Sublime Vapor and Glass Shop believes that customers deserve to be given the power to decide and make their own choices. That is why part of their advocacy is not just to sell but to educate their clients as well. They believe that knowledge is power and that based on this knowledge, the customers will be equipped with the proper information to make the right decisions when it comes to the CBD products they might want to use.

They offer products with the highest quality. With great flavor, big vapor, and effective and reliable products, the company has quickly gained recognition among the world of CBD users. Their products are considered to have a reputable brand and they do not cost that much. Customer service is the best. They do not only offer good sales services, but the staff is knowledgeable and well-informed when it comes to the products that their company sells.

For more product details and information about the company and the products they have to offer, you can visit their store. Also, you can check out their blogs for more information about their product features. For questions and inquiries, however, you can visit their website, email them, or better yet, give them a call. Despite the mysterious effect they want to project, Sublime Vapors and Glass is a legit company, selling the best quality CBD vapes and products.

Service Hours for Customers

The customer service representatives of the company are available 24/7. They are easily accessible via their number (509) 468-5243 and email

Sublime Vapors and Glass also give pieces of advice on what the perfect CBD product is for you. They are more than willing to support customers in choosing the right products for them which shows exemplary customer service.

Sublime Vapors and Glass Products

The company offers various products from e-cigarettes to e-liquids, to tanks and mods, and other CBD products. The variety of CBD products and accessories they offer is so wide that it might be quite confusing to choose the right CBD product for your needs. However, the company sees to it that their customer assistance representatives are very much available and willing to accommodate their clients and assist them so they will have the best CBD experience of their life.

Sublime Vapor

Sublime Vapors and Glass offers different products. These products include:

  • Aspire Athos Sub-OHM Tank
  • Dab Ninja Dozer Domeless Quartz Nail
  • Dab Ninja Quartz Nail Side Banger
  • I-Tal Hempwick
  • Glass Drop Down
  • Silicone Concentrate Rig
  • Silicone Waterpipe
  • Silicone Pollen Collector
  • Siskiyou Sleep Formula Capsule
  • And many more

Sublime E-Juice

E-Juices from Sublime Vapor and Glass include different varieties.

American Vapor Group

  • AVG Premium E-Liquid 60 ml Frenchy
  • AVG Premium E-Liquid
  • AVG Salt Nic E-Juice

Cyber E Liquids

  • Cyber E Liquids 30 ml
  • Cyber E Liquids 60 ml
  • Cyber E liquids 120 ml

Element and Epitome

  • Element E-Liquid 60 ml
  • Epitome E-Liquid 60 ml
  • Epitome Nic Salt 30 ml

Naked 100

  • Naked 100 60 ml
  • Naked 100 60 ml Brain Freeze
  • Naked 100 60 ml Brain Freeze 03 MG
  • Naked 100 60 ml Brain Freeze 06 MG
  • Naked 100 Brain Freeze 12 MG


  • Savage 100S
  • Savage E-Liquid 60 ml
  • Savage E-Liquid 60 ml Jackman 12 MG
  • Savage E-Liquid 120 ml
  • Savage E-Liquid 30 ml
  • Savage E-Liquid 60 ml Devous Marcellus 12 MG
  • 60 ml Savage E-Liquid Vega 12 MG
  • Savage Nic Salt Line 30 ml
  • Savage Vape 100

Other Products

  • Oregon Vapor Elixir 30 ml
  • Oregon Vapor Magic Vaping Elixir 60 ml
  • Northwest’s Finest E-Liquid 60 ml
  • Glas Basix 60 ml E-Liquid
  • Glas Basix Nic Salt 30 ml E-Liquid

Is Sublime Vapor Safe?

Or better yet, is vaping, in general, safe? Probably it depends on what your concept of “safe” is. Sublime Vapor is ready to answer questions, especially those that need clarification with regard to safety and effectiveness. They either give the customers assurance or suggest a better product if what you chose is not the best option for you.

Sublime Vapors clarifies that the nicotine in their nicotine liquids only contains nicotine oil, propylene glycol, flavorings, and vegetable glycerine. In other words, it is not as dangerous as the nicotine found in regular traditional cigarettes. With all the tar and other harmful ingredients of traditional cigarettes, vaping is indeed a safer alternative.

It cannot be denied that there are people who are into smoking traditional cigarettes. Some of them have been wanting to get out of the habit but find it very hard to break out of it. The best alternative is vaping. They will still feel like smoking, but less the harmful effects than traditional cigarettes will have on the body that can affect their overall health.

However, it is always important to remember that taking too much of anything is not good. Therefore, it is also recommended that precautionary measures be made to avoid unwanted issues in the future. Especially those which may have a great impact on your health.

Sublime Vapors and glasses not only provide you with an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, but they also give you the best vaping experience you could ever imagine as their vapes are smooth, tastes good, and are very effective.

So, if you are in need of CBD products, especially vapes and e-liquids, check out Sublime Vapors and Glass. With Sublime Vapors and Glass, you are guaranteed the best CBD products and the smoothest vaping experience. They also offer accessories and other items which may be used with your CBD products. Sublime Vapors and Glass is a one-stop CBD shop with great customer service. You can call them at (509) 468-5243 or email them at They have customer service representatives who are always ready to accommodate you 24/7.