Is Diamond CBD A Brand You Can Trust?

Diamond CBD offers a wide selection of products and as of now, they had over 607 various CBD-filled products available on their official website. The diversity available online is a total overkill to consumers like me. However, consumers become a fan of the Diamond CBD “Dabs”, as well as one of their some other exclusive and “exotic” products that you haven’t seen available from any other companies and brand. Some people like the fact that cannabis legend Tommy Chong and ex-NFL star player L.T. Taylor endorses Diamond CBD products. But in the end, people believe that if you’re marketing quality products, sure, it will sell.

And so, let’s get to know more about Diamond CBD and the variety of products they have on the shelves.

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What Do You need to Know About Diamond CBD?

Diamond CBD is the same as other CBD oil makers, they don’t own a physical store where customers can visit and buy products from. But they are being sold in vape shops, marijuana dispensaries, smoke shops around the country and contact beforehand to a local shop to check if they are available, as maybe they don’t own a listing of authorized merchants on their official website.

The main warehouse and Diamond CBD headquarters are situated in Miami, Florida, however, as stated earlier you must order on the website if you need to purchase straight from them. Diamond CBD either sources their raw hemp product from Scandinavia or Colorado, which is an advantage as Scandinavian nations offer some of the highest and strictest characteristics of hemp farming around the world. Also, we know that the richest quality is Colorado hemp.

Diamond CBD also claimed that they are a team of specialists and researchers, but as a consumer, you want to talk with doctors and scientists before considering spending your money.

Diamond CBD Features

The main feature of Diamond CBD is the wide selection of products available. If you’re the type of consumer who likes exploring different options and always trying out all-new products, therefore, you and Diamond CBD are a perfect match.

Some consumers choose companies who are selling 1 to 3 various kinds of CBD products. In this way, they know that the company is giving a lot of time and energy into accomplishing those special products, instead of just manufacturing goods and advertising them as “NEW and IMPROVED!”

Here are the 5 important things that consumers like about Diamond CBD:

Hemp products originate from Scandinavia.
Probably you’re thinking that all CBD products are from the U.S and that they’re all advanced to the other parts of the planet, Scandinavian hemp has the most difficult organic farming standards worldwide. If you purchase CBD products from the Scandinavian hemp, guaranteed that you’ll be investing in pure and premium quality CBD products.

They are selling CBD dabs.
Since CBD dabs contain high potency, they’re not a common product among most manufacturers. When you consume 1,000 mg of Diamond CBD “Crystal Rocks, for sure, you will get stoned heavily. Some use a banger type of dab rig and with a little rock and they experienced their migraine was erased within minutes. Diamond CBD also sells 10,000 mg of Crystal Dab Powder that costs $649.

CBD pet solutions are good.
Diamond CBD has CBD pet products that are better than any other brands out there. Bacon-flavored drops, for example, id the most popular taste available.

Cost accommodates consumers of all spending budget.
Because not all can afford to splurge $120 for a 1oz CBD oil, availability is one important thing that is overlooked in the cannabis market. On the other hand, Diamond CBD sells its products below $10, an advantage for consumers wanting to try for the first time and find out if it will work for them. For example, if they test some cheap gummies and realize it’s useful for them, they will be more interested in buying more potent CBD products.

They offer “CBD Fatty Loose Herbs.”
This might weird, but the reason why “Loose Herbs” is on the list is hey remind you of smoking a tobacco pipe. For sure, you all are thinking that tobacco is the mortal enemy of marijuana, but the truth is some people were enjoying a calming, smooth smoke of tobacco pipe. And now, they can use the pipe again with these medicinal dry CBD herbs which are delicious. This is great and will guarantee to keep some users on reserve. This can be rolled into a CBD joint or burn in bongs or bowls.

A User’s Own Experience with Diamond CBD

One user had a personal experience with Diamond CBD’s Crystal Rock Dabs. Using one small rock, the user was treated and given relief for his migraine for about 6 hours. The alleviation if provided was helpful as migraine attacks are no laughing matter. Even the Ibuprofen was useless and a high level of THC marijuana strains was no effect on the user. He considered buying some more of the brand’s CBD dabs as he’s close to finishing Diamond CBD 1,000mg Crystal Rocks.

