Many people ask, does CBD oil expire? The answer is Yes, CBD oil does expire. You determine if it’s going bad by the changes that come with it being old, or you can check the expiration date by the manufacturer. When using CBD oil, it’s not about quantity. A few drops are usually enough at any point in time of usage. Hence it should take a long time to use it up completely. It wouldn’t look like it’s getting used up soon, then, questions pop up; does CBD oil expire? What is the shelf life of CBD oil?

CBD products are still relatively new to many people. Hence the general knowledge of ‘how to’ and ‘how not to’ with the product might be vague. Consequently, it would be beneficial to know the best practices regarding the product. In this article, we would also answer frequently asked questions concerning the CBD product including whether it can expire or not.

CBD products are now widely used worldwide, and anyone who wants to get the best out of their cannabis oil and doesn’t want it to go bad can grasp a thing or two that they would find useful. Meanwhile, talking about being useful, anyone would want to enjoy the immense benefits of CBD oil for as long as possible.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the product would be far from its original quality after a couple of years from first use. But there’s more to know; let’s delve into your most wanted quest perhaps.

How Long Does CBD Oil Last?

Common knowledge is that CBD would last between 14 months and two years. The expiration date is not specific, manufacturers do state, and it also depends on how well kept the product is. Some practices would extend the shelf life and potency of the cannabis extract.

Does Extraction Method Affect Expiry?

The product can be produced by co2 extraction or ethanol, but it is not clear if the extraction method could influence its expiry date. Cannabis oil produced by co2 extraction is deemed purer of the two methods.

Hemp Oil?

Meanwhile, CBD oils are different from hemp oils, and an example is Nature’s Beneficial. It’s known that hemp oil has about the same shelf life as CBD oils. All the necessary precautions you would apply to keep your CBD should work on Hemp oil as well.

Best Way to Store CBD Oil?


‘Store in a cool, dry, and dark place’ you must have seen this on many pharmaceutical drugs. This also applies to your CBD product. Avoiding contact with direct sunlight would help your CBD oil last longer. Direct sunlight would cause the chemical compounds in the cannabis product to break down. Positionally, keep the container of your CBD oil upright every time. Also, humid areas can encourage mold to form.

How to Make CBD Oil Last Longer

Making CBD oil last longer means adhering to the best method to keep it potent. Store in Cool dark places within your space. It doesn’t have to be stored in cold places like a freezer or even a refrigerator; one would still get the desired results. You mustn’t let air get into it often.

Also, The Food and Drug Administration demands that regardless of the CBD product, it’s manufacturers must print the expiration date visibly. This means that you should usually see your CBD oil expiration date whenever you make a purchase.

Extra Tips on How to Keep Your CBD Oil For Longer

You already know that a bottle of CBD oil should last for a maximum of 24 months before it would eventually go bad. Beyond that time, consider tossing the bottle. Meanwhile, we have some tips on how you can stretch the shelf life to a desirable two years. CBD products are precious, and anyone would want to use them for as long as they can.

  • Opening your bottle of CBD oil is inevitable, especially at the point of use. But you should keep air away from your product as much as possible. Oxidation doesn’t help it to have a long shelf life. So you should make your interaction with your tincture’s container very brief; do what you have to do and get it covered tightly again.
  • Keep the original container; this goes in hand with keeping air away from the product. If there’s nothing wrong with the original container, you shouldn’t be transferring the product to another. This will ensure that you keep air away.
  • How to store your CBD products. When you get delivered a new refrigerator, there is an instruction boldly written about keeping it in the right position. CBD products are different, but there is a need to make sure you position them appropriately. So CBD products should be kept in its container vertically. Never place it horizontally.
  • Beware of heat; else CBD oil go bad soon. While you may be sure that the general room temperature in your environment is appropriate, exposure to direct heat sources should be noted too. You should be careful not to store your CBD product beside any hot or warmer objects around.
  • Tinted bottles are suitable for CBD products. Tinted bottles reduce the influx of light to your tincture. Hence they can help keep CBD oil for longer
  • Whatever you are using to serve your CBD products, make sure it’s clean. Hygiene is essential while keeping CBD oil for long. If your spoon or dropper and whatever you may be using is not clean, you could introduce bacteria. This would get the tincture spoilt faster and reduce its shelf life. Don’t dip your spoon twice successively. Once dipped, perhaps sterilize or clean appropriately if you’re going to use it again.


How do You Store CBD Oil?

You can store CBD Oils by keeping them in a cool, dry area. They can last for up to 2years, and how you store them is an essential factor. Don’t forget the temperature too. Your CBD oil won’t last long in a hot environment. It’ll go bad sooner. So make sure it’s cool wherever you would like to put it. And room temperature is okay, something between 60 – 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Long Does CBD Oil Last Once Open?

CBD oil lasts for two years tops once open. However, how you store the oil and how long you keep it open at each point of use is noteworthy. They can affect how long the oil lasts. On the other hand, without proper adherence to best use practices, CBD oil could manage a year of shelf life.

How do You Know if CBD Oil Has Gone Bad?

You can know if your CBD oil has gone bad from its aroma. If you find the smell of CBD oil endearing, that could change the moment it goes bad; and as the aroma changes, so do the flavor. Another aspect to look out for that could signal when your CBD is going bad is its color or visual appearance. Then there’s texture. Usually, CBD oil is smooth; however, it can get thick when it’s becoming worse.

Can Old CBD Oil Make You Sick?

Yes and No. Old CBD oil can make you sick, depending on how old it is. Your CBD oil could be two days old or 3months old, right? And if your CBD oil is either if those ages, you shouldn’t become sick. However, let’s assume the worst, over two years old, which is the max shelf life. At this age, taste must have become different; the liquid should appear cloudy and the texture thicker. But taking your oil, which is in this state in the regular little amounts, might not get you sick. However, it is advisable to get rid of your old CBD oil since there’s hardly any use for taking them. The medicinal power must have been greatly diminished.

Does CBD Oil Need to be Refrigerated?

No. CBD oil does not need to be refrigerated. There’s no significant benefit from putting the product in the refrigerator. If you keep the CBD bottle at the desired room temperature of about 60 – 70 Fahrenheit, it will keep for long enough.


You could visit and explore CBD reviews for a CBD oil with a super long shelf life, but the two-year max shelf life won’t waiver. Experts, however, always place the shelf life typically at 14 months. This means that after 14 months, you might start to see the signs of your CBD oil going bad. But if you keep to all the best storage practices, you might get as much as two years of shelf life from your CBD oil products.