest about 14ounces per sqm while in the outdoors, the breeder can harvest bigger with 16ounces per sqm.

Though the sprout that comes from a successful effort can be great, ACDC strain is not for the novices to experiment — unless you’re open or expecting failure and willing to accept the risk involved.

Health Benefits of ACDC Strain

Because ACDC contains a high level of CBD, it is believed to help treat patients with a variety of severe or weakening medical conditions, such as:

  • Convulsions
  • Paranoia and trauma
  • PTSD
  • Nerve pain
  • Depression
  • Muscle spasms
  • Restlessness
  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety

Many others also find comfort with the aid of ACDC strain, as its soothing qualities and its capability to make users concentrate for a long time are common forms of psychotherapy.

ACDC Strain – Phenotype of Cannatonic

Cannatonic seeds of 50% will mature into CBD-dominant plants. This can trigger chaos for medical marijuana patients. While the cannabinoid strains profile tends to vary, there are Cannatonic test results with the CBD: THC proportions that range from 20 are to 1 to 1 is to 20.

ACDC is the well-known Cannatonic strain phenotype that experimented with a ratio of 22 CBD: 1 THC. It is now available on the market in many types and currently, making its way all through California. Moreover, several northern California’s best dispensary sites have stated the availability of ACDC clones, such as Synergy Wellness in Santa Rosa and Harborside Health Center in Oakland.

Effects of ACDC

ACDC Cannatonic phenotype is a CBD-dominant strain, and so, users often search it due to its capability to provide alleviation without psychoactive side effects. Thus, it’s unlikely to gain interest from the market of adult-use.

However, quite a few medical cannabis patients look for the clones of ACDC strain to add up to their nursery. It’s exceptionally has a high CBD or concentration of cannabidiol which makes the ACDC strain perfect treatment for nervousness and pain management.

Also, the cannabis oil you can extract from the ACDC phenotype and the juicing of the leaves, have shown potential in blocking the spread of various types of cancer as stated by circumstantial reports. As such, health cannabis patients residing in a state where marijuana is legal may want to consider using this strain, particularly if they’re experiencing seizures, sclerosis, and chemotherapy damaging effects.

Possible Side Effects of ACDC Strain

Since ACDC has a low level of THC, recreational users and patients who are likely to be THC-induced anxiety and paranoia should not experience any harmful side effects. CBD is known to help overturn the THC freaky effects, which is why it’s highly suggested to take CBD oil if you’re suffering anxiety after cannabis smoking.

ACDC Strain: Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed reading our ACDC strain review and that you only not found it to be interesting but also enlightening and informative. Recently, many marijuana researchers are giving attention to high CBD strains, and we hope this niche to be the pioneer to comprehensive medical cannabis treatment.

Aside from high CBD strains become beneficial in the world of curative cannabis for both children elderly alike, they open a big opportunity for everyone to enjoy cannabis without feeling high.