Duke City Vapors Vape Shop is a company that started in 2011. It started as a simple, low-profile business, established by its founders, Patricio, and Melinda Mitchelle. The business started by selling vape kits to Melinda and Patricio’s family and friends. The products they offered were delivered personally. However, because of the good customer relations and sales techniques of the couple, their business became successful. Until finally, they were able to open a physical store and they called it Duke City Vapors. The products they have available in their store were E-cigarette kits, E-liquid, atomizers and clearomizers, accessories, coils or heads, and other CBD products.

As their business grew, so did the customer demands for CBD products. Hence, expansion was underway. Not only did Patricio and Melinda expand their CBD product line, but their shop opened new branches then.

Duke City Vapors Westside

Duke City Vapors Westside is located at 1500 Coors Boulevard, NW Albuquerque, New Mexico. Just right next to the CBD shop. It is open the whole week, that is, Mondays till Sundays. The shop opens at 10:00 AM until 8:00 PM, Mondays to Saturdays. On Sundays, however, it opens at 10:00 AM still but closes at 6:00 PM. Two hours earlier compared with the other days of the week.

As described by its customers, the shop is cozy. It is comfortable and inviting, with its wide variety of CBD products to choose from. Yes, Duke City Vapors does not only offer CBD products for vaping. They also have in its product line CBD cream and liniments, ad even CBD edibles. Aside from their wide selection of CBD products, customers are praising their good service and customer relation.

Some customers are pleased with Duke City Vapors’ products and are quite satisfied with them. And the staff, according to them are friendly and knowledgeable. However, you cannot please everybody. Hence the few bad reviews this particular branch gets.

Duke City Vapors/ The CBD Shop NE Heights

With its location at 6200 Montgomery, NE Albuquerque, New Mexico, Duke City Vapors/The CDB Shop is another branch of Duke City Vapors. The shop offers the same high-quality CBD products as the shop at Coors Boulevard, NW Albuquerque. With the same quality service and welcoming ambiance from its staff.

Duke City Vapors Rio Grande Shop

Finally, for its third store, Duke City Vapors opened another branch in the Rio Grande. Just like any other Duke City Vapors Shop, most of the reviews on this particular shop are good. All praises are given, not only to its high-quality CBD products and good ambiance of the store but also to its well-trained and accommodating staff. According to satisfied customers, its staff is well informed and knowledgeable about the products they sell.

Getting to Know Duke City Vapors Better

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Duke City Vapors was established in 2011 by Patricio and Melinda Mitchelle, and they started the business in a nomadic way. They used to travel from place to place, offering and selling their products to friends and relatives. And hence, delivering their CBD products personally. As word of their excellent wares spread through the grapevine, they became successful. Hence time came, after a year of the nomadic style of selling, they opened their first shop in The westside of Albuquerque. They then called the shop Duke City Vapors.

As word about their business spread, many people came to their store to purchase and try out the wide variety of CBD products the couple had to offer. Their business actually started when they bought a kit and because of the good experience they had with it, they’ve decided to share it with others. However, the kit was quite expensive.

So they devised a plan and came up with CBD products that are affordable but possess the same high-quality and other features of more expensive brands. Because of this, the business became a hit. Therefore, they were then able to put up a physical shop where they displayed their CBD products. This time, it is the customers who come to the shop to purchase their wares, and not the other way around.

Today, Dike City Vapors has become quite successful in the CBD industry with more than 1000 e-juices that they make and offer. They also have other CBD products and equipment such as e-cigarettes and vapes, and other accessories used with CBD products. Because of this success, Duke City Vapors have surpassed their competitors, making them one of the best and most successful companies in the CBD industry.

Patricio and Melinda stick to their goal of being original. Therefore, they make the CBD products themselves, making sure that each product is pure and of the best quality. They also see to it that they meet every customer’s needs and preferences.

It does not stop there. This dynamic couple involves themselves with other civic and charitable activities. They are very much active in community activities, sharing their CBD experience with other people. As they strive to be the best in the industry, the couple is continuously learning new things about CBD, widening their knowledge, and developing new products for their customers.

For Melinda and Patricio, the customers are the lifeblood of their business. Therefore, they develop and offer only products of the highest quality. This is their way of helping their customers get the experience of their life with CBD products. This is their way of showing their customers how much they are appreciated and cared for by Duke City Vapors. To know more about them, visit their website at www.dukecity vapors.com or check them out on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.