There are more than 100 million American people who are suffering from either type one or two diabetes and that’s about one-third of the population. Also, there are more than 84 million who are prediabetic, which means that if they can’t control their ailment, it will lead to type 2 diabetes in the next five years.

There’s no doubt that diabetes is a major health problem in the United States. Chances you’re your family member, friend, or colleague has been identified or battling with diabetes. Or, you’re the one suffering from the ailment.

Health doctors and experts have been trying hard to discover an adequate treatment for diabetes for years. Their hard labor has resulted in them in various possible treatments, and CBD is the one that’s getting a lot of attention. For several years now, CBD has been researched as a viable solution choice for all from mental health problems like anxiety, stress, and depression to headaches and chronic pain. So, what the relation between CBD and the avoidance and cure of diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a word used to describe a variety of ailments that include the hormone insulin. It is something that is supplied by the pancreas and helps the body to store and utilize fat and sugar. And when the pancreas stopped producing enough levels of insulin, and sometimes, when the body doesn’t respond properly to the insulin, diabetes happens.

Diabetes produces high blood sugar levels. Over time, excessive sugar in the blood can start chronic health problems such as damage to the kidneys and eyes. Also, diabetes can trigger strokes, heart disease, and in certain cases, may result in loss of legs.

In simple terms, diabetes is a cluster of ailments in which the body can’t keep and use sugar properly, and this leads to high blood sugar levels. Glucose is a type of sugar and is used to sustain the cells in our whole body. All carbohydrates that we consume get transformed into sugar. But if you’re suffering from diabetes, the body is incapable to keep the sugar levels properly. Therefore, the sugar gets clogged in the bloodstream and affects the blood sugar levels to increase too much. This high level of sugar can trigger short and lasting health problems, such as the ones that we cited above.

Diabetes has three kinds – type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes.

Type 1

This is an autoimmune ailment and happens when the immune system strikes the pancreas. The harm to the pancreas prevents insulin from producing. Thus, you can medicate type by taking insulin.

Type 2

This is the most prevalent kind of diabetes and happens when the pancreas unable to supply enough insulin or when the body becomes resilient to the insulin. Type 2 is a kinder form of the health ailment and can be handled by diet, exercise, and insulin injections.


This kind of diabetes is caused by pregnancy. It occurs between 2% and 10% of childbirth. In many cases, gestational diabetes will stop as soon as the child is born. But 10% of females later grow type 2 diabetes. This ailment can also be medicated by dieting, exercising, weight management, and insulin injections.

Regarding type 1 diabetes, the signs are likely to show very fast, but type 2 will perhaps grow more slowly in time. However, in both forms of diabetes, the initial signs can be very smooth. Initial warning signs consist of dry mouth, hunger, hunger, fatigue, itchy skin, thirst, and increased urination. The great news is that CBD creates a huge reputation for its effectiveness to treat diabetes. Even though it’s not believed to be a remedy, it does have the ability to cure different symptoms and can be applied as a prevention approach.

Why CBD Could Be an Effective Treatment for Diabetes?

CBD is an element that relates to the cannabinoid receptors discovered in the whole body. The cannabinoid receptors create part of the ECS or human endocannabinoid system, which plays a big part in keeping the body’s condition of homeostasis. Once CBD is started in the body, it cooperates with these cannabinoid receptors.

Researchers have discovered that CBD supports to ease soreness and control glucose levels, and this could be very useful in the medication of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The following are some of the effective methods that you can use CBD to treat diabetes.


Amongst the most substantial ways that CBD can impact diabetes is by stopping the ailment from happening to begin with. Those who are more vulnerable to being identified with diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes, normally have higher abstaining insulin concentrations and insulin endurance. Also, they have decreased levels of higher-density lipoprotein cholesterol.

Experiments have observed that people who take cannabis and more specifically the CBD have lower abstinence insulin concentrations compared to patients who have never taken marijuana before. Besides, these individuals have increased levels of high mass lipoprotein cholesterol and lesser insulin endurance concentrations. From these studies, we can say that that CBD could help in stopping diabetes in these ways:

Treats Insulin Endurance

Insulin endurance happens when the body cells refuse insulin which is supplied by the pancreas to control the blood sugar. When body cells deny insulin, they cannot take sugar, which is required for energy. This leads to sugar accumulate in the bloodstream and results in high blood sugar concentrations.

While experts are not completely sure how the CBD can help to treat insulin endurance, many think that it’s because of the effective anti-inflammatory benefits of the mixture. Numerous researches have revealed a relationship between insulin endurance and severe inflammation.

When swelling is decreased, the immune system and cardiovascular system work better. The absence of swelling can also help boost cell growth and sugar absorption. If all these systems are working effectively, there’s a lower chance of having insulin endurance.

Treats Nerve Damage

Some patient who is suffering from diabetes also suffers from neuropathy or nerve damage. Researchers have discovered that CBD is ideal at medicating diabetic nerve damage than traditional treatment. Researchers think that CBD can improve the concentration of nerve growth component in the whole body, which can ease pain and avoid neuropathy. The CBD can also help care for the liver from oxidative pressure which may cause the start of neuropathy.

Medical Results: Effects of CBD and Cannabinoids on Diabetes

Research performed by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem discovered CBD receptors in other body tissues. They discovered that the medical effects of CBD could be adapted to suit numerous receptors. In short, CBD responds with the cannabinoid receptors in the pancreas. Therefore, different health ailments such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, and cardiovascular disease could be cured.

There has been both initial and advanced study that has been performed on the usefulness of CBD in the medication of diabetes. Most results show that CBD is ideal for the control, treatment, and prevention of diabetes.

CBD Medical Benefits to Treat Diabetes

A study has investigated the efficacy of CBD by considering two types of people, those who use treatment and those who don’t. Researchers and doctors contend that the human body includes CBD receptors in all parts but most specifically, in the pancreas. Also, research shows that CB1 receptors have connections with insulin creation and can also support in treating health disorders that are related to diabetes. In the end, CBD has many medical benefits and is used to regulate sugar concentrations.

Also, the study recommends that CBD helps increase the rate of digestion which makes sure that calories are effectively burnt. CBD can be taken to decrease the pain levels and assure that there’s the right flow of blood in the vessels in those patients who are suffering from type 2 diabetes.

How to Use CBD for Diabetes

CBD is a non-hallucinogenic drug which means that it won’t make the consumer high or stoned. There are different ways that you can use CBD for diabetes and the most common are the tinctures. They can either be taken or ingested by putting a few drops below the tongue. CBD capsules or CBD edibles are another common way of treating diabetes.

What’s great about CBD capsules is that you don’t have to do the dosage because each capsule has the recommended dosage of CBD for diabetes. Capsules are also perfect for people who don’t like the flavor of tinctures and are searching for an easier way to take CBD.

Final Points on CBD for Diabetes

Diabetes is amongst the most common health ailments today. Not knowing that they have developed until its last stage is one of the biggest problems most people experience. In such a case, the effects are detrimental. Based on the research, CBD doesn’t only can counteract the illness, but can also cure the ailment, and other related disorders that may arise.

Even though the study is still in progress, reports show that CBD has more medical benefits as compared to traditional treatments, and it doesn’t have harmful side effects as well. CBD is groundbreaking, and a leap forward in the effective treatment of diabetes.