The Funky Farms is a brand in the vast market of hemp and CBD. They have expertise in producing various significant and useful CBD by-products.

The Funky Farms offers an extensive list of products, and they originate CBD goods in diverse forms. Whether you like gummies or you are comfortable with the tincture, you will get each and every option in Funky farm. The website has all the information for the customers. Here we are going to discuss several aspects of the Funky Farms brand in this article.

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Funky Farms: Overview

Funky Farms is a hemp and CBD manufacturing brand which is famous for its wide variety in their items. After the extraction from the cannabis Sativa plant, hemp oil can be formulated with different additives to give it extra flavors and forms. A few years ago also, cannabinoids were available in the form of oil only, but this company showed the path that hemp could be processed in the rare kind of gummies, juices, capsules also.

The flavor of the items is the ultimate attractive feature of this brand. You may also acquire the merchandises as per your strength requirement. The items can be ordered online so that you can get them at your doorstep. You can also get exclusive discounts on buying the first product. The Funky Farms can meet the ultimate requirement of your CBD demand by their list of extensive products.

Products of Funky Farms

As we have discussed earlier, this company has a broad list of the items available. You can log on to their website to have a detailed look.


It is more like a jelly candy. Gummies are available in three amazing savors- watermelon, grape, and tropical fruit. It is a perfect alternative for users who do not like the taste of CBD at all. All the packets of CBD gummies are in 50-milligram power. The flavors are naturally imparted so that it will not diminish the nutrient level of the raw ingredient.

Vape juice

It is also a flavored item offered by Funky Farm. Vape juices are very alike to the hemp oils. The only difference is that it is taken by vaping. The three flavors of vape juices are- Peach Tangie, Blueberry Gelato, And Apple Jack Pear. You can enjoy these fantastic flavors with your breath when inhaled.


These e-liquids are contained with 3-4% CBD content along with a good relish. The bottles are of 250 milligrams to 2000 milligrams strength normally and are fitted with a dropper on the top. Tinctures of Funky Farms are available in icy, orange and lemon savors.

Gel capsules

It is the latest addition to the list and is very effective for the novice CBD consumers. It is available in the pack of power 1500 milligram. You should not bother about the flavor as it is a capsule. Gel capsules are the current best seller product of Funky Farm.

Drink packs

Drink packs are loaded with vitamin C, hemp extracts, and multiple nutrients. It is more likely a dietary supplement. Health consciousness folks can take it on a regular basis. Berry mix and Citrus Blend are the two savors that you can avail under drink packs.


CBD cartridges are blended with MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) and terpene oil so that you can get the extra benefits of these two along with the hemp extract. It is available in a pack of 9 each powered with 350 milligrams of CBD portion. Various flavors like chocolate, lemon, watermelon are accessible. This pocket-friendly Funky Farms product can surely meet your CBD demand.

Daily dose

If you are practiced of taking hemp supplements without any proper consultation, then daily dose packs are the ultimate option for you. You have to take this one pouch per day. Multiple tangs are available to delight your tongue. This cost-effective component of Funky Farms has a huge demand among amateur CBD consumers.

As a subsidiary unit, you can also get the Funky Farms t-shirt at an affordable price on their website. All the items of this brand can be ordered online, and you can pay by using an online option.

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Special features

Funky Farms has countless notable features that will not fail to surprise you certainly. The fantabulous features of this brand are-

  • 100% money-back assurance- If any of the product of Funky Farms fails to provide you the declared result, then they have a money-back scheme which will benefit you a lot.
  • Laboratory tested result- It is definitely an outstanding initiative by the company to gain the trust of the clients. Every single product of Funky Farms has a laboratory test result sheet attached to it. It states every detail about the chemical composition of the particular item. They have each of their goods laboratories tested. Then only the item can enter the market. It surely enhances the brand value of the organization.
  • Free shipping- You can buy all the products of Funky Farms form their website. They offer free shipping on every order that you place.
  • Excellent customer support- Funky Farms has 24/7 online customer care service so that you can be assisted round the clock. The customer care operatives have a solution for all of your issues related to their items.
  • Easy online payment- Funky Farms has an easy payment option. As the products are to be bought online, the payment can also be made in online mode. All the premium credit and debit cards can be used for the payment.
  • Special discount- Funky Farms offers a superb discount offer to the noble servicemen of the society such as military, teachers, and students. They can obtain an online code available from the website to avail the discount.

Advantages of using Funky Farms products

Whether you are a long-time user of hemp or you may be a neophyte, Funky Farms can give you the proper solution as per your requirement. The advantages of Funky Farms items are numerous.

Proper CBD proportion– Funky Farms used to quantify the CBD content in their products perfectly. As the cartridges need more amount of CBD extract, but the tincture and daily dose only require 3-4% of the raw ingredient. Funky Farms has expertise in this field so that the measurement of constituents is flawless.

No THC present– THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is a cannabinoid mostly known as a botanical drug which has psychoactive properties. So even a minimal amount of THC content in your intake can make you high. No any product of this company contains THC. Thus you can take these items without any slightest hesitation about being stoned.

Additional ingredients– Sometimes, the e-liquids require other subsidiary constituents along with the raw hemp extract to serve the desired purpose. In some CBD goods, fatty acids, terpene, and MCT oils are included. These add-ons increase the nutrition value of the product effectively.

Various fantastic flavors– Flavor is one of the most terrific traits of Funky Farms. Many of the users do not like the raw taste of the hemp, so the brand has originated flavored items for them so that everyone can avail the benefit of CBD. All the goods of Funky Farms are available in different mouth-watering flavors.

These advantages are a beneficial guide when you are searching for the perfect CBD product for you. Funky Farms always assures the quality of their goods so that the consumers can be highly benefitted.

Disadvantages of Funky Farms products

Every good thing on this earth surely has some drawbacks. Similarly, the items of Funky Farms have some negligible negative sides. Here we would like to put the light on those traits.

Growing addiction– Consumption of any CBD or hemp unit leaves a faint possibility of being addictive to it. The addiction can grow if you take the supplements on a regular basis without any proper consultation. So it is desirable to consult a medical specialist before you start to use the products.

Not to consume under pregnancy– Utilization of the Funky Farms products under pregnancy may bring various problems to the mother as well as the child. So the company forbids to use it under pregnancy. A disclaimer considering the above concern is kept posted on their website.

Unsatisfactory flavors– In spite of having a fabulous effect on most of the clients, the flavor of the Funky Farms items are not liked by some consumers. Many of them like the raw savor of hemp. So they have negative feedback about the products.

All the disadvantages of Funky Farms are not so severe to harm you. You can undoubtedly use these items taking the necessary protective measures.

Considering all the above characteristics, we can say that Funky Farms is the best CBD goods manufacturing establishment in the market. Here you can have all the products meeting your requirement perfectly.

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Funky Farms Quick Summary

Quality 10/10
Safety 9/10
Effectiveness 10/10
Satisfaction 10/10
Price 9/10
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“Best CBD oil for pain relief.”

“I like this brand specifically because they do not add any unusual ingredients that makes me question what I am taking.”

“Great product and very affordable price.”

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