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blue moon hemp review

Hemp oil is a blessing of science and agriculture combinedly. This oil is quite different from CBD (Cannabinoid) oil. CBD oils contain more amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in them so that consumption of it can make you little high. But the hemp oil has no trace of THC in it, so it is safer than the previous one.

Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of Cannabis Sativa plant, which is known as the industrial hemp plant. It also contains some vitamin, anti-oxidants, and omega nutrients. The combination of all these can get you good health surely, especially reducing your pains.

There are many brands which are used to make hemp oil. But Blue Moon Hemp oil has gained a higher level of popularity due to is an effective result on users. It is very good for health, can be used as a super medicine. All the products of Blue Moon Hemp are non-psychoactive and actual Phytocannabinoids. Here we are going to discuss some more details of Blue Moon Hemp products.

About Blue Moon Hemp

Blue Moon Hemp is a CBD product manufacturing body which is expertise in hemp plant farming and packing the extract with more and more nutrients. Though hemp oils of different companies were present in the market, Blue Moon Hemp produced the first flavored CBD merchandise.

The products are available in several flavors and strengths. All the oils of the company are laboratory tested and resulted in no THC content in them. Blue Moon Hemp oils are created with simple ingredients under proper careful supervision. It is absolutely safe for casual consumers of CBD oils.


Flavour is the criteria that can keep Blue Moon Hemp a step above from many other hemp oils. These oils come in attractive packed bottles of blue colors with a dropper fitted with it. The logo of the company is attached to the glass body. The distinctly flavored bottles are separated by their looks. Blue Moon Geno oils are generated in various flavors.


It is widely popular among all the flavors of Blue Moon. The taste is slightly sour. Kush is very light in nature and can be used on a regular basis. The hemp seed extract is blended with terpene in Kush so that an exquisite savor is generated.


Pure is more natural than all other products of Blue Moon. It will give you a neutral taste of raw CBD as soon as you put a drop on your tongue. This e-liquid (hemp oil) is quite tasteless and certainly not suitable for the flavor lovers. It has a true essence of the cannabis Sativa plant. If you have a problem with the tastelessness of Pure, you can take it mixing with additives.


Surely you can not get an idea about the flavor of this particular one from its title. Flan is also a famous e-liquid of Blue Moon franchise. The savor of this item lies in a sweet taste of caramel, but it surely does not taste like typical custard. The perfect amount of sweetness of Flan makes it favored to vanilla dessert lovers. You can also vape it of you do not like the flavor at all.

Red Devil

One of the most traded products of Blue Moon. It was the very first flavored hemp oil of the company. It has a mixture of many palates. You will be quite confused if you want to find out the actual taste of this e-liquid. The taste is like a combination of a lot of fruits as such as berries, strawberry, guava, etc. So it appears to be differently tasted too different individuals. But the taste is a little Sweeter than the Kush.


Another mysterious savor of Blue Moon. There are many variable thoughts on the taste of Blackkat. In spite of having a cinnamon flavor in the bottled liquid, the Blackkat hemp oil tastes like a box of cereal. The cinnamon gives a spicy touch to it so you will not be bored by the sweet taste of cereal. It is an ideal fusion of sweet and sour taste. All the ingredients in Blackkat are perfectly well balanced. Though you can declare its palate at the first drop, you will definitely enjoy the flavor.

You will surely get your adored tang from the above five options. All the flavored products of Blue Moon is equally efficient in taking care of your health.


Blue Moon Hemp oils are available in several distinct strength labels. The strength of every hemp liquid is marked on the bottle. You can choose the hemp oil intensity as per your requirement. The prices vary according to the strength of the products, but they are always within your budget.

Blue Moon has a range of intensity from 100 to 1000 milligram, and they have named it as per different moon phases.

  • Quarter moon(100 mg)– This power is perfect for you when you are not too much used to take hemp.
  • Half-moon(200 mg)– This much is absolutely helpful to give you a feeling of wellness at the very first stage of use.
  • Three-quarter moon (300 mg)– Functional as much as, but the effects are a little faster due to the higher power.
  • The full moon (750 mg)– Perfect pain-relieving solution for your ache.
  • Total eclipse (1000 mg)– Newest addition in the list. This is the strongest e-liquid available in the stock of Blue Moon hemp oils.

These are the five strengths of Blue Moon CBD oils those are obtainable from the market.


