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Cloud 9 Hemp is one of the well-known names in proving various CBD oil products mainly in vaping. Cloud 9 was founded in Tennessee to offer a legal alternative to medical cannabis, which is illegal in that state. Their team who have established this company in 2014 has an excellent knowledge f mixing and blending when it comes to vape liquids. Their all products are gone through with the rigorous testing to serve best quality products.

Cloud 9 Hemp’s teamwork is known for his work, and their product line up is expansive as they focus mainly on the CBD vape segment:-

  • Cloud 9 Hemp offers many CBD liquids with including 16 flavors of it and charges around $19.99 for 100 mg to $99.99 for 1000 mg. Each e-juice blend includes organic PG, VG, and food-based flavorings. As they use the most effective process of blending, ultrasonic emulsification, and steeping to create their delicious concoctions.
  • Cloud 9 ‘s CBD vape cartridges.
  • Their vape suppliers include vape tanks, starter kits, and other accessories from a third party, vendor.
  • Cloud 9 provides two types of a segment of CBD oil such as CBD tinctures and CBD Hemp oil.

As the CBD tinctures line contains the hemp oil tinctures, CBD Drops, CBD Syrup Spray and terpenes. Starts from the first group full spectrum CBD including MCG Oil, VG, artificial flavors as ingredients. CBD spray comes with the same ingredients that contain terpenes with five different flavors. As they use the same ingredients of CBD Syrup Spray for CBD Drops and Terpenes.

  • Cloud 9’s CBD oil drops for pets
  • CBD edibles
  • CBD concentrated
  • CBD additive
  • And CBD topical.

Cloud 9 Hemp is known for delivering powerful CBD products, and they always stand out on customers expectation with their purest and most potent cannabinoid content. The main thought about these products which are provided by the Cloud 9 Hemp is that they use Cannabidiol substance in products that provide various benefits like relieving stress, anxiety, and pain. This product helps to improve mental and physical wellbeing and widely used in the treatment of different chronic diseases like low blood pressure, cancer, headaches, and nausea.

What are the hemp products?

Basically, the hemp word refers to a particular species of the cannabis which is cultivated for various industrial purpose affect cognitive functions and makes a high feeling, so that’s its use is authorized because it will be helpful to minimize the stress. It is also used for the various number of products like health foods, nutraceutical, and body care.

Vaping Alternative

Cloud 9 hemp provides E-liquids, which is basically integrated into a peoples E-cigarette that allows them to vape the product. Vaping is one of the choices which is used as an alternative to smoking.

As all, we know that smoking is injurious to health, and it can increase the risk of developing harmful chronic diseases like asthma and cancer. Generally who are most addicted to smoking can smoke cannabis, which is less harmful than tobacco, and it doesn’t contain harmful compounds in it.

And the use of marijuana is illegal in the United States, which also increases the product price as well as it raises the likelihood of getting cannabis adulterated with harmful ingredients. As medical cannabis contains CBD which is helpful and it doesn’t contain THC when someone consumes CBD in a totally safe, legal and healthy manner. Currently, many hemp products are available in the market as the CBD Hemp E-liquid is to be the most better way to get all energy of the herbal competent.

Cloud 9 Hemp

The products which are offered by the Cloud 9 Hemp is one of the best CBD products of current time such as CBD E-liquids, additives, topical, oils, edibles, waxes and CBD for pets. And they not only sell there products, but they also share products manufactured by other CBD manufacturers.

CBD E-liquids is one of their famous products which is come with an abundance of flavors at just $20 per bottle. And the other products with a variety of flavors can be purchased within a range between $20 and $200. Cloud 9 hemp use medical-grade hemp but never reveals the source to anyone. And also not shared the method of the extraction of the CBD or other hemp terpenes CO2 extraction method.

Cloud 9 Hemp tests their products before selling the products to anyone. And at this time we didn’t find out the tests which they are using to check the quality of their product. And they claim that all products are none-GMO, 100% vegetarian and gluten-free. They prefer to use vegetable glycerin as the emulsifier option in their blends and oils.

There are many customers positive review are available for every product, and all these things can be down easily by Cloud 9 Hemp. As they care for their customers and provides a facility for everyone to reach or call them with a toll-free phone number and an email contact. And they are always active on social media where the customers can get more information regarding the sales, offers and some educational articles or blogs related to CBD and hemp.

