Boots CBD Oil: Everything that you need to know

Marijuana has been legal in some states of the United States since the ’90s, unlike in the United Kingdom. But now that the British public has become more open to accepting CBD, large chains have started selling CBD products. The groundbreaking legislation that took effect on the 1st of November 2018, allowing UK specialist doctors to prescribe cannabis-based products like CBD oil to their patients was one of the biggest and most exciting changes in legislation to date. This legislation allowed British people to take in cannabis-based products for medicinal use.

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Meet Boots

While public interest is growing, Dragonfly Biosciences Ltd is one of the companies taking advantage of CBD oil’s advancing market. Dragonfly Biosciences Ltd was able to secure a license in creating CBD oil in which they have started the production and distribution of medical cannabis as of early 2019.

Boots is one of Dragonfly’s main distributor of their CBD oils. Boots is a health and beauty retailer in the United Kingdom. Boots produce their product in an open-air farm in Bulgaria and they ship their product to medical facilities in Malta to continue to research CBD to consistently improve their product. From Malta, the product is being moved to various distributors. The UK alone has over 80,000 specialists who can prescribe CBD-based products. Their stores can be found across the United Kingdom, Ireland and a few other territories that range from local pharmacies to health and beauty stores.

Dragonfly Biosciences Ltd is one of Europe’s leading premium retailers of Cannabidiol (CBD). Dragonfly Biosciences Ltd is a research-fuelled and community-minded company. They control the process from seed to sale. This way, they can guarantee that they have the most consistent and highest-quality products. United Kingdom as already Dragonfly’s biggest markets for CBD food supplement, which are made from the liquid extract of the plant, is now moving onto CBD oil as well. They aim to produce medical products that they can sell to clinical commissioning groups.

Boots CBD Oil: The Product

The hemp is grown in open-air farms in Bulgaria. Dragonfly provides third-party medical facilities located in Malta where they ship their product to ensure they produce quality and effective products. What makes them stand out from their competitors is their THC-free, vegan and organic product. They only use all-natural farming process. Cannabis is sourced from certified organic land and no pesticides are used.

According to patients and some customers who frequently purchase the product for medicinal use, the product has therapeutic effects which helped them with their conditions such as anxiety, depression, and stress. Its sedative compounds also helped those who suffer from chronic pain and insomnia to stay relaxed and sleep deeply. Also, some say that the product is so far the most potent and purest product they have found. The usage of the product is by holding the oil under your tongue for two minutes and the good thing about the product is it does not cause blisters and absolutely non-reactive.

Boots CBD Oil: The Range of Products

Currently, there are only 3 CBD oils for sale and each bottle of Dragonfly CBD Oil contains 10ml liquid. You take it by holding the oil under your tongue for 2 minutes to absorb the cannabinoids sublingually.

  • Dragonfly CBD Cannabidiol Oil 300mg: The bottle contains 3.3% of CBD. A recommended serving should not exceed 133 drops a day.
  • Dragonfly CBD Cannabidiol Oil 500mg: The bottle contains 5.6% CBD. A recommended serving should not exceed 80 drops a day.
  • Dragonfly CBD Cannabidiol Oil 1000mg: This is listed as coming soon on the website. The bottle contains 11.1% of CBD and the recommended serving is 40 drops a day.
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Boots CBD: Fair Pricing

Boots have done their research well the reason why their products are priced reasonably. They have worked on promotional activities that if you check out some of their competitors, you will find that Boots is worth parting your hard-earned money.

  • Dragonfly CBD Cannabidiol 300mg: This bottle is sold for £24.99. But as part of their special offer, you can pay for two and get three bottles. Affordable and effective.
  • Dragonfly CBD Cannabidiol Oil 500 mg: This bottle is sold for £39.99 and may also be found on special offers.
  • Dragonfly CBD Cannabidiol Oil 1000mg: This bottle costs £69.99 and you get to earn 276 Boots advantage points as part of their loyalty program that rewards members with points every time they make a purchase. A fair price for a potent and pure product.

Boots CBD: Highlighting the Product

  • Free shipping on $45 or more: Boots offer free standard shipping for $45 or more spent on products compared to other brands which only offer free shipping if minimum spent is $75-$100. Not bad if you’re on a tight budget but need something effective.
  • Collect points: Boots has a loyalty program that lets their customers earn points through their Boots advantage card every time they make a purchase. As a regular consumer of the product, these points will definitely help you in the long run.
  • Special offers: Also, they have great deals like, pay for two and get three offers on selected supplements, vitamins, health foods, and complementary medicines. Another way that allows their customers to save and as well as to choose their product over other brands.
  • Environmentally friendly: Dragonfly is dedicated to sustainable and ethical farming, testing and methods. Products are not tested on animals during the production of their CBD extract. Cannabis is sourced from certified organic land and they only use all-natural farming processes. Guaranteeing a pesticide-free product.
  • Lab results: There are supporting documents readily available on their website where you can check out that their products are, in fact, vegan and certified organic, THC-free and comes with batch-specific documentation.

The Verdict

One of the opportunities that can be suggested is if only Dragonfly’s information is available on Boots’ website. If this happens, people would be able to learn more about the company, the processes they use and what else they are known for before purchasing the product. We can’t avoid potential customers who would like to learn more about a product before trusting them. We can’t deny that there are still those who are having second thoughts and doubts about cannabis-based products. Although Boots CBD is new in this field of expertise, there is a lot of potential behind this collaboration. There are surely big things to come if only UK follows the footsteps of the United States in terms of cannabis legalization. To wrap up, Boots CBD is able to create a good reputation already from its existing and potential customers.

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Boots CBD Quick Summary

Quality 96%
Effectiveness 97%
Benefits 96%
Price 95%
Customer Service 94%
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“The taste of this oil is fantastic. 30 minutes after taking my first ;dose I already felt less anxious”

“A high grade CBD oil. Excellent”

“Worth every penny”

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