Remember those tootsie roll chocolate taffies when you were a kid? What if those taffies are infused with CBD? Nice, huh? We have Cheeba to thank for this. Yes, this intriguing brand offers us the Cheeba Chews. Now let us find out more about this amazing product.

The inconsistency between edibles is one of the biggest challenge that cannabis enthusiasts encounter. They are inconsistent in such a way that the edibles seem to be different every time you buy that same product from the exact same company. Among Cheeba’s intentions is to do something about this particular issue. This is precisely the reason why James Howler, Maker of Cheeba Chews, makes sure that the same exact dose and potency is present in the product every time customers purchase Cheeba Chews.

Cheeba Chews has been in the market for almost nine years now and is available in more than 800 dispensaries all over Nevada, Colorado, and California. However, because of the very tight competition in the CBD market, Cheeba’s products do not seem to stand out as much as they used to. How did Cheeba resolve this problem then? Presenting the Cheeba Chews. Continue reading to find out more about these amazingly delightful edibles.

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Getting To Know Cheeba Chews

In 2009, James Howler started Cheeba Chews in Boulder, Colorado. What prompted him to make this move is because he noticed discrepancies between edibles which claimed to be of similar strengths and effects. So basically, his main reason for creating Cheeba Chews is to standardize the testing process of CBD edibles. Therefore developing new, more discreet, and portable edible. This is in comparison with the then available edible called the pot brownie.

Cheeba Chews has but one mission in mind, clear and simple. And that mission is to provide clients with a discreet, industry-leading and consistently potent CBD infused edible. And yes, the company has accomplished its mission.

With credits due to the company’s high standards, independent lab testing, utilization of product infusion, and patience, the company has been successful with its mission. The Cheeba Chews was even voted as “America’s favorite edible” by the High Times Magazine.

Highlights of Cheeba Chews

Producing an edible which stands out in a cannabis-infused edible saturated industry may seem a difficult task to achieve. However, much attention was gained by Cheeba Chews because of their groundbreaking, potent CBD edibles. So what makes Cheeba Chews stand out?

  • Products that are made for dietary restrictions: Cheeba offers products for patients with dietary requirements. Now, who would not love a company like this? Their website also states that its products are nut and peanut-free.
  • Consistency of dose each and every time: It is common knowledge that Cheeba aims to give its clients the same dose and effect of CBD every time they consume CBD edibles from Cheeba. The consistency of their products is the key.
  • Varied ratio of THC:CBD depending on the needs of the customers: Cheeba offers varied ratios of THC:CBD to suit the needs of their clients. Be it for pleasure or for medicinal purposes.
  • Discreet: Discretion as another good point of Cheeba Chews. They are packaged and wrapped as normal or ordinary candies. Therefore, consuming it in public is not a problem. Because you do not have to worry about what other people would think when they see you eating these chews.
  • The cannabis extract is pharmaceutical grade: This is another good thing about Cheeba Chews. They stand by their mission of standardizing the laboratory testing of CBD edibles. In other words, consumers get the same exact amount of CBD, the same exact effect, and the same exact taste from every batch of chews they produce. They are tested being monthly, therefore maintaining the right CBN, CBD, and THC content. Hence, ensuring consistency and quality of the product.

Cheeba Chews come in a variety of different flavors and strains. They also offer a variety of different edibles in their product line. Cheeba Chews products are carefully infused and thoughtfully created, according to those who have been satisfied with its effect, for pleasure or medical purposes.

Cheeba Chews is a Chocolate taffy chew. It used to be Cheeba’s original product. However, it is now also available in a sativa, indica, and hybrid variety. Also, another line of CBD-infused taffy options from Cheeba is the Green Hornet Gummies.

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Cheeba Chews Negative Review

It would probably be best if the company ventured into producing other recipes. They have been producing peanut and gluten-free products. Maybe a healthier recipe that does not include corn syrup. Few cannabis brands include corn syrup in their recipe because of its adverse side effects. Opt for edibles with natural sugar. They are a much healthier choice.

Products from Cheeba Chews

These bite-sized taffies called Cheeba Chews. They may be taken in single or multiple doses. Cheeba Chews come in different potencies aimed at being consistent each time you consume one. The taffies are made with pretty standard ingredients. For instance, soybean oil, milk, cocoa, sugar, and corn syrup.

Chocolate Hemp Taffy: This is a full-spectrum hemp, CBD-infused chocolate taffy. Each chew contains about 25 mg of CBD. They come in 4-pack (100 mg CBD), 10-pack (250 mg CBD), and 20-pack (500mg CBD) packaging. This is original, award-winning taffy contains 10 calories per serving.

  • Strawberry Hemp Taffy: The Strawberry Hemp Taffy is available in the same strength as the chocolate taffies. The strawberry taffy contains 11 calories per serving with 25 mg of CBD for each 3-gram chew.
  • Caramel Hemp Taffy: This is also a full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD-infused caramel taffy. What makes it different from other taffies is its flavor and calorie content which is 12 calorie content per serving.
  • Sour Apple Hemp Taffy: Just like the other taffies, its difference lies on the flavor and calorie content. The calorie content of Sour Apple Hemp Taffy is at 11 calories per serving.

So to experience a consistent CBD product, why not try Cheeba Chews and get the same consistency and effect in every does of taffy you take.

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Cheeba Chews Quick Summary

Quality 98%
Effectiveness 96%
Benefits 96%
Price 94%
Customer Service 98%
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“The taste of this oil is fantastic. 30 minutes after taking my first ;dose I already felt less anxious”

“A high grade CBD oil. Excellent”

“Worth every penny”

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