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It is complicated to find out anything for CBD in today’s market like CBD vape liquids or CBD oil. As there are various types of methods were available to consume any type of cannabinoid. And CBD market is growing day by day by developing new and amazing methods of administering CBD. Empire Wellness provides a wide variety of CBD products such as CBD hemp flowers.

If you are in search of high-CBD low-THC hemp buds then to buy from the Empire, Wellness flowers is a perfect choice for you. CBD can give you a solution of relief with many problems such as stress, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. As it is a natural product that works with the body’s endocannabinoid system, and it is capable enough to alleviate your symptoms. These things make the Empire wellness as one of the topmost sellers of quality CBD products on the market.

Who is Empire Wellness?

Well, Empire Wellness is a CBD company, and they started the company from their birthplace in the USA, the big state of Colorado. They create the best products by working closely with scientists, farmers, and doctors to ensure it’s customers get pure CBD, which is such a great thing any company should do!

Empire wellness produces all types of hemp products, and they go through various tests before providing any products on the market. All these things make them able to sell the standard options of CBD oil and other important products. Other products such as CBD flowers, CBD relaxation syrup, CBD isolate, and many such products are also offered by the Empire Wellness company.

The Empire Wellness company is known for serving high-quality products, natural products, and a healthy product. As we know that some companies compromise with the qualities by using harsh chemical compounds, but Empire Wellness never compromise, which makes them better. As the Empire Wellness believes in creating a world-class CBD, that’s why they are working on it by using the richest form of Colorado, terpenes, and extracted CBD. Also, they are working day by day to serve the best quality products as fast as possible without compromising with the quality.

CBD Highlights – Empire Wellness

The main focus of Empire Wellness CBD is to produce high-quality CBD products that give patients a safe, prescription medications and most effective alternative to overcome the problems.

Here is a list of few things you should love to know about Empire Wellness CBD.

  • Exciting Range of products:- They work with understanding the requirements or desire of their customers. As they provide the best range of various products which gives a unique way to administer CBD. And they are looking to expand in various areas such as smoke shops, health food stores, vape shops, vets, dispensaries and in many more medical facilities.
  • Compliant and Secure:- They always make sure that their all products were processed in compliance internationally and domestically. And believes in serving the safe, healthy, and best quality products.
  • Pure and powerful products:- All products are created using 99% CBD to ensure that the dosage is used as per the requirements and the substance retains its potency.
  • THC free:- The terpene and CBD product that they design is THC-free, natural, non-psychoactive, and non-toxic. Those who are looking for THC content free products can use the products sold by Empire Wellness.

Empire Wellness CBD Products

  • CBD Hemp Flower:- As they offer a fewer variety of hemp flower, Green gum, Frostbite, Lemon drop, Narnia, Fiona, and Grape juice. Empire Wellness also sells a CBD flower.
  • CBD Oil:- They sell CBD tinctures in four variations, and they offer CBD isolate options. Approximately in strengths of 150 mg and 700 mg, and they also offer an option of a full-spectrum in strengths of 500 mg and 1500 mg.
  • CBD Relaxation Syrup:- Empire Wellness sells this syrup in two flavors such as Cherry and Grape. And it comes in a 4 oz bottle that contains 100 mg CBD.
  • CBD Crystal Isolates:- The terpene-infused pure 99% CBD crystal isolate is one of the most popular products. Empire Wellness also sells a version of without terpenes. And 1 gram of pure CBD is contained by each container.
  • Terpenes:- The high-grade cannabis-derived terpenes were sold for the first time from Empire Wellness, which is a big achievement. And also to offer affordable, and strain-specific terpenes are not possible for all company. Currently, they have many cannabis-derived terpenes available such as Pineapple Express, Blue Dream, Lemon Haze, and many more.
  • Line Resin Wax:- It is a collection of terpenes, cannabinoids, and fatty acids. And it contains around 550 mg of CBD.
  • CBD Gummies:- They sell two types of gummies, one is Blueberry flavored gummies, and another one is Big Bear gummies. And it is pesticide-free or non-GMO.

CBD costs of Empire Wellness

CBD Hemp flower:- So the costs on which all the hemp flower products are sold it is around $8 for Frost Bite, Green gum, and Narnia. While $15 for Grape Juice, Lemon Drop and Fiona. And they sell pre-rolls for $12.

