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Since the CBD industry doesn’t have real law, it’s important as a user to become familiar with the many different products and brands available to guarantee that you buy only the best-quality CBD for yourself and your money. The great news is that while it seems dangerous to buy CBD products in an unrestricted market, several trustworthy and reputable brands are paving the way to a gold standard.

One of these CBD brands is CBD Brothers, who are quickly becoming a trusted brand leader in the UK. The company main slogan is “health over wealth”, which is they’re very committed to. On their official website, CBD Brothers state that they credit their success to their love, desire, and confidence in the medical benefits of cannabis.

They are also called as the CBD Bros; all their products are becoming more popular in the U.S and Europe, although they are sold in the UK websites. If you’re looking for premium quality CBD products, the brand is worth a try. But what they have to offer? Let’s look at the detailed CBD Brothers review.

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Who are CBD Brothers?

CBD Brothers operate and market their products under the corporation name “The Original Alternative.” The main headquarter is in Spain, and so, their hemp is locally grown in Europe and adheres to the EU safety standards. In short, they’re famous for producing the best quality hemp. They have an office in the UK too.

They started as a small mail service that runs from a single garage, but they’ve since expanded and gets better and better and CBD Brothers are now one of the longest CBD companies in the United Kingdom. The hemp that the company uses to make CCD products is locally grown using a pure method in small craftsman farms all around Europe.

The hemp that CBD Brothers uses to make their products are grown using an organic process on small craftwork farms all across Europe. All indica strains are grown indoors in a well-monitored setting with grow lights to make sure of high crop production and cannabinoid content. They have 3 three classic strains which are Green, Blue and Purple and they’re grown in the outdoors in natural light. The Green and Blue strains are Cannabis sativa while the Purple one is crossbred.

CBD Brothers also uses CO2 extraction with low temperature and low pressure and their oil mixtures are manufactured with full-scope flavonoids, phytocannabinoids, and terpenes. This is vital since it’s more obvious that whole-plant products are more effective than the CBD isolates.

CBD Brothers Features

For the period, it became apparent that CBD Brothers is a brand that’s dedicated to providing the most premium quality CBD extracts for the benefits of medical use. The following are the highlights of the company that consumers love.

Growing Process
They know how crucial the growing process is and all hemp and cannabis are locally grown with following meticulously pure methods, no artificial fertilizers or insecticides are used.

CO2 Extraction
All oils are manufactured using the CO2 extraction technique, meaning they are non-toxic, pure and foolproof. During manufacture, they also guarantee that they are using meticulously organic materials that complement the whole-plant extracts.

Third-Party Testing
Two independent companies test every batch of the CBD Brothers products. They use state-of-the-art HPLC or high-pressure liquid chromatography devices to make sure that the juices are of the top quality.

Social Media
CBD Brothers are very active on social media and it’s great to see brands like that. It shows commitment and dedication to the brand and consumers.

Return Policy
While refunds depend on the company’s decision, they do state on their official website that they do refunds for the unopened products in 3 months of acquisition. There’s also a 3-month warranty period for CBD products that are damaged or defective.

CBD Brothers Best Products
With a huge selection of CBD products to pick from, this article will help you narrow the list and review the best CBD products sold by CBD Brothers.

CBD Oils
As mentioned above, CBD Brothers are selling two Sativa varieties, the Green and Blue strains and one crossbred which is the purple (also sold as water-soluble CBD). Their indica varieties consist of Red, Black, and White editions. Each product is available in either 10ml or 30ml.

CBD Brother’s edibles include coconut oil, hot chocolate and chocolate bars (white, dark, milk and Belgian).

They are available in Purple, Blue and Green varieties, where the Blue and Green are Sativa and Purple is crossbred. They are sold in amounts of 250mg, 100mg, and 50mg. The 250mg has 62.5mg CBD per capsule, 100mg contains 25mg CBD per capsule and 50mg contains 12.5mg CBD per capsule.

They are available CBD whipped body butter and CBD Balm. The CBD body butter is moisturizing and ultra-light and perfect for skin hydration while the balm is manufactured by infusing leaves, stems, and roots from naturally grown cannabis and hemp plants pure coconut oil. It is available in 350mg whole-plant extract that has 30% CBD. These products are available as samples.

CBD-infused Coffee
These are available in four unique flavors such as Signature Blend, Morning Glory, Spitting Feathers, and Dawn’s Kiss Decaf. Each product contains 1080ml which equals to 6 servings and has 30mg of hemp-based CBD which equals to 5mg per 180ml cup.

Whole-Plant Extract (Paste)
CBD Brothers pastes are available in two varieties – Green (Sativa) and Purple (hybrid). Each is available in amounts from 1ml to 100ml. The Green has 140mg CBD per 1g whole extract and the Purple has 164mg CBD per 1g.

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CBD Brothers Prices

CBD Brothers offer a wide selection of quality CBD products that are sold at different prices, which depends on the amount, flavor and more.

CBD Oils
The saliva oil of CBD Brothers is available in prices that range from £9.60 up to £156.00, which depends on the quantity and flavor while the Purple is sold in a price that ranges from £26.40 up to £71.40. The Purple water-soluble is sold at a costing price of £36.00. Also, the indica oil cost a price of 66.00 up to £648.00 and the Black is the priciest.

CBD Brothers edibles are sold from £9.60 up to £18.00. While the coconut oil costs £39.60.

The Green capsules have a selling price of £9.60 up to £36.00, the Blue from £13.80 up to £61.80 and Purple costs £16.80 up to £75.30.

CBD-infused Coffee
The Morning Glory is sold at £13.00 and the other three varieties are for £14.99 each.

The CBD body butter is available for £54.00 and the CBD Balm is marketed at £42.00 up to £114.00.

Whole Plant Extract Paste
The Purple strain (Hybrid) costs £9.00 up to £834.00 while the Green strain (Sativa) costs from £6.76 up to £2,634.00.

Conclusion – CBD Brothers

CBD Brothers are undeniably amongst the best CBD companies out there since they grow their hemp and extract CBD oils by only using the premium-quality type of extraction. The brand offers a wide range of products of oils, edibles, capsules, lotions, and topicals, which makes for a perfect selection of CBD choice.

Without a doubt, CBD Brothers is a reliable and trustworthy brand dedicated to providing consumers with only the highest-quality CBD products. Therefore, if you’re looking for a solid, highly effective CBD oil that’s sold in the UK, look no further, give CBD Brothers a try!

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CBD Brothers Quick Summary

Quality 99%
Effectiveness 97%
Benefits 95%
Price 96%
Customer Service 94%
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“The taste of this oil is fantastic. 30 minutes after taking my first ;dose I already felt less anxious”

“A high grade CBD oil. Excellent”

“Worth every penny”

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