Valentine X strain is named after St. Valentine, patron saint of convulsion, this is the best choice for patients with epilepsy because it contains high CBD levels. This is perfectly combined and manufactured to precision, Valentine X is 50/50 variation of the remarkably therapeutic ACDC strain.

The growers at the Synergy Wellness have been working vigorously to create a strain that boosts its efficacy in the medical community.

The high that Valentine X produces is called experience rather than high. As such, with low levels of TCH, it’s difficult to call it high. The tranquility of this CBD strain washes over the whole body and the muscle calming elements arrive fast and ward off any pains or soreness you may be feeling. These effects are very strong, but not overpowering and this CBD strain is endorsed for any consumer experience level. The whole body and mind become one in relaxation, letting consumers cope with what their day has ahead of them without any anxieties to go with it. Valentine X is also an innovative strain that immersed consumers and somewhat makes them restrained occasionally.

As stated before, the levels of CBD on Valentine X are very high with about 25%. On the other hand, the THC levels are lacking with merely hitting 1%, which makes this a perfect strain for the users that “don’t want to experience high”. However, that’s not the only explanation of why they became a favorite of users and doctors. Moreover, Valentine X is extremely appetizing. The tastes produced from the popcorn-designed, bluish trichome covered sprouts are sweet and earthy, lasting long after the sprouts been broken down apart and burned.

As the name Valentine X implies, this CBD strain is the perfect treatment for epilepsy. The impressive healing compounds of Valentine X helps treat various ailments including misery, nervousness, trauma, sleeplessness, discomfort, and swelling. Strains with high CBD levels are just a few and their efficacy in treating diseases is unparalleled. Thus, taking Valentine X, you can find relief in alleviating your pains, aches, and tremors and this CBD strain is also ideal for individuals suffering from Parkinson’s and MS.

The blossoming period of Valentine X strain is about 8 to 10 weeks and it’s a very easy plant to maintain, making it the perfect strain for newbies to intermediate breeders. It can grow on both the indoors and outdoors with an estimated harvest of 16oz per hemp plant. This mid-October out-of-doors crop will produce about the same volume with cannabis plants that mature quite towering. If you need discretion, you can top it early and maintain with the trimming. The weather setting of Valentine X is humid and dry, and in these environments, this CBD strain will be resilient to all fungi and molds.

Who doesn’t love a quick-acting CBD strain like Valentine X? It offers all the body calming and mind-lifting effects of marijuana without experiencing crazy high that the TCH usually gives. Therefore, you can enjoy taking Valentine X any time of the day and feel all the anxieties and pressure you may be having fall by the edge.