You may think of chapped lips as something that only happens to the elderly and during humid days like in the winter. Yet, in fact, chapped and dry lips are a common condition that happens to most of us and can cause great annoyance to people of all ages. Anyone may experience cracked lips and at any time of year. If your lips burn, sting, or feel unpleasant, they’re probably chapped.

Chapped lips are ugly and downright uncomfortable. Unless you make sure to take special measures like using lip balms to protect your lips, the situation may get even worse. And while a few select lip balm can actually treat, cure, or prevent dry lips, a typical product that you find at your local supermarket will just coat the lips for very brief pleasure without bringing any other benefits such as shielding your lips against sun damage.

Not to mention, winter is really a tough season of the year for your lips. It’s not a surprise at all. Cold, dry winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin. The cold air, the dry wind, and little humidity together form a horrible combination to make your lips scaly. Then you will wish your irritated lips to be comforted throughout the day with some effective yet lightweight lip balms made from exclusive ingredients like vitamin E, olive oil, sunflower oil, hemp seed oil, or shea butter. When it comes to moisturizing matter, a CBD oil lip balm is a go-to product besides seed oil or essential oils that will help your skin and lips feel super comfortable.

“CBD oil is one of the most nourishing ingredients and has extraordinary benefits that can help soothe cracked skin and lips”, say dermatologists.

How true could this be? Does a full spectrum CBD lip balm really beat traditional lip balms to offer relief for individuals with skin problems, thus enhancing your overall well-being?

In this article, we will explore what CBD lip balm is, answer some commonly asked questions about CBD lip balm and have a look at possible side effects that each CBD lip balm may have on human skin.

What are CBD lip balms?

CBD lip balm is a new product that acts as a great alternative to traditional lip balms. Made from exclusively natural ingredients, a high-quality CBD lip balm comes with additional benefits thanks to CBD’s antioxidant-rich, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory nature.

As shown in its name, a CBD lip balm contains CBD, which includes antibacterial compounds that help keep your lips hydrated and healthy. It is the second most noticeable of the active ingredients of cannabis (or marijuana). While being derived directly from the hemp plant, CBD is a vital component of medical marijuana.

In the recent decade, every hemp-oil and cannabis-derived beauty product has attracted more and more customers as the public is becoming more acquainted with CBD’s benefits when used to treat certain diseases and health conditions. What’s more, in recent years, tremendous progress has been made towards the legal production of hemp. Lawmakers are embracing the benefits of CBD both to the body and the economy.

CBD products have been evaluated by the FDA, and it has been claimed that the product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Since Marijuana isn’t legally accepted in some countries and regions, CBD is still a great way to still enjoy the herb’s health benefits. Gradually, non-GMO CBD products with sustainable farming methods are more welcomed by the customers.

Differences of Full-spectrum CBD and Broad-spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum CBD are two of the three main types of CBD extract available. The biggest difference between the two lies in the other naturally occurring plant compounds in the extract.

Full-spectrum CBD

This CBD has a variety of other cannabinoid compounds from the cannabis plant and a low amount of THC. The THC content usually does not exceed 0.3% on a dry weight basis, as regulated by federal law. This low quantity of THC is typically not strong enough to bring the “high” sensation often associated with cannabis. Nonetheless, the levels of THC can rise when the manufacturer creates a concentrate, resulting in a euphoric effect.

Research related to the “entourage effect” suggests that the presence of cannabis compounds can contribute to CBD lip balm benefits. As full-spectrum products include compounds along with CBD like THC, they may maximize the entourage effect, thus boosting CBD lip balm benefits.

Broad-spectrum CBD

This CBD type also contains additional compounds from the cannabis plant such as cannabichromene, cannabinol, and terpenes.

In general, full-spectrum CBD lip balm is favored over CBD isolate lip balm. CBD isolate products go through further refining so they do not retain any other cannabis compounds.

How many forms of CBD do you consume? What is the best to use?

You can consume CBD in different forms, including oil tinctures and capsules (soft gels).

So the question is should we take CBD tincture or capsules?

Let’s look at CBD Tincture first. A tincture is a herbal extract product of a plant, created by soaking plant parts such as leaves, roots in alcohol, vinegar, or water. In the case of CBD, it is extracted from the Cannabis plant. There really isn’t much to this. Although most of us would probably prefer to use an alcohol-free product, the alcohol-water combination proves to deliver excellent results.

