There are a lot of ways on how you can consume marijuana. Be it for medical purposes or recreational, pot smokers turn to become more creative in hitting it — from smoking cannabis to dabbing shatter.

If you are a cannabis connoisseur, then you surely have heard or know already what SHATTER is. Chances are you may have already toked this one or best have tried making it yourself.

A head-up for the newbies, you may know it by any other names. Some refer to it as wax or hash oil but it’s basically the same stuff by the way it looks.

Can you make shatter at home?

Shatter is made from the trichomes extracted from the cannabis buds that are separated from the flower using a flammable and explosive gas butane. Because the process of making shatter involves the use of butane, making one can be a dangerous process.

If that is so, is it possible to make your shatter at home?

Making shatter at home can be a dangerous process, however, it is possible. How risky it is to make one also depends on the recipe you opt to choose for making one. There are also other ways to deal with it that are less dangerous and quick but will still leave you with concentrates that are dab worthy.

In this section, get to know how to make shatter that is uncomplicated and that you can safely make at home.

What you will need in making shatter

  • 1/2 to 1-ounce Dried Marijuana (pick your favorite strain)
  • Butane Canister
  • Cylindrical Extraction Tube with a hole in the bottom
  • 2 Pyrex glass or any ovenproof glass dishes
  • Coffee filters
  • Parchment Papers (for storage)

Let’s face it. If it’s your first time making shatter at home, you might assume that the process sort of involves a bit of chemistry by just looking at the equipment list. But worry not, the process is not really rocket science and is doable by just about anybody providing that you have the right equipment.

The weeds can be purchased online, however, you can also grow your own and turn them into shatter. On the other hand, the other equipment can also be bought online or at your local hardware store.

How to Make Shatter

Step 1. Pack the extraction tube with dry weed

Push down the dried weed into the extraction tube and pack it tightly. Cover the top end of the tube with a coffee filter and secure it in place using tape or a rubber band.

Step 2. Fill the extraction tube with butane

Start the extraction process by holding the extraction tube over a glass dish. Drip the butane through the small hole in the bottom of the tube. Wait until all the weed is covered in butane. Collect all the liquid (amber-colored oil) that will come through the filter into the Pyrex glass.

Step 3. Evaporate the butane

Fill a shallow pan with boiling water and place the dish with the amber-colored oil in it. Wait until the oil bubbles up.

Step 4. Scrape your shatter

Once the bubbling has stopped, your shatter is done. Place the final product onto parchment paper and wait for it to dry. Drying may take around 2-3 days. After your shatter is dried and turns into a glass-like form, it’s ready for use!

How To Consume Shatter

Now that you know how to make shatter, here are the best ways on how to consume it:


If you are an experienced user, this method is a popular option for you. The effect of shatter when you dab it is very fast, thus, making you high in no time. Use the wax by using a dab or oil rig which is a device designed for concentrates. Just fill your rig with water and place a small amount of shatter on the heated glass nail then take a hit on the mouthpiece.


If you have a vape pen and vaporizers that are compatible with dabs, then you may want to try vaping your shatter. Just take a small amount of shatter and place it in a bow. Heat your pen up and just inhale the vapor.


If you want an extra kick to your usual pot session, you can mix your shatter in with cannabis in a bowl and smoke it using a bong or pipe. To avoid degrading the quality of the shatter, mix it in between the weed so it is not too exposed to the flame.

Is making your shatter at home worth it?

For practical weed users, it’s a definite yes. If you have home-grown weeds at home and the equipment to make the shatter, then it will help you save a few bucks in the long run and is accessible whenever you need it.

Learning how to make shatter at home is a good D.I.Y project for those who want potent cannabis concentrate. However, it is important to always practice safety when making shatter as you will be dealing with hazardous gas, butane.

Lastly, remember to start in with small amounts when hitting shatter so you can get used to its effect and enjoy it.