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With the world getting to know of the benefits of Cannabis, there is no denying of the fact that CBD is now a booming industry. This is manifested by the existence of a lot of brands out there trying to make it to this unregulated billion-dollar sector.

Even with the high demand for the usage of CBD, users are still demanding high-quality premium cannabis product variants despite having lots of brands to choose from in the CBD industry. If you are a cannabis connoisseur, you’ll know if you are smoking good pot. If you want to get high good, it only makes sense to get your dose of goodness from reputable brands such as FlavRX.

When talking about high-quality CBD products, there is definitely one particular brand that’s been the talk of the town. In this section, get to know more about this brand that will definitely get you high with good vibes with its great array of products.

Get lifted on-the-go with FlavRX.

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What’s Good with FlavRX?

Before we go down to business, let’s do some update from this promising brand. For those who’s been under the rocks these days, FlavRX has done some rebranding. In case you didn’t know, this company officially rebranded itself as Flav. Whatever reason it has for rebranding, it’s a good thing that this holy grail dope product is still out serving premium cannabis experience.

When it comes to innovation in cannabis science, FlavRX (now Flav), has been known for its extensive array of CBD product line that proves that the brand is not exclusively for medical marijuana patients but for everyone seeking for CBD products that promise only premium quality cannabis experience. It claims to have its products made from “all-natural purified cannabinoids infused with unique terpene blends” to create an impressive line of cannabis products.

By how it presented its brand to the market, with Flav making bold moves in extending their reach to more states who hopped on the bandwagon of legalizing marijuana, we can tell that this brand is nothing but serious in this biz bringing a lot more cannabis products to a lot more states than any other existing CBD brands in the market.

This dope brand has been followed by cannabis devotees in states like Arizona, California, Washington, Oregon, Michigan, Nevada as well as in Florida and Hawaii.

A Must-Try Line of Flavs Premium CBD Products

What makes Flav a successful brand is not only because of its premium quality products that create appeal to their consumers but as well as their incredible line of products.

Flav literally has a wide range of products to offer which not only includes the usual THC and CBD products such as edibles, vape pens, and cartridges, concentrates, and oils but as well as goods including CBD infused bath and body products, beverages, even chocolates and candies and more.

Their line of products is massive which aim to cater to consumers in all their needs.

Here are some incredible products that you can try:

1. Flav CBD Unwind Bath Bomb

This bath bomb will have you feeling moisturized, perfectly relaxed and scented all over. Unwind and enjoy a relaxing spa-like treatment infused with lavender, essential oils, and premium organic cannabidiol.

2. Beverages (Flav Lemonade)

A delicious blend of lemonade infused with premium CBD for a thirst-quenching, Vitamin-C rich goodness perfect for summer.

3. Candy (Flav Fruit Belts)

These are sugarcoated belts bursting with fruit flavors and infused with premium cannabis. Per belt contains 10mg THC. These belts are available in green apple, blueberry, pink lemonade, rainbow, strawberry and many more.

4. Flav CBD E-sticks (Banana Flavor)

Made from ultra-refined organic cannabidiol hemp oil added with a tropical taste of banana for a premium vaping experience. This product is available in 13 calming flavors that you can easily enjoy due to its fast effect.

5. Premium Disposable Cartridge (Banana Kush and Blackberry)

Contains up to 75% THC. A Pre-filled glass cartridge made from all-natural, ultra-refined cannabis oil. Available in Banana Kush and Blackberry flavor.

6. Flav Cannabis Flower

Indica-dominant Hybrid cultivated by master growers. The Flav premium flower is cultivated to be collected in maximum genetic potential for a unique and premium cannabis experience.

7. Flav Asian OG Pre-roll

This premium rolled cone is a great choice for everyone who desires to enjoy the effects of an indica-dominant hybrid should purchase. Enjoy the earthiness, pine and lemon flavor undertones it has at every stick.

8. Flav Glookie Budder

The Flav Budder is specially formulated to preserve the quality of terpene and THC which provide a perfect frosting-like consistency that is flavor-rich and not dry. It has an undertone aroma of pine and chocolates.

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Is Flav worth your money?

Definitely. When it comes to quality, Flava, formerly FlavaRX, definitely surpasses expectations. Its success does not only came from the consistently high-quality products that they offer but as well as to the impressive unique product line that they have in which they sell almost anything. This allows all types of cannabis users to enjoy it in a lot of ways possible.


Wide Range of products
Easy access to products if you reside in the state where weed is legal
Potent disposable joints and sticks


Products are not readily accessible outside the states it is allowed
Not all oils are as potent as expected due to different product type variations

Perhaps the challenge this company has is access to their products. Although their products are distributed in about 8 states, other people who lived outside the allowed states will have to look for other ways to get their hands onto the products.

With more and more cannabis companies springing up in the market today, Flav still stands out from the rest. With tons of product options to choose from, surely there is definitely something for everyone. Whether you use it for medical or recreational purposes, Flav is definitely a company worthy of your trust!

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FlavRX Quick Summary

Quality 91%
Safety 92%
Effectiveness 93%
Satisfaction 94%
Price 95%
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“Best CBD oil for pain relief.”

“I like this brand specifically because they do not add any unusual ingredients that makes me question what I am taking.”

“Great product and very affordable price.”

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