CBD Oil:- As per the current statistics the 150 mg tincture retails for $35, 1500 mg for $170, 700 mg for $85, and 500 mg for $60.

CBD Relaxation Syrup:- They sell both flavors syrup at just $45.

CBD Crystal Isolates:- Empire Wellness sells 1 gram CBD isolate retails at around $50, and they charge $560 for 14 grams, $980 for 28 grams.

CBD Gummies:- They charge $15 for all gummies.

Empire Wellness CBD Oil Review

They sell CBD tinctures, which is made using 99% Crystal Isolate CBD oil. Empire Wellness charge two packed 10 ml bottles; one is of 500mg for $35, and another one is 1500 mg of cannabinoids for $170. They maintain the quality of the product, as their oil doesn’t contain any pesticides, and it is non-GMO.

And it also contains coconut oil to process the CBD through the body. As per there charges, they cost $35 for 150 mg and $85 for 700 mg for 99% Crystal Isolate. And the main benefits of using this product is it doesn’t contain nasty chemicals, and it comes with a strong tincture than the full spectrum oil. At last, it also includes coconut MCT oil.

Empire Wellness Live Resin Wax Review

Well, it is the most widely used or well-known product of Empire Wellness. It includes CBD, fatty acids, and terpenes from the hemp plant.

They offer it in three sizes:-

  • $70 for 1 Gram
  • $455 for 7 Grams
  • $840 for 14 Grams

And they program many sales were you can get a benefit to save $35 on 7 grams or $140 on 14 grams. Each gram contains around 550 mg of hemp CBD. And it’s easy to use as it melts very easily and you can feel the potency will applying it or using it as a tincture.

How to purchase Empire Wellness Products?

First, you need to go on the official page of Empire Wellness Product after reaching the page you will see some exciting products like expenses extracts from various strains with Green Crack and Pineapple Express. They mail to all prior 50 states about the products, and all orders are processed within 72 hours of your booking. They also ship internationally at a charge rate of around $35.

Empire Wellness Gummies & Relaxation Syrup review

Well, Empire Wellness is the only most popular company which offer standard CBD gummies which comes in two flavors. One is Blueberry Flavored gummies another one is Big bear gummies. These products come with a total of around 150 mg, which is a nice dose of sugar for a day.

And their main product is CBD Relaxation syrup with each 4 oz jug of syrup which looks like old jars of painkillers. And it’s each bite contains around 100 mg of CBD which is made from 99% CBD Crystal Isolate. It can be mixed easily with soda, water or teas to make your drink more relaxing, that’s a calming solution of CBD.

Empire Wellness Product Prices

  • Empire Wellness Oil Crystal Isolate, $35 for 150 mg
  • Empire Wellness Oil Crystal Isolate, $85 for 700 mg
  • Empire Wellness Relaxation Syrup charges around $45
  • Empire Wellness Isolates, $50 for 1 gram
  • Empire Wellness Isolates $350 for 7 grams
  • Empire Wellness Oil Full Spectrum Oil, $60 for 500 mg
  • Empire Wellness Oil Full Spectrum Oil, $170 for 1500 mg
  • Empire Wellness Hemp Flowers charges around $8-$15
  • Empire Wellness CBD Gummies, Big Bear charges around $15
  • Empire Wellness CBD Blueberry Gummies charges around $15

So all these are the products charge offered by the Empire Wellness.


Empire Wellness is the topmost CBD retailer with having great ideas of making CBD Oil or CBD e-liquids. The most widely used product of Empire Wellness is their CBD Relaxation Syrup, which is used to feel calm and enlightened, which is pure with no nasty chemicals in it.

Empire wellness review always makes sure that the people can get exactly what they want. There is only one small problem is with their lab reports as they are not consistent in that work. And they are available upon request when you have any doubt regarding the products you can ask them, and their executive will get back to you with an effective solution.

Empire Wellness Quick Summary

Quality 98%
Effectiveness 98%
Benefits 96%
Price 95%
Customer Service 96%
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“The CBD Flower pre-roll is fantastic. It’s worked wonders for my anxiety and really puts my mind at ease.”

“The quality of these products is superb. I've been a toker all my adult life and I can't imagine that there's a better quality product from any other brand. Love the calming effects.”

“Empire wellness offers some wonderful products. I eventually found this product after suffering from depression for a while, and I can honestly say that I haven’t felt so good in a while.”

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