Pros and Cons of CBD Tincture:


  • Alcohol accounts for up to 70 percent of CBD tincture. Thus, it can totally get you “high“. For those who want to feel euphoric or happy a little bit, tincture might be a good choice.
  • Tinctures are easy to absorb, especially when you apply them sublingually.
  • CBD tinctures are used for treating anxiety disorder, one of the most common mental health conditions in the United States that severely affect well-being.
  • CBD tinctures can sustain their quality over a long period of time, partly due to their high alcohol content. We all know that most types of alcohol don’t expire over time. It is even widely used as product preservatives.
  • Tinctures are super easy to make so you can make them by yourself at home.
  • Tinctures taste quite good.


  • Because of CBD tincture’s high alcohol content, you cannot vape it.
  • CBD tinctures are not very potent.

What about CBD Capsules? CBD capsules are very much the same as any other CBD product, except for the fact that they contain just 0.3% THC at the maximum. THC is the psychoactive compound found in cannabis that gives you the feeling of being “high”. During the manufacturing process, a carrier oil like olive oil may be added to the CBD extract and package it for direct use. Yet, with CBD capsules, the extract is infused directly into the capsules. This means that you’re consuming an undiluted CBD extract.

Pros and Cons of CBD capsules:


  • It is easy to consume. Just swallow it or chew it if you prefer it that way.
  • You can comfortably bring it along without worrying about what everyone thinks. It looks just like any other drug out there.
  • You can take the capsules every day.
  • The effects of the capsules last longer than CBD oil tinctures as it takes more time for them to dissolve.
  • It doesn’t mess up your taste buds. The capsules are not infused with other ingredients like carrier oils or essential oils and you won’t need added flavors to taste.


  • They’re not targeted. Unlike topical CBD products that focus on a particular part of the human body, they move around every part of the body, affecting the healing process.
  • They dissolve slowly. This is an advantage that turns into a disadvantage for those who prefer instant results.
  • The bioavailability rate is low. In case you are not familiar with medical terms, bioavailability refers to the extent and rate at which a substance or drug reaches its intended biological destination(s). The capsules have a quite low bioavailability level of just 4 to 20%, making the absorption process slower.

What are CBD lip balm benefits?

CBD products including lip balms and oils are widely favored due to their positive effect on human lips and skin. A Google search on the product yields much positive feedback and many photo albums that record great skin improvements. In fact, you can have a look at the top select CBD lip balms and CBD oils to see how hard top brands are trying to bring relief to customers suffering from chapped lips. The appeal of the best CBD lip balm is undeniable.

Besides antibacterial compounds, CBD is believed to include antioxidants that help skin stabilize free radicals and give skin better protection from overexposure to harmful elements. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen and the lips face many health problems. Unlike an ordinary lip balm, the best CBD lip balm will not only soothe irritation around your lips but also help a lot if you are suffering from cold sores or allergies.

In terms of lip look, the lip balm helps the lips look smooth and shiny without getting too oily when applying coconut oil. According to customer reviews, a quality CBD lip balm can also help reduce lip eczema symptoms characterized by redness, dry and cracked lips. There is no need for complex photo editing now because applying the lip balm on your lips is probably enough to make a beautiful photo.

Customers who search for lip balms on superficial cuts also express their love for the lip balm which helps them heal faster.

Possible side effects of CBD lip balms

There are potential risks and side effects of anything you apply to your skin and lips. Although some people may have adverse reactions, generally speaking, CBD is considered safe. Moreover, side effects from this ingredient are often temporary. Once your body is acquainted with the ingredient, most side effects will gradually subside and never appear again.

Minor side effects are rare and usually include dry mouth, mild faintness, and sleepiness.

The bottom line

Not every brand offers the same CBD lip balm benefits. You may enjoy the benefits of CBD chapstick at home by using Joy Organics’ Salve or freak out when looking at the photo taken of your lips.

When shopping for a lip balm, you always need to make sure that the product has the right ingredients in its formula. For example, products that contain toxic metals such as lead or cadmium should be absolutely avoided. Also, note that cannabis-derived products must come with COA (Certificate Of Analysis).

In many cases, buyers get confused due to unclear product labels that mess up hemp oil, hemp seed oil, and cannabis sativa oil. Hemp oil, also known as hemp seed oil, is produced using small seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant. Cannabis sativa oil can moisturize well, yet CBD oil comes with active compounds from cannabinoids that bring about anti-inflammatory benefits.

One useful piece of advice is that you can visit reliable websites such as Buy Weed Online USA to learn more about products as well as search for the related price and feedbacks. Using this site, you will get access to sincere opinions of products based on real experiences and have opportunities to compare between different brands in terms of price, product dimensions like width, length, and third party manufacturer, etc.

Look for the site you agree with and stick with it. Examine COA, product disclaimers such as “void where prohibited, taxed, or otherwise restricted” to learn about your legal rights.

With careful research, adding a CBD chapstick to your lips won’t be able to go wrong.