The Story of CW Hemp – Is it Worthy of Investment?

One of the first in the cannabis industry and a master at manufacturing CBD oil is Charlotte’s Web, also known as CW hemp. It is amongst the most famous brand all over the world and has garnered various awards again and again. CW Hemp was created after the success of patient Charlotte Figi, a 6 years old little girl who benefited from using CBD Oil.

Shortly after, the CBD oil became a great success and now, everybody is using it. While the first CB oil isn’t available all over the U.S, Stanley brothers did reinvent a hemp-based version that is available around the world.

CW Hemp is one of the top oils around and their formula is ideal for helping to boost a sense of relaxation for focus and control of normal, daily stresses. The brand has a wide range of products, but their main star product is the Everyday hemp oil that is best for keeping a solid groundwork of overall health and wellness. The company has been featured in the news several times and been on popular websites such as The New York Times and Cosmopolitan.

CW Hemp didn’t share much about their extraction method but according to their recommendations, you can appreciate that they manufacture a wonderful product. Their bottles range from $299.96 down to $39.99, depending on the quantity of the CBD you’re in search of. If you’re on the lookout for an excellent CBD for your daily healthy living, then we recommend CW hemp.

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*Just keep in mind, the reports here haven’t been assessed by the Food and Drug Administration and products such as these aren’t proposed to analyze, remedy, cure or avoid any sickness or diseases.

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Who Is CW Hemp?

CW Hemp is a family run business in Colorado that ships its CBD products all over the US and worldwide. As stated above, the company is many years old and have earned a good name in the CBD market. CW Hemp is an exclusive supplier of the most reliable hemp extract, Charlotte’s Web. The Stanley brothers established the business, formulating the oil, but from that time they have progressed and now selling a wide selection of CBD products such as capsules, creams, topicals, and balms. Regarding their hemp, it’s locally grown in Colorado, U.S.

If you’re living in Colorado, then you can benefit from their effective Charlotte’s Web CBD oil, which is amongst the best and most trustworthy CBD juices. If not, then you’ll have to go for their CW hemp oil which is best for relaxing and overall health.

CW Hemp Features

No need to brag, but CW Hemp is from the brand that stunned the whole world with Charlotte Figi’s story. After experiencing her illness for years and continuous rejection from health doctors, her parents agreed to give CBD oil a try. The results caught them by surprise, and this led to the creation of CW hemp.

With a brand such as CW hemp, you’re sure you’re having the best hemp oil and seeds. While the exact ingredients haven’t been released, we do know that the oil has undergone various strict experimentation before it’s shipped to the customers.

The 300mg of the product is beneficial for mild problems while 1000mg is one of a kind. The CW Hemp’s CBD oil is famous for its excellent level as it combines science and nature. Regarding the cost, like most oils in the market, the CBD oil is on average, especially for the smaller mg bottles. The bigger bottles are pricier and are not for everyone’s budget.

CW Hemp Best Products

CW Hemp is offering the best selections of CBD products for the objective of this review, we’ll be focusing on the 3 most famous.

The CBD oil of CW Hemp is sold in various sizes and costs – they have 50mg per 0.6ml serve which is known as the Everyday Advanced Hemp Oil, 25mg per 1ml serve and 10mg per 1ml serving.

CBD Gummies
CW Hemp also sells many different gummies of all flavors with natural extracts from fruits and vegetables.

CBD Capsules
If you’re not a fan of the oil, or you’re always traveling, you can take the CBD capsules. One bottle contains 30 rations and includes 15mg of the CBD per rations. It’s recommended for adults to take one capsule twice a day.

The topicals of the brand are available in two kinds – the balm and infused cream. The balm is an infused balm that contains 150mg of hemp extract and the cream is unscented and has 750mg of hemp extract. It features a soothing aroma and nourishing botanical mixture.

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CW Hemp Price

CBD Oil price starts from $39 up to $299.
CBD Capsules is sold for $34.99 up to $69.99
CBD Ointment costs $14.99 to $49.99
CBD Gummies is available for $54.99.

CW Hemp Downside

Even with the company and brand like CW Hemp has downsides. The two major factors that could apply improvement in their customer service is customer support and shipping. It’s stated on their official website that CBD products can take 13 days to come to your doorsteps, but in truth, it much longer. Also, they’re not quick at replying to customer queries. If they would improve these aspects, they would dominate the CBD market especially with a company like theirs.

Final Verdict on CW Hemp CBD Oil

We are informed of the fair share of CBD oil; however, CW Hemp is an authority in the hemp market. They live up to the craze and their name and a couple of minor improvements we can see them staying for a long time.

If you’re familiar with CW hemp and are curious in knowing more about the CBD products, go visit their official website. If this is your first time learning about them, then you must do your thorough research as you’re missing the opportunity on these great CBD products. Thus, give CW Hemp a try! It’s worth of investment!

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CW Hemp Quick Summary

Quality 93%
Effectiveness 94%
Benefits 94%
Price 94%
Customer Service 88%
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“The taste of this oil is fantastic. 30 minutes after taking my first ;dose I already felt less anxious”

“A high grade CBD oil. Excellent”

“Worth every penny”

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