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When it comes to finding the best smoking accessories, online is quite often the most ideal approach since it’s hardly that you can find a physical shop that is near your neighborhood (well, most likely) that sells these kind of stuff. It’s the same when you buy weed online. It’s 2020 and it’s absolutely no mystery that web based business has taken over in the most recent decade, there are some astonishing advantages to buying through an online head shop like GrassCity.

It’s also no secret that online head shops have a more extensive selection of items including the rare finds. If you are new to smoking weed or trying to find the right products and accessories by reading CBD oil reviews and other helpful reviews, online stores and platforms that specifically cater to cannabis oriented individuals like yourself can introduce you to a huge number of smoking gadgets, rare stoner items, great discount deals and more, plus the item gets delivered right at your doorsteps.  That’s where GrassCity comes in.

Sure there are a lot of online weed stores that offer all sorts of cannabis related stuff that are great for your smoking needs but there are few that really stand-out. One of the good find online shop is GrassCity— a one-stop online shop for all your quality smoking needs. From great bongs, dab rigs, smoking pipes, vaporizers, herb grinders and more, this shop is an absolute great find.

In this review, get to know about GrassCity, an online headshop that has been a go-to trusted seller in the weed community.

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About GrassCity

Launched in year 2000, GrassCity was then a small-scale website called that sold smoking accessories and shared tourism information about Amsterdam at that time. As the website evolved, it became a platform for like-minded people who find interest in smoking and the alternative lifestyle. It became a great hang-out hub and forum for those who like and love smoking.

In 2018, it was acquired by High Tide Inc, Canadian company that operates in the cannabis market by engaging in the design, manufacturing and distribution of cannabis accessories and other products that fit the alternative market worldwide. This company also operates 9 corporate and 10 franchised smoking accessories retail outlets.  High Tide Inc.’s acquisition of GrassCity made its global e-commerce game in the market solidify in the field of stoner accessories. Now, GrassCity offers its goods all over America and Europe and has now become one of the trusted and go-to online headshops by many cannabis connoisseurs for years.

Product Highlights

If you love to smoke, then you’ll probably want to make every pot session an exciting one. One way to do so is to use smoking accessories that will surely get you the right high that can be elevated on a whole new level. GrassCity has some of the most creative smoking accessories that you can ever find. They know their costumers that well that they share the same experience with them. The items they sell would range from grinders, rolling papers to oil rigs, bubblers and their top-selling unique glass bongs. Who knows what other ways you can enjoy your pot session, name what you want they probably have it.

What’s good about this shop is that they are on top of the game, always updated on what’s high and new in the cannabis market. If you thought of something that you might need or like, they will have it. You can never just get one item from GrassCity since they have a lot of products that a true toker needs. They offer a good selection of items with different quality and price. From the usual basic beginner items to the pro’s must-haves and they have it on many different brands and varying prices. They stay on top of the industry by offering a wide range of selection of great goods.

From their website, you can see a variety of products that are available in different brands such as RAW, Bulldog, Smoking, and Mascotte for their rolling paper as well as Storz & Brickel and PAX for their vaporizers and a whole lot more. Exploring their online store, you’ll see a lot of custom accessories in collaboration with many brands and icons such as Glasscity, Dopezilla, Black Leaf, Vodka Glass, Snoop Dog, Cheech and Chong Glass, ROOR , Empire Glass, Noble Glass and a whole lot more. They’ve got a whole bunch to choose from which will definitely excite any weed lovers. With this wide array of brands available in their site, you would think that GrassCity supports both the consumer and the industry!

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GrassCity Forum and Magazine

GrassCity is not only an online headshop but is also a platform for all cannabis-related stuff for years. It has its own forum that houses over 600, 000 members with over 20 million posts and 40 million impression a month which has become a lively place for like-minded people that come together to share their interests in cannabis. The GrassCity forum is a place where people around the world share their ideas, opinions and reviews about the healthy use of cannabis and educating about responsible smoking. It is a lively place that promotes responsible usage of marijuana, a place where people can support others.

Aside from the forum, GrassCity also promotes the healthy and responsible usage of marijuana through its magazine, using it as a platform to educate, support, and inform people about the positive side of marijuana. They also share cannabis and health-related news, product, and other things cannabis related including what’s good in the market such as the new products and brands to try.  A nifty publishing site to get information, share thoughts and reviews.

Customer Service

Behind GrassCity is a dedicated team that works hard for their customer satisfaction and that is by providing products that are of great value for money as well as great and professional customer service satisfies every customer. They do not only offer a great selection of stoner goods but they also offer bulk discounts, great price, and special coupon discounts for their members and loyal customers.

For beginners, they may find the accessories a bit overwhelming to look at. However, customers are always welcome to ask what the items are for with their responsive and friendly customer service. You can also talk about tracking your order, platform support, and quality check on every item that they have.

Delivery and Shipping

Their transit time of their shipping process takes an average of 5-10 business days. They offer various shipping process that customers can choose from. All Grasscity customers are entitled with a Registered Shipping that takes 5-10 business days for the package to arrive. For customers outside Europe, GrassCity Canada offers the Standard Shipping which offers an average transit time of 5-10 business days. Those who live in Europe are offered the Registered Express by GrassCity UK which takes 2-5 business days for the package to arrive at your doorsteps. Tracking information confirming your order is made available via email within 24 hours upon shipment.

GrassCity also makes sure that they sell responsibly. Upon every delivery, an adult signature is required to make sure that all the products delivered are purchased only by customers of legal age of 21 and above and not by minors.

Final Thoughts on GrassCity

GrassCity is a well-known online headshop that has been a great source of any smoking accessories and other cannabis products. The great thing about this online headshop is that GrassCity got all sorts of great selection of different smoking accessories available in different brands so customers have options. They also have all sorts of quality gadgets and stuff that any type of cannabis users can order, buy, and use. The shipping process is also not complicated although some may still complain about late package arrival and other problem of this sort, however, their reliable customer service are hands on to work on these delays.

Another great thing about this company is that not only do they offer great products, they also gear towards promoting the use of cannabis positively and responsibly through their forum and magazine. Through their platform, cannabis connoisseurs and those taking interest in the use of cannabis are well informed of the benefits and risks of cannabis.

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GrassCity Quick Summary

Quality 95%
Effectiveness 94%
Benefits 93%
Price 94%
Customer Service 98%
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“The taste of this oil is fantastic. 30 minutes after taking my first ;dose I already felt less anxious”

“A high grade CBD oil. Excellent”

“Worth every penny”

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