Red eyes are a classic and revealing giveaway that a person is smoking cannabis. This naturally happens for some users, while for others who are less sensitive, the redness of the eyes may come and go depending on the quality or amount of cannabis they use. So, why do your eyes get red after smoking weed?

Under Pressure: Low Blood Pressure and Enlarged Capillaries

After using a CBD-based product such as flower, edible, concentrate, users usually feel a rise in the blood pressure and heart rate. This is because the cannabis cannabinoids that are chemical elements in charge of the beneficial and medical use of cannabis, and their early synergy with the body. The increase in heart rate and blood pressure is the same as regular physical actions such as exercise or sex.

It takes about 5 to 10 minutes for the user’s heartbeat to return to regular and for the pressure level to start to drop. As the pressure level decreases, this results in the enlargement of cardiovascular and ocular capillaries. The enlargement of capillaries triggers an increased flow of blood into the eyes, which leads to turning your eyes red and decreases intraocular stress.

It’s marijuana’s ability to ease intraocular tension into the eyes that become an excellent viable medication for glaucoma, which is a cluster of eye problems that causes injury to the optic nerves that can ultimately result in impaired vision. Also, it explains eyes become blood-red and smoking cannabis.

Proof that the THC elements in the cannabis can decrease intraocular pressure is the vital reason why various glaucoma sufferers have tried to use health marijuana to medicate and treat signs of the ailment. It’s essential to learn that some researches have refuted or included a warning to the contention that marijuana is helpful for glaucoma. Like for example, in 2018, Indiana University conducted a study and discovered that the CBD, the non-hallucinogenic cannabinoid in marijuana, might aggravate the disorder by aggravating eye strain. More study into the intake of marijuana for glaucoma medication is required.

Do CBD Edible Makes Eyes Red?

Like smoking cannabis, using edibles could turn your eyes red. Also, this hinges on the quantity of THC taken. Always keep in mind that it isn’t the smoke that makes the eye bloodshot, but rather the capability that cannabinoids can decrease blood pressure, triggering capillaries and blood vessels to expand.

Is It the Redder the More Impact?

How red your eyes and the amount your pressure level is decreased relies on the quantity of
THC a user takes. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, the most famous and common cannabinoid in the cannabis plant is the one causing the intoxication involved with smoking marijuana. The higher the THC amount of in a CBD-based product, the more potent the impacts and redder the eyes are.

Therefore, bloodshot eyes can be an indication that your marijuana contains a higher cannabinoid compound. In short, when your eyes are observably bloodshot after intake, there’s a better possibility that you have consumed yourself highly potent marijuana.

Apart from the exposé that you have recently used cannabis, there’s no reason for you to be anxious about the inflammation of your eyes. Marijuana-induced eyes reddening will only last for some moments and can be simply managed only if you have the essential tools available.

Using eye drops or sunglasses is a good way to lessen or hide the redness of the eyes. Choose eyedrop products that are specially manufactured to lessen eye redness. Also, many different methods could help treat cannabis-induced inflamed eyes such as drinking more glasses of water, rinsing your face and lids with icy water, or you can use CBD products with lesser amounts of THC.

How to Get Rid of Red Eyes from Smoking Cannabis

Read eyes aren’t anything as many people should embarrass you have red eyes, besides its just cannabis doing its medical use. But it can be a problem if you’re going to work or dine with your grandparents. Keep in mind that it’s because of the endocannabinoids within marijuana, so it can transpire with any type of intake.

The great news is you can remedy the redness of your eyes. Although you may have already your ways to treat the inflammation and being stoned in general, the following are some of the most common procedures to avoid getting bloodshot eyes after smoking cannabis.

Drink more water. Unrelated to marijuana, the eyes redness is sometimes linked with a lack of fluids. You must stay hydrated and avoid caffeine to get rid of inflammation.

Use eye drops. Products like Visine are the oldest method used to treat red eyes and this work a couple of minutes because it helps squeeze blood vessels. Just remember that over-using eye drops can be damaging too.

Consider using low-level THC variety. If you’re meticulously checking to lessen the redness of your eyes, consider using a cannabis variety without strong levels of CBD, THC or CBN.

Cold packs. Applying a cold compress will alleviate the bloodshot eyes and help lessen the swelling and amount of blood circulation.

Sunglasses. You may look silly wearing sunglasses, but if everything doesn’t work this is your last resort. The sun may be an irritation in and of itself, so you must avoid damaging rays if possible.

Wait. Usually, your eyes will stay red for a couple of hours, so you just need to stay put and wait.

Final Hit on Why Do Your Eyes Get Red After Smoking Weed

Next time when you see yourself in the mirror after smoking and you observe your eyes are turning into ruby-like glossy, don’t fret. It’s not an adverse reaction, it can be beneficial for your pressure level.

But if you need to stroll around and you don’t want people to keep looking at you and worse, suspect you, try the above-mentioned methods to conceal your red eyes for everyone.

What are your ways or tips for getting rid of red eyes after smoking weed?