Glo CBD is the first-ever company in the CBD market to introduce a chewable tablet. Their unique formula assures to provide the consumers with a discreet and safe-to-consume product that comes with a lot of benefits.

It was just last year, October 25, 2018, when Glo CBD had announced that they would be launching their new product: Glotabs, the first CBD chewable tablet introduced in the market. In this review, we will take a closer look at the brand and its product that everyone seems to be raving about.

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Who is Glo CBD?

Glo CBD was founded in Albuquerque; with a passion and a deep intention to heal. Their products are found to be extremely clean and produced in an FDA-approved pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. This company goes beyond what is considered the standard of companies that produce CBD products for a fairly large marketplace.

Matt Kennicott, Chief Communications Officer, stated that the company is determined to work hard to provide the consumers with the same information that they see about their products. What you see is what you get. That is why numerous lab tests are conducted on each batch and results are posted on the company’s website to be able to provide the consumers with the product’s transparency and truthfulness.

On the other hand, Glo CBD takes the quality of their product in all seriousness. Considering the manufacturing area is within an FDA-inspected facility, it will ensure that what you take is of quality and at an exact dose since every step of the process is controlled tightly. The company does not waste any time when taking into consideration the health of its consumers since they use third-party testing to assure that the components used are clean and ready to consume.

To get your daily dose of CBD in an easier way, CBD tablets are your go-to supplements. A few years back, CBD oil was the talk in the market but when CBD capsules came into the picture to steal the spotlight, it has gained more attention over the last few months.

A product that is highly in-demand by a number of high-performance athletes because it contains only clean and natural ingredients. With Glo CBD, you can be sure you are getting the highest quality CBD products available in the market.


As of now, Glo CBD sells only one product – a 10 mg CBD chewable tablet with an elderberry flavor. Each bottle contains 30 tablets which are purely made from CBD isolate that is extracted from hemp and imported from Europe. It also contains other active ingredients such as natural elderberry flavoring, MCT oil, and stevia. With the product containing MCT oils, it is understood that the tablets are easy to absorb by the body.

Free same-day shipping of Glotabs is also available within the United States.

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More to Glo CBD

Since Glo CBD had introduced the first chewable CBD tablet in the market, we can all surely agree that this innovative brand is determined to provide the consumers with a very convenient and more effective way to use CBD.

  • It is easy to dose. When it comes to the amount of dosing, the company makes sure and elaborates on the idea that consistency is the key. Each of the tablets contain at least 10 mg of CBD. The content uniformity is tested in each batch of tablets to make sure that what they say or describe in the Glotab is what it actually contains. No need for second-guessing.
  • It is lab-formulated. All the products are well formulated and produced in an FDA regulated facility under the 210/211 compliant. This essentially proves that all the chewables are produced to be in great quality state and are the finest products in the market.
  • There are also 63 numerous tests conducted. Being the lead in a fairly large and unregulated CBD industry, Glo CBD has not yet cut any corners. They run multiple tests for everything – from spores and molds, up to heavy metals and other potential toxins that can be harmful to the body. To be able to see the test results of the product, you can easily scan the QR code provided on the product bottle.
  • It is also stable. Unlike any other capsule, tincture, or other forms of CBD that demotes with heat and time, these Glo tablets are known to be highly stable. This can assure you that there is consistency and better experience upon using the product every time you consume it.
  • Lastly, it is discreet. The tablet is made to look like vitamins or breath mints, so you don’t need to consciously deal with the lingering and judgmental looks from other people. There is no need for special devices like droppers or batteries – which makes this product more convenient to use and to consume.

Glo CBD Price

The Glo CBD chewable tablets will cost you about $49.99 for a bottle of 30 tablets. Currently, there are no other products yet sold by Glo CBD.

The Verdict

Despite the great feedbacks, there is always something that could be done in order to improve the product, which Glo CBD seems to be constantly working on. Their website does not have much information about the company, it’s founder, and its background. Despite the lack of information provided on its website, Glo CBD is a great company that produces high-quality products.

It is essential to have a complete and concise website to give the customers a better insight on the brand and its products. Thus, Glo CBD can still improve in this specific area.

To be fair, Glo CBD is still a new brand in the CBD market, and their product line is still limited. But, they have introduced a product that is now making waves in the CBD industry, being the first in the market. This means they have great potential for expansion and market reach since they are able to provide a product that is necessary and beneficial for the consumers.

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Glo CBD Tablets Quick Summary

Quality 98%
Effectiveness 96%
Benefits 95%
Price 98%
Customer Service 98%
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“The taste of this oil is fantastic. 30 minutes after taking my first ;dose I already felt less anxious”

“A high grade CBD oil. Excellent”

“Worth every penny”

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