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Diamond CBD Products

It would be a long list to include all Diamond CBD products. Thus, we will only share a detailed summary of the main “types” of Diamond CBD Products that are available, analyzing each one thoroughly. Of course, you can browse their website to check and see all 607 CBD-rich products.

Diamond CBD Oils
8 different types of oral CBD oil drops such as a “Blue CBD” isolate oil, two special kinds of CBD “Extreme” Drops, a flavored terpene oil, typical hemp oil, a Diamond CBD Full-Scope and the two signature label CBD oils from Lawrence “L.T.” Taylor (retired NFL star player) and Tommy Chong.

Diamond CBD Edibles
Diamond CBD has a massive variety of CBD edibles such as the five different type of gummies, the CBD “Cake Pops” (like lollipops), two different types of super-strong liquid CBD shots, CBD Lean Shot Syrups and CBD Honey Sticks

Diamond CBD Dabs
This is one of the best products of the brand. They are available in three main types (Crystal Rocks, Crystal Dabs, and Crystal Crumble) as well as seven unique strengths varying from10,000mg down to 250mg.

Diamond CBD Creams
Only a few consumers have used the Diamond CBD topical creams, but it was worth it. These creams are available in two varieties (the popular L.T. Taylor “Pain Master” Cream and Biotech CBD Cream) and three unique strengths (1,000mg, 500mg, 250mg).

Diamond CBD Vapes
There are 9 different types of CBD vape oils like CBD extracts which you can combine to your regular tobacco/nicotine e-juice, pre-filled disposable vaping pens with CBD liquid already in them, strong CBD vape oils for re-usable vaping pens and CBD “Fatty Joints” that burn just like marijuana back in the olden days.

Diamond CBD Grinders
This beautiful dry marijuana grinder is available in four distinct pigments.

Diamond CBD Pets
Just like what the consumer had experienced about this product, he had amazing results using the brand’s CBD pet oils on his Weimaraner. So, he also recommended the product for other dog owners to try. Diamond CBD Pets is sold in two unique types for little, medium-sized and large pups (they have normal oil drops and bacon-flavored). They also have two different kinds that are specially made for a feline.


One of the many excellent things about this brand Diamond CBD is its different set of prices that allow everyone or anyone to be in part of the medicinal CBD market. The following is the general listing of their cost differences around their choices of CBD products:

Diamond CBD Oils prices start from $19.99 up to $219.99

Diamond CBD Dabs costs $29.99 up to $649.99

Diamond CBD Edibles is sold from the price of $7.69 to $169.99

Diamond CBD Vapes retails from $30 up to $279.99

Diamond CBD Creams is available in a price that ranges from $49.99 to $149.99

Diamond CBD Pets prices start from $19.99 up to $39.99

Diamond CBD Grinders is sold at the price of $99.99

The Bottom Line

Diamond CBD is an excellent, premium quality brand of CBD products. The strength and efficiency of their CBD are on point, and for sure, this is a highly recommended product for all CBD consumers.

Customer service plays an important part in business and this is something Diamond CBD should improve on. Customers need real-time support. They don’t like the setup that when they want to call for assistance, an automated voicemail will cater to them. Though, nothing is wrong with this system, sometimes customers more personal customer service like what the minor brands have.

So, as a consumer, would you try buying from Diamond CBD? Yes, absolutely. Is Diamond CBD your exclusive CBD producer? The answer is no. Not unless the brand will give a lifetime source and designate you as a worldwide ambassador.

Give Diamond CBD a try and who knows it’s the brand and products you’re looking for a long time!

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Diamond CBD Quick Summary

Quality 95%
Effectiveness 94%
Benefits 93%
Price 94%
Customer Service 98%
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“The taste of this oil is fantastic. 30 minutes after taking my first ;dose I already felt less anxious”

“A high grade CBD oil. Excellent”

“Worth every penny”

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