Like all other wrapped product, the CBD oil has a storage life, a time frame where it’s the most effective and safest to use. Regarding the shelf life of CBD oil, the answer is unclear. There are several factors that influence how long CBD oil or other cannabis extracts can last. These can because of quality, classification of the materials, packaging and stashing of the final product.

Knowing how to take good care of the CBD products can largely help preserve the cannabinoid content and quality of the other natural ingredients. Be it natural oil, capsules, or liquid concentrate, it’s essential to preserve your product from the exposure of elements such as heat, humidity, and extreme cold to keep the pure botanical elements.

Properly keeping safe of the CBD oil products can help maintain its pureness and improve the shelf life of CBD oil. However, you need to keep in mind that the quality or brand of CBD product that you have will influence the duration that it last out.

The Standard Shelf Life of CBD Oil

The time it takes to finish one CBD bottle significantly varies depending on the user. How frequent the CBD oil is used and serving size is different for every person and depends on the purpose of use.

Yet, most people are eager to know how long the CBD oil will last since it’s purchased. In the end, the last thing anyone wants is to buy CBD oil and be constrained by a “use by” time that will compel them to litter the remnants of their invaluable supplement.

As already stated, various aspects play a big part in the CBD oil shelf life. While some extracts and infusions may undergo quality deterioration in a short period, others may stay pure and usable for life. But the compromise is that the normal shelf life of CBD oil is between 14-24 months, depends on how to keep it. If you still own a CBD product after two years, it’s highly suggested that you change it, since the oil may already taste bad.

Effect of Extraction Process on Shelf Life of CBD Oil

The definitive standard in any extraction process is that the quality of a product always demonstrates the class of opening material. In short, the gold’s in, the gold’s out or if the garbage’s in, the garbage’s out.

There’s a direct relationship between the class of the opening material and what residue after the process. Substandard products that have jeopardized cannabinoid profiles will produce a mediocre extract. And so, this will affect the shelf life of CBD oil or any product.

Best Method to Keep Your CBD Oil

Yes, heat, time, humidity and even light are the biggest enemies of any cannabis product whether it’s a CBD oil, wax, budder and shatter.

Each element enables the deterioration of cannabinoids and terpenes and will speed up the method by which the extracts change. Dark, cool, dry settings are perfect for boosting longevity and when it’s open to a few nature pollutants, some manufactured goods can last long with no change or losing other elements.

Keep your CBD Oil Away from Heat and Light

It’s very important to keep your CBD oil in a dry, cool and dark place for best flavor and keep it from destroying its quality. Never store your CBD oil in a shelf or rack near a window where the light passes through or in the cupboard where appliances emit heat. It’s advised that you keep your cannabis oil product in a freezer or fridge, freeze drier or low cabinet as well as on a cellar or basement. This helps to get rid of the elements that destroy the extracts.

Most CBD oil goods are available in a package with protection for heat or light damage, so storing your oil in a freezer or fridge which stays dark and cool expert when you open the door for a few minutes, is one of the best methods to keep your CBD product. If you want to assure its safety, use an aluminum foil and wrap around the bottle to fully protect it from the light.

Thus, colder temperatures effectively help the longevity of CBD oil. When a CBD product is exposed to hotter temperatures, the chemical structure can change and lose its quality. While CBD oil is organic and pure substance extracted from hemp, the extraction method rarely produces in 100% concentration. Hence, other elements that are safe in the oil may change drastically to heat, which causes the oil to change some of its elements. This makes the oil becomes “butterier” inform and make it look dark. On the other hand, cooling can be a great way to extend the life of a CBD oil. But while cooling won’t affect the oil to harden, it may produce cloudiness and improve the texture. But if you’re considering keeping your CBD oil for a long time, then using a freezer may help prolong its storage life. Yet, you should talk with the brand or company that sell CBD oil or read the product instructions as various products may have unique guidelines.

The following are the things you need to consider when keeping the CBD oil away from the heat:

  • Avoid leaving the oil in a car as the sunlight can heat your vehicle like a big oven
  • Never place on an area or windowsill where the sun can get it.
  • Avoid outing it near the oven, range or stove as it could heat the oil.

How To Keep CBD Oil: Avoid Air Exposure

Many CBD oil products are packed in sealed containers or oral applicators that are made to avoid air exposure. Like heat and light, air exposure has a big role in the disintegration of pure cannabinoids like the CBD. You must keep your oil in its standard bottle. If you want to transfer it, ensure that the new bottle is enough for long storage. Also, make sure to fully close the container’s cap or tighten the cover after every use to prolong the shelf life of CBD oil.

Air exposure can decrease the effectiveness of CBD oil because exposure to oxygen sluggishly changes its natural balance and the process is called “oxidative stress.” It describes the changing variations of the oil as it is open to oxygen over a period. Most processes of extraction and bottling methods consider air exposure and heat when trying to boost the effectiveness of the CBD oil when it’s sold to users. Without these covers, CBD oils would produce much lesser quality.

The most effective way to store and keep the quality of your CBD oil is to put in an upright position with good temperature and from excessive heat, moisture or light. Your kitchen is the perfect place to keep your CBD products. While the freezer is a great choice and a good option, there’s a downside as well. If the oil becomes too cold, it might stiffen where you’ll need to heat it up a little before using it. If this happens to you, carefully heat your container under some warm water.

Once you properly keep your CBD oil, you will find that it can last for about a year. For people who consume CBD oil on a regular basis won’t have anything to be concerned about because they are always using the oil that they are changing it with fresh bottle regularly.

When planning on how to keep your CBD oil, you must always consider the transporter liquid that your oil is in. All CBD and hemp extracts include a transporter liquid and diluted cannabinoid extract is concentrated in. Some of the most common transporter oils are coconut oil, MCT oil, hemp seed oil, and olive oil. You must keep your CBD oil like the way you would keep your bottle of coconut oil or hemp seed oil.

If you’re considering storing your CBD oil bottle for more than one year, then the freezer is an ideal way to extend the shelf life of CBD oil. It depends on how you frequent use your CBD oil and if it’s worth pursuing to save it for a longer period. If you always use your CBD oil and you will, of course, change it within the year, might as well keep the oil in a dark, cool and dry place like your kitchen.

Conclusion – Shelf Life of CBD Oil

Therefore, keeping your CBD oil properly and with care makes a huge difference when it comes to its quality and longevity. Make sure you follow the right steps and guidelines when storing your oil in a place to preserve its potency. If you don’t want to store your CBD oil for an extended amount of time, then you don’t have to go through enormous lengths to keep it, like covering it in an aluminum foil and keeping it in a fridge. All you need is to keep it in a cool, dark and dry place.

Remember that, even if you keep safe your CBD oil properly, it will, in the long run, become not as potent as time passes. CBD oil must last between 14 to 24 months. Over time, the extracts in the CBD oil will start to change, you may observe a change in color. If so, you will see that the oil grows dark. While it’s safe to use, you may realize that you need a higher dosage for efficacy.

If you do your careful research and read the product guidelines, then you shouldn’t worry about keeping your CBD oil, and in fact, get maximum benefits.