Blue Moon Hemp Oils have numerous advantages, and they are clinically proven to do so. The advantages of Blue Moon hemp oil are-

  • Increased concentration– Hemp oil helps your mind to get a fixed concentration on a particular subject. It will work on your nervous system to give you a steady focus.
  • Good digestion– Proper digestion of food keeps the mind and body healthy. Hemp oil of Blue Moon increases your digestion power profusely.
    Better sleep- Insomnia patients can get good sleep by having these portions.
  • Homeostasis– Homeostasis is the physical equilibrium maintained by your body. Hemp oil assists your body to attain homeostasis.
  • Pain reliever– This oil is an absolute pain-relieving solution. Your prolonged aches can be completely cured by applying CBD oil.
  • Anxiety disorder restoration– Anxiety can generate stress and dysthymia in the body of a totally healthy person. Many Doctors prescribe Blue Moon hemp oil to get rid of anxiety.

These are some fantastic benefits of Blue Moon hemp oil. To get the best result, you have to use it for a specific period of time as per the doctor’s prescription.


Despite having numerous advantages, Blue Moon hemp oil has a few drawbacks also.

  • Can make you high– Prolonged and excessive consumption of hemp oils make you high.
  • Addiction– If you take the hemp on a regular basis without any proper doctor consultation, it may result in an addiction.
  • Flavors– Flavour is one quality that has made the Blue Moon hemp famous. But some people like to enjoy the raw taste of hemp seeds, so the flavor of the oil is a disadvantage for them.
  • Overpriced– The portions of high strength are bit costly. It is a big drawback Blue Moon Hemp oils.

Special Features

Hemp and CBD oils of many brands are available in the market. But the products of Blue Moon have some special characteristics.

  • Updated Laboratory report– Blue Moon keeps its customer updated about the reports of laboratory tests going on their products.
  • Delivered to your door– You can access Blue Moon hemp oil from anywhere, as it can to your doorstep directly.
  • Quality farming– The hemp oil is extracted from the quality cannabis plant. The farming is done without the use of pesticides, and technology is used in farming. The quality of the e-liquid largely depends on the condition of the agriculture of cannabis. So Blue Moon greatly emphasizes on the farming of the plant.
  • Creating a reputation of hemp– Besides producing a cure pf wellness, the company is also interested in developing a reputation of the hemp. There are a lot of rumors about the subject hemp. But Blue Moon is trying to establish it as a fruitful medicine and get it rank on medicine list.
  • Environment-friendly– Environment degradation is a real issue nowadays. So the franchise uses all the environment-friendly technologies to originate the product. Even the farming is fully organic, no GMO (genetically modified organisms) products are grown.

These are the astonishing features of Blue Moon hemp that can give you a solid idea about the company and its by-products.

Final Words

Therefore considering all of the above points on Blue Moon hemp oil, you can have a vision about the brand and its products. If you are in need of hemp oil, then definitely give it a try and join the list of thousands of satisfied customers of Blue Moon. Moreover, don’t just rely on anyone’s positive and negative feedback, if it has some good recognition, you should definitely give it a try.

Blue Moon Hemp Quick Summary

Quality 98%
Effectiveness 97%
Benefits 96%
Price 98%
Customer Service 96%

“Absolutely love this, bought the half moon flan and it’s done wonders for me and my anxiety.”

“I have been using Blue Moon Hemp "Red Devil” for the last month, with my doctor's supervision. I am not taking Motrin 4x day (for arthritis), Naproxen (for back pain), or Fiorinal for migraines any longer!”

“I was skeptical about this whole CBD craze but after doing research I went with this brand, and I am very impressed! Works perfectly for my anxiety.”

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Blue Moon Hemp
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 6 reviews
by Sheila H on Blue Moon Hemp
Not taking naproxen anymore!

This is damn well effective!!

by marinella p. on Blue Moon Hemp
Migraine is gone!

I have migraine attacks and I have tried other CBD oils online but none of them worked. The Fullmoon 750mg helped a lot ease my migraine!

by Selena m. on Blue Moon Hemp
Effective product!

The total eclipse gave me a total relief to my anxiety attacks!

by grace d on Blue Moon Hemp
safe and effective!

The CBD Craze made me so curious about the blue moon hemp. It impressed me a lot! Its safe and very effective!

by Stella J on Blue Moon Hemp
amazingly effective!

I bought the Blue Moon Hemp "Red Devil", I agree to what they said, its really effective!

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