This review enlists CBD medic products and gives an analysis of these items as well as the brand’s customer service for potential customers to refer to before making purchases.

Where can I buy CBD Medic? 

You can visit its CBD Medic official website to buy their products or visit the websites: CBD oil review.

Product Overview

As we all know, there is a deep-rooted prejudice on marijuana (composed of CBD, THC, and other components) and any kinds of products made from the plant. Thinking of these products, people tend to associate and even confusing them with hard drugs (cocaine, heroin, nicotine,…). However, we are making our effort to prove the opposite and justify the benefits of marijuana-related ingredients in our reviews on CBD Medic lines. Please click to find the answer to this question: Does CBD make you tired?

CBD is one of the ingredients that form the functionality of pain relief in hemp-extract medications besides THC. What’s more, there are a lot of researches that have proved CBD’s harmlessness to consumers’ health, making the legalization of CBD in 50 states in America. While THC is known to have considerable side effects on users’ mental health and psychology when getting them high, CBD has more advantages over THC when giving a sense of powerful relief to pains with very little or almost no side effects. Also, it doesn’t make its users get too excited or hyperactive. That is the reason why it is used as a component in products used for shoulder pain and arthritis treatment, pain relief, etc.

CBD hemp extract has been getting more attention from medical manufacturers. As a result, hundreds of products containing it have been devised, from massage therapy oil to medicines, to soothe customers suffering from chronic pains. You can enter the link below to know more about the difference between CBD and THC and get your worry about CBD off your chest:

Pros and cons


  • Offers prices that are quite compatible with their products’ quality.
  • All Cbd Medic products claim to be THC-free
  • CBD Medic’s after-order shipping process is easily tracked. After you have logged onto the CBD Medic website and made your order, you will get a tracking code to keep track of the shipping process. After 24-48 hours, the ship orders are made through USPS priority mail. The shipping is processed during working days (Monday to Friday).


  • The prices do not range so widely. The number 39 99 is used to put prices on the majority of topicals makes it hard to tell between them by their prices and gets buyers confused if the products are of the same type.
  • Deliveries are not carried out at weekends. Import charges and taxes, as well as any other arising fees of import formality, would be of international buyers’ responsibility if there are orders from abroad.
  • Although each CBD Medic packaging does have pieces of CBD containing information on it, the outer parcels don’t appear to show indications of CBD included in products’ ingredients.
  • There are some couples of items that seem to be identical in their formulas and components.

Types of products they are selling

What is CBD medic?

CBD MEDIC is a brand that specializes in producing CBD topicals and skincare items that contain natural ingredients. Its holding company is Abacus which has been established by Aidance Scientific in 2014. Abacus health products Inc has been the first company to make a combination between CBD topicals and over-the-counter products and has so far achieved considerable success. What sounds tempting about the CBD Medic brand is it claims that their CBD Medic topicals are THC-free and are just made of CBD hemp extracts and other natural ingredients. Also, it guarantees that there are no artificial dyes in their formula’s compound. Cbd Medic also affirms that their products are formulated as a result of 15 years of rigorous research and study. In this post, CBD medic is another brand that we have taken a dig at to give you the most honest and practical testimony on its quality and functionality. Below is a CBD Medic review that is worth your perusal.

To review CBD Medic objectively and effectively, I will make a list of CBD products mentioning their prices (mostly of the number 39 99) and sizes as below:

Arthritis Aches & Pain

Arthritis Pain Relief Ointment (40g/$39.99)

Arthritis Pain Relief Cream (48g/$39.99)

Active Sports Pain Relief

Active Sports Pain Relief Ointment (40g /$39.99$)

Active Sports Pain Relief Stick (30g / $39.99)

Muscles and body-part pain-relieving

Back & Neck Pain Relief Ointment (200mg/$39.99)

Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Ointment (40g/$39.99$)

Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Spray (50ml/$39.99$)

Massage Therapy Pain Relief Oil (103ml $39.99)

Foot & Ankle Pain Relief Ointment (40g/$39.99)


Eczema Ointment (40g/$39.99)

Itch & Rash Ointment (40g/$39.99)

Acne Cream (40g/$29.99)

Natural Foaming Facial Cleanser (50ml/$19.99)

You can see CBD products range from the minimum price of 13.99$ to the maximum of 39.99$. From the list, you can see the manufacturer seems to enjoy the number 39 99 when pricing most items with this number. The products are categorized into several types for particular purposes, and CBD Medic topicals also include several forms such as ointment, sport stick, cream, spray, etc. Each of these products, of course, has an amount of CBD in their formula that is advantageous for treating body muscle strains. We will share with you our processing of trying particular CBD Medic items to review CBD Medic most objectively.

What CBD does Gronk use?

There is an interesting fact that Rob Gronkowski, a famous soccer player, is a loyal customer of CBD Medic. He used a cream tube for treating his father’s lower back pain and was impressed with the cream. He later on also keeps endorsing other active sport CBD Medic types of cream and CBD oil.

Recommended use/benefits

Arthritis Aches & Pain

Let’s get started and review CBD Medic arthritis pain relief. You can choose to buy either the ointment or the cream to soothe your hands, hips, feet, elbow, knees’ pains temporarily. Although arthritis treating CBD ointment seems to lose a point to the cream in terms of quantity (while both are of the same price), I still prefer the prior for its fast absorption into the skin. That being said, the cream doesn’t take much time to absorb into the skin and kick in. It’s just my own opinion that ointment has the edge over cream in penetrating the skin and in easing the joint pain more quickly.