CBD E-Liquid Review

Cloud 9 Hemp’s product is one of the most popular product for them as it is designed to provide many benefits which are associated with the effects of CBD. This product can help you with getting relief from many problems such as anxiety, stress, and it easily reduces the pain associated with inflammation.

Cloud 9 CBD offers juice bottles of around 30 ml of liquid within and comes in these ranges:-

  • $19.99 for 100 mg
  • $34.99 for 250 mg
  • $59.99 for 500 mg
  • $99.99 for 1000 mg

They have many flavors options such as:-

– Easy Rider flavor
– Lizard King flavor
– Morning Glory flavor
– Dark Side Of The Moon flavor
– Mad Hatter flavor
– Equilibrium flavor
– Nice Dreams flavor
– Happy Daze flavor
– Purple Rain flavor
– Sweet Nothings flavor
– Midnight Express flavor
– Panama Red flavor
– Yellow Brick Road flavor
– Stoned Age flavor
– Plain Jane flavor
– Ridgemont High flavor

Well, there are many flavors available which is offering by Cloud 9 CBD Juice as you can get any flavors, which is a combination of creative and ambitious flavors.

Cloud 9 hemp details

As we know that many peoples use marijuana, whether it is legal or not. Many use this to get relief from stress while others use it too because of some serious medical problems.

As it is founded in Nashville, and they sell a product which contains pure concentrated CBD, which gives all the healthy advantages marijuana gives off minus the buzz feeling when one gets from smoking it. Each CBD products are helpful to solve out the health issues such as anxiety, cancer, stress, headaches, and high blood pressure.

CBD has a big scope for medical use as compared to THC

Well, CBD has antioxidant and medicinal properties which offer neuroprotective and anti-ischemic effects. The current statistics show that cannabis strains which contain a big amount of CBD do not result in short term memory difficulties.

It also offers anti-psychotic effects, and it is most useful for patients who have latent schizophrenia. As it works as a safe alternative treatment way for schizophrenia, and it is able to reduce the symptoms of schizophrenia by stabilizing some pathways of NMDA receptors. CBD has fewer side effects as compared to other antipsychotic drugs.

CBD is widely used for many diseases like chronic pain, diabetes, post-traumatic stress disorder, neurological disorders, alcoholism, infections, for killing breast cancer and multiple sclerosis all this disease can be treated by using CBD. It is also used for treating diseases related to liver, kidney, obesity, migraines, heart, moodiness, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anorexia, and glaucoma.

Cloud 9 Hemp CBD Flavors

  • Cloud 9’s Easy Rider:- well, it includes coconut, Madagascar vanilla, Kentucky bourbon, hazelnut, toasted almond, and some highlights of brown sugar.
  • Lizard King flavor:- It includes a classic blend of sweet cream, marshmallow, sweet, allows and Bavarian cream.
  • Nice Dreams flavor:- It includes a mellow mixture of cantaloupe, hints of coconut, strawberries, and watermelon.
  • Yellow Brick Road flavor:- Basically, it is a blend of pomegranate and nectarine with an undertone of cream.
  • Equilibrium flavor:- It is a mixture of lemon, menthol, raspberry, and mint. And taste like tart, sweet and sour.
  • Dark Side Of The Moon flavor:- It is a blend of savory and sweet fudge brownies with some cream, drizzle of Kahlua, pralines and salted caramel with it.
  • Panama Red flavor:- This flavor is a fruity blend and taste like fruity and sweety.
  • Mad Hatter flavor:- Mixture of sugar cookies and vanilla custard with a final touch of honey and brown sugar in it. Tastes like savory and sweet.
  • Ridgemont High flavor:- Blend of ripe strawberry, Bavarian cream, cheesecake, and sweet cream. Tastes like fruity and sweet.
  • Midnight Express flavor:- Basically, Midnight Express is a premium tobacco flavor which is sourced from Europe.


At last, Cloud 9 Hemp is one of the most reputed companies who always is ready to serve the best products in the market. If you have any query related to the product you can contact them or mail them, their executive will get back to you with the most effective solution.

Cloud 9 Hemp Quick Summary

Quality 10/10
Safety 0/10
Effectiveness 10/10
Satisfaction 0/10
Price 0/10
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“Best CBD oil for pain relief.”

“I like this brand specifically because they do not add any unusual ingredients that makes me question what I am taking.”

“Great product and very affordable price.”

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