Pain, stress, tension, and anxiety are all things that nobody ever likes to live with. Add to that any other physical ailment and malaise, of course. Now, there are many different ways to help ease all of the above problems. Some people can go on a medication cocktail to ease their health troubles and discomfort. Others may seek more holistic methods alongside lifestyle changes. But if you don’t want to go on some sort of a pill cocktail, or if you want to ease symptoms alongside your other medications, you can, of course, opt for CBD oil. There are so many companies out there that make CBD and Hemp related products, and Empire Wellness is certainly just one of them. And with so much competition out there, how do you know whether Empire Wellness products are the right ones for you? How do you know if you’re going to like the quality of Empire Wellness CBD? How do you even know if their pure CBD quality is good?

In today’s CBD oil review, we are going to take a deep dive into the world of Empire Wellness. We’ll check out their CBD products to see if they’re worth trying or if you would be better off trying other brands instead.

So let’s get started right away, shall we?

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A Brand Story: Empire Wellness

The first thing people tend to know about Empire Wellness is that they offer high-quality CBD products. This company specializes in creating many a product to help people improve their health, both physical and mental. What is even better is that Empire Wellness makes sure to work with experts. They use the services of expert farmers as well as technicians to make sure their customers get only the best from them. If purity and potency is the question, you’ll be happy to know that Empire Wellness offers only the best. This is because Empire Wellness makes sure to offer 99% concentrate CBD. This guarantees quality, especially since the company uses pure CBD with specific terpenes.

Not much more is known about the company, unfortunately. However, if you want to get more information about them and find out what other people have experienced when purchasing from this company, you can always take a look at reviews. Feedback is available online from people who have purchased from Empire Wellness in the past so you can find out more about Empire Wellness CBD products. They do have quite a variety of products to choose from, and they use only pure hemp and CBD with terpenes.

While we can’t say much about the company, we can certainly say that their products have excellent quality.

Empire Wellness CBD Oil and Product Offerings

As we have mentioned, Empire Wellness product offerings are quite many. Here are some of the things you can expect from this company.

Empire Wellness CBD Crystal Isolate – The first product is a crystal isolate that is infused with terpenes. However, if you prefer your product purchase to have no terpenes, the option is certainly available! This way, you can get whichever type you like – totally at your convenience. You get 1 gram of 99% pure isolate that has no trans fat, no corn syrup, no GMOs, and no artificial additives.

CBD Hemp Flowers – Another thing you can purchase from Empire Wellness is hemp flowers. Hemp flowers are pretty much like cannabis and can be smoked – but it is completely legal as it contains practically no THC. Thus, it can pretty much be shipped to all 50 states. Empire Wellness hemp flowers are all harvested manually. Yes, by hand. The product is also dried naturally before it is finally processed. If you are interested in smoking and getting the benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects, this is certainly something to try.

Live Resin Wax – Purchasing live resin wax gives you a product absolutely full of terpenes and even full-spectrum cannabinoids. The product is lab-tested and is of course, rather highly concentrated.

Empire Wellness CBD Oil

One of the most popular Empire Wellness products is their CBD oil. Many people like it – just check out the reviews and feedback available online on this product. They have four different variants of CBD oil, so you can choose the one you like. They have bottles in 150mg, 500 mg, 700mg, and of course, 1500mg. The varying concentrations of the CBD make it possible for you to pick the right Empire Wellness oil to purchase and use depending on your needs.

Other Empire Wellness CBD Products

Of course, there are other products available from this company. If you are wondering what other Empire Wellness CBD products are there to purchase, here’s your answer. Empire Wellness offers CBD gummies – in case you struggle with smoking or tolerating tinctures for taste. Gummies are incredibly easy to use. They’re also fantastic if you are trying to give CBD to a let’s say a child if they need some help from the natural wonders of CBD.

You can also purchase CBD relaxation syrup and even some terpenes if you need them.

Additional Information About Empire Wellness

If you’re wondering more about Empire Wellness, you can find out more by checking out their official website. There, you have the company’s about us page to learn more about the company.

Another additional note is that Empire Wellness has made sure to include a pretty detailed frequently asked questions page. In that page, they’ve included questions such as:

  • What’s CBD?
  • How does CBD work?
  • What’s entourage effect, exactly?
  • Is there THC in CBD? What is THC?
  • What’re terpenes?
  • Do you need a doctor’s prescription?
  • Are Empire Wellness products lab tested?
  • What’s the difference between cannabis/marijuana and hemp?
  • Is CBD legal?
  • What’s the difference between hemp CBD and cannabis CBD?

Many more questions are available there, so do check the frequently asked questions page out.

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CBD Oil Can Be Life-Changing

It’s completely understandable why so many people have started looking into CBD as a means of improving their lives. As a substance, it does so much – and with barely ever any negative side effects. The best part is, it’s completely affordable and can be purchased from almost anywhere. Accessibility certainly does make a difference as CBD can be ordered online and can even be delivered straight to your doorstep.

This oil has helped so many people with fighting off the side effects of chemotherapy. Depending on its concentration, it’s also been really helpful to people who constantly have to live with pain. Those with anxiety or even just people who live under a lot of stress have enjoyed the many different benefits of CBD.

If you struggle with pain, anxiety, or things of the sort, then we can certainly recommend that you give cannabinoids a try. The best part, of course, is that there are many different ways in which cannabinoids are made available. Which of course means you can find the right product for you – if oils and tinctures are easier, then good. But if you prefer to smoke it, or if you’d rather have it in gummy form, you most certainly can.

Final Thoughts

Quality is never in question when we talk about Empire Wellness and its offerings. Each of their listings has all been lab tested for purity, potency, and of course, effectiveness. And so, if you want to fight off your health ailments, or even if you just want to help ease your minds, you can certainly give this brand a good try.

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Empire Wellness Quick Summary

Quality 98%
Effectiveness 98%
Benefits 96%
Price 95%
Customer Service 96%
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“The CBD Flower pre-roll is fantastic. It’s worked wonders for my anxiety and really puts my mind at ease.”

“The quality of these products is superb. I've been a toker all my adult life and I can't imagine that there's a better quality product from any other brand. Love the calming effects.”

“Empire wellness offers some wonderful products. I eventually found this product after suffering from depression for a while, and I can honestly say that I haven’t felt so good in a while.”

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by Leny R. on Empire Wellness
Helps me big with my chemo!

Ive been in chemo battling with cervical cancer. I tell you its not easy but the CBD oil helped me a lot in this battle. Thank you Empire Wellness!

by Karen b on Empire Wellness
Worth the penny!

i get to have severe back pain for the past 3 years now and my friend recommended your product. I was impressed! Im glad i tried it

by Uhel l on Empire Wellness
Helped a lot with my anxiety

The cbd oil helped a lot with my anxiety.