Both of these CBD Medic items consist of several essential oils and natural ingredients such as Menthol, jojoba oil, clove oil, clove oil, cottonseed oil, eucalyptus oil, frankincense oil, lavender oil, and of course, CBD extract (THC-free) with an equal quantity per each product of CBD topicals collection.

The ingredients of CBD Medic cream includes shea butter and beeswax compared to the CBD oil. These two ingredients make the cream a kind of arthritis moisturizing hand cream. It is a plus when the same category’s ointment will leave some slight stinginess on your skin because of the effect of the natural oils. Also, shea butter and beeswax act as a soothing moisturizer to your skin.

Active Sports Pain Relief

Each product of this CBD Medic line is a medic to gym trainers and athletes who have constant sufferings from hard workouts. Camphor and menthol remain parts of the ingredients as in other CBD Medic products.

The CBD Medic sports cream and massage oil result in a little burn on the skin when being applied due to their menthol camphor essence and following the little burn is an icy-hot sensation. Your muscles and joints will feel relaxed in about 10 minutes. CBD oils and jojoba seed oil, and other essential oils are still the key components of any of these products.

Does CBD roll-on work?

For ones who don’t want to spend much time rubbing the ointment and joint cream on their skin and waiting for them to work, you can buy a sports stick for quick and easy usage. This solid stick is an outstanding product from CBD medic company because of its handy functionality. You can use it on the go, and it would be less messy than using cream or oil. Of course, the stick is just for not-very-serious muscles and joints cramps and sprains, but its handiness will make your buying experience pay off.

Muscles and body-part pain-relieving

Most CBD Medic pain relief products fall under this category. It includes ointments and sprays but not muscles and joint cream. However, I don’t think adding joint cream into the line is a necessity. Back neck-deep rub ointment comes in the form of a 40g tube with an amount of 200mg CBD extract, and muscle joint deep rub ointment is a ten(10) pack product. The packet division impresses me way more than the tube packaging. It minimizes the trouble of squeezing too much oil than you are supposed to, and of course, it is more favorable to put in the pockets to bring along on the go.

Both products give strong menthol fragrances and bring a refreshing feeling to your sore body parts and skin areas. The joint deep rub ointment has tea tree oil ( my favorite ingredient in any topical product) in its composition and does a great job for anti-inflammation. When I applied it on my tight and strained biceps, they excelled in getting my biceps loose, and I very much enjoyed the icy feeling this product has.

This product group also includes a spray item for muscle & joint pain alleviation. It comes in handy in relieving minor soreness and pains of your body parts.


Here’s the last CBD medic line of our review, the CBD skincare. It has been capturing the attention of many female customers, and all the products of this line seem to focus on soothing the skin in conditions of rashes, red pimples, and itchiness.

The CBD Medic acne cream ($29.99) has claimed to alleviate the breakout of pimples on the face, and to make whiteheads, blackheads, as well as acne, disappeared. The product does well in bringing the cooling effect onto the skin. Its texture appears to be relatively thick and has a fragrant tea tree oil extract.

A CBD medic foam cleanser can be bought at the price of $19.99. It is one of the two rare items in the list that are not priced with the familiar 39 99 number, besides the acne cream. Its texture and smell are what I love about this product. It is light, and the fragrance of tea tree oil combined with lavender oil and jojoba seed oil is pleasant. There is the fact that CBD Medic seems to be typical of natural herb smells.

CBD Medic skincare line has done its job well with medic treatment items for irritated skin. The oil products are perfect fits for people with sensitive skin. I’m pretty sure that they are worth being put into your medicine cabinet.


The product’s price ranges from 19.99$ to 39.99 $. CBD Medic topicals don’t vary much in prices, and the majority of the items are 39.99. The number 39 99 seems to gain much favor from the company, it is used to set prices on most of the topicals. Factoring in CBD Medic’s quality and reputation in pain relief treatment, I would say that the pricing is quite consistent with the products’ functions, although, for many, the prices are not cheap.

To get the best discount for CBD Medic items, you can run the honey extension on your browser and get coupons for your purchases. I have installed this on my browser, and each time I scroll through the products’ categories, I would get potential coupons for my orders. Furthermore, you can get refunds within 30 days after your purchase via a money-back guarantee-policy, although, they will not be full refunds when the money returned is without a shipping fee.


Here is the rating we give for CBD Medic after our CBD Medic review.

  • Quality: 70/100
  • Effectiveness: 70/100
  • Price: 70/100
  • Customer service:80/100

I hope that this CBD Medic review has not just bought you an analysis on CBD Medic services and brand lines, but also a general idea of the attention-capturing CBD medications, their effects, and their applications. Please don’t be afraid of the term “CBD extract” anymore after reading reviews about its potential in healthcare and pain-relief treatment.

So if you are struggling with joint, neck, or backaches and pains, please give the CBD Medic muscle and joint cream or back & neck pain-relief ointment a try. In case you are a fan of gym or weightlifting who is hesitant about the soreness brought about by heavy exercises, the CBD Medic sport active line will be very promising to become a helpful solution to your muscle, ankle, or neck pains.

Last but not least, we hope that you wouldn’t mind looking at more reviews on other remarkable brand names in the CBD related medications and cosmetics industry via BWOU to know more of these exciting product types.