Elixinol CBD Review – Features, Benefits, Products, and Costs

It’s not difficult to create a solid CBD oil review without talking about Elixinol. This brand was already around even before the world knew what CBD oil was and before it also became a hot topic worldwide. Established by Paul Benhaim who played a vital part in the CBD industry. Elixinol is an Australian-based CBD brand but they ship worldwide. They have delivery centers placed all over and they even have on in Colorado. When it comes to their CBD oil, it is a cut above the rest. It’s perfect for several medical disorders and the extraction process is top of the line. Thus, it’s hard to see that they’re not, given that they have been in the business of 20 years.

Like most CBD brands and companies, they are offering a wide selection of products ranging from oils, capsules, balms, hemp seeds, and even protein powder. Super sourcing is one of the best advantages of Elixinol. Paul Benhaim has spent most of his life scouring for some of the most premium quality hemp seeds around the world such as Germany, USA, Poland, England, New Zealand, France, Canada, Hungary, Czech Republic, Australia, Thailand, Spain, Slovenia, Italy, China, Lithuania, India, and Korea. Also, because of their range, they only draw out from the best.

We’ll discuss more information about their CBD products below, but as regards to customer satisfaction, we’re amazed, and we are continuously reading great reviews about the brand. About the cost, their CBD mixtures prices range from $39 up to $249, depending on the CBD amount you want to avail. If you’re looking to purchase from a high-quality brand that stands out at manufacturing CBD products, then check out Elixinol.

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Who Are They?

As we stated above, Elixinol is a master in the CBD industry. Elixinol has two major headquarters, Australia and Colorado, but we know that they have also delivery centers in Europe, which allows them to supply their medication to the European market.

Unlike other brands in the industry of CBD, Elixinol was developed from scratch. In 1991, Elixinol started manufacturing hemp-based goodies and the ‘9bar’ snack bar became amongst their best sellers in that period. Ever since Elixinol has progressed at an exponential rate and has established itself as one of the most reputable and trustworthy CBD companies. Also, they have been nominated as one of the top brands for 2017.

Numerous things are going for Elixinol, but the one the stood out the most about them is their dedication to the industry. Elixinol is always featured on news and host charity events to help people in need. The company is here to help, no doubt.

Elixinol Features

With the many benefits that Elixinol can offer to the consumers, below are the ones that excel:

Elixinol is determined about giving high-quality product, they offer their customers a batch and lot number for every CBD product. This enables them to monitor the product and the source just in case of recall on the product. Also, they publish COA of certificates of analysis for all goodies on their products page.

Superior Sourcing
Elixinol not only grow hemp to be extracted and sold, but they source the hemp to get the best quality. They have growing plantations everywhere. They work with seed growers, breeders, harvesters, suppliers, cleaners, manufacturers, major processors, laboratories, and quality control personnel.

The prices of Elixinol is one of the reasons why consumers love the company. They are within everybody’s means. They are not low quality animated, but their CBD is worth an investment.

Pharmaceutical-Grade Testing
As you know, the CBD industry isn’t regulated yet and thus, it’s hard to examine the quality of the products. They understand that and so before they deliver, all products undergone individual strict testing. Elixinol uses state-of-the-art HPLC equipment to verify the results, which enables them to notice microbiological contamination, pesticides, and heavy metals.

User Experience
We tested their CBD product. We used for a couple of months and had no complaints. The products were delivered to the doorsteps on time and the flavor is good. It was effective in treating anxiety and helped ease pain and discomfort. Elixinol is a perfect and inexpensive choice for those individuals suffering from acute disorders.

Elixinol Products
Elixinol provides a wide range of products but for this review, we will only concentrate on their best sellers. If you want to know more about their CBD products, go visit their official website.

Capsules: Not everyone is a fan of the flavor and thus, you take the same formula in the form of CBD capsules. These CBD bottles are sold in two sizes, 900mg and 450mg. When it comes to 900mg, it contains 60 CBD capsules per one bottle and each capsule is 15mg CBD and contains hemp oil of 375mg.

Topical Balm: This is one of the prides of Elixinol, the Lip Balm and hemp Balm. Both are excellent for many uses and don’t let the cream discourage you. They’re very beneficial. The Hemp Balm is a whole-based plant CBD extract and not an isolate.
Tinctures: The tinctures of Elixinol is available in all shapes and size ranging from 300mg to 5000mg. The most common product is the 3600mg CBD which is filled with excellence and nutrition.

Liposomes: These are cool and unique CBD products. The Liposome is a spray-based CBD juice which has 1oz or 30ml.1.5mg CBD bioavailable per serving with 60 servings. That is about 100mg bottle and other sizes have more. They are sold these in 1000mg, 300mg, and 100mg.

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Elixinol Costs

Oil costs $29 up to $249.
Capsules are sold in $44.99 up to $79.99.
Balms prices range from $7.99 up to $29.99.
Liposomes are sold in $34.99 up to $129.99.

The Bottom Line

Elixinol is a frontrunner in the CBD industry and once you try the products you’ll know why. They’re not only CBD breeder and manufacturer but also a huge player in the CBD market. Elixinol is always offering freebies and helping the community to show how beneficial CBD is to the medical industry. Elixinol oil is the best and it’s available in all forms and sizes. Elixinol is for everyone!

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Elixinol Quick Summary

Quality 98%
Effectiveness 95%
Benefits 95%
Price 93%
Customer Service 91%
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“The taste of this oil is fantastic. 30 minutes after taking my first ;dose I already felt less anxious”

“A high grade CBD oil. Excellent”

“Worth every penny”

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