CBD has become one of the world’s most talked-about products in recent times, and we can all agree that it’s not due to the marketing strategies but the amazing benefits that the product offers. CBD has been made into different forms, including oil tincture and capsules (soft gels).

However, people want to know which one of these CBD products serve the actual purpose that CBD is made for. Therefore, we ask the question, CBD oil tincture vs. CBD capsules, which is the best? Follow me through this article to find out for yourself.

What is CBD Tincture?

CBD can be extracted from the Marijuana plant in so many ways, and one of the ways it is extracted is what is known as tinctures. are you confused? Okay, allow me to explain that in a more detailed form.

Anything that is referred to as a tincture is a product extracted from a herb using alcohol and water. In the case of CBD, it is extracted from the Cannabis plant. There really isn’t much to this. Although some people prefer to use other solvents that are not alcohol-based to make the product alcohol-free, the result may not be potent when compared with one extracted with the alcohol-water combination.

The Pros and Cons of Using CBD Tincture

everything that has benefits will surely have disadvantages, so that we will be looking at both the upside of this CBD variant and its downsides.

What Are CBD Capsules?

CBD capsules are just like any other CBD product, except that they contain a very low level of THC, below 0.3%, which is the threshold. In creating CBD oil, manufacturers add a carrier oil like olive oil to the CBD extract and package it for direct use. However, with CBD capsules, the extract is infused directly into the capsules. This means that you’re consuming an undiluted cbd extract.

The product has been evaluated by the FDA, and it has been declared that the product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. However, people who have used the product have testified to the health benefits that it offers. Since Marijuana isn’t suitable for persons under the age of 18, or 21 in other states, regions, or countries, CBD is a great way to still enjoy the herb’s healing benefits without getting the psychoactive effects.

Pros and Cons of CBD Capsules

Let’s take a close look at some of CBD capsules’ disadvantages to see if we can compare them to hemp oils or if the CBD oil tinctures vs. CBD capsules comparison holds water.

The Difference Between CBD Oil Tincture and CBD Capsules

  • Dosage

CBD oil tincture is sold in a dropper glass bottle, and that means you can measure the dosage with the cylindrical dropper. one problem you might face with this process is that most droppers don’t have the measures written on the sides of the dropper, which means you may not be able to take the same dosage if you want to make it a daily routine.

With capsules, the dosage is the same every day. Each capsule has a properly measured milligram of CBD, and you can use this same dosage as long as you want without worrying about consuming too much CBD.

  • Extraction process

CBD oil tincture is extracted with alcohol before it is mixed with a carrier oil, like olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and others. Some manufacturers decide against using alcohol and water and go for other solvents instead.

CBD softgels and capsules are extracted without any interfering products. Although they are mixed with other ingredients before being placed inside the capsules, they are as natural as they can get.

  • Absorption rate

Cannabidiol capsules are not absorbed until they enter the stomach and break out of the capsule covering. This is also a disadvantage because it reduces the bioavailability of the product.

CBD tinctures are absorbed directly from the mouth, especially when you place it under your tongue. This also increases bioavailability because it goes directly to your bloodstream from your tongue.

  • Price

CBD oil tincture is generally more expensive, and it’s rightfully and understandably so. When you consider the fact that the carrier oil that they’re made with can be expensive on their own, you’ll understand why I said it is understandably and rightfully expensive.

How To Use Oil Tinctures

it is generally easy to use any CBD oil, and oil tincture is not any different. To use this product, you’ll have to measure out a good amount of the oil using the dropper cap. Remember that I stated earlier that some droppers don’t come with the measurement figures, which can make your daily dosage uneven. That shouldn’t be a problem anyway since there’s hardly any evidence of side effects associated with an overdose.

You can add the oil to your meals, beverages or take them orally without dilution. If you’re unsure which form of ingestion will be more efficient for you, you can check with a physician.

How To Use CBD Capsules

Using CBD in capsule form is even easier because you don’t have to go through all the measurement process. The manufacturer has done all that for you. You only have to remove them from their case and swallow right away.


CBD is gaining traction, and that doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon. The product may not have been approved by a medical association yet, but the results speak for themselves. According to the FDA, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. However, that’s not stopping beneficiaries from using the product. To learn more about CBD, you might want to check out the CBD oil reviews, to get a more grounded knowledge of the product.