Hemp Bombs Review: Your In-Depth CBD Guide for 2019

Aside from being unique in the CBD world, Hemp Bombs put a lot of time, energy and attention to their social media presence and customer base. Also, they offer some of the best and most potent CBD-based products available.

Besides all the basic CBD “concoctions” such as edibles and oral tinctures, they’ve got several eyebrow-raising product choices as well as “CBD Syrup”, “CBD Pain Freeze,” and Chill Shots.” To find out if they are the same with the standards in the CDB industry, continue reading this article!

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Who Are They?

Hemp Bombs is a Florida-based company that is in the Tampa Bay area. Not only the plant and develop their hemp, but also, they run their vertical operation, which means that everything from CBD extraction to processing until bottling of the products is done in their headquarters. This a very important thing to consider when checking all different CBD sellers, you want to invest your money from a real producer like Hemp Bombs, instead of on those called “private labeler.”

All the raw hemp materials of Hemp Bombs came from the organic plantations in Europe, which is an advantage because pure Scandinavian hemp is understood to have undergone more stringent regulations than the American hemp and therefore, they are cleaner, purer and sometimes more potent. Unlike the other CBD brand on the market, all Hemp Bomb’s products are manufactured with 99 organic pure CBD exact, instead of full-spectrum isolate.

Hemp Bombs Features

There’s no question that Hemp Bombs and all its products are excel in the CBD market. Form their unique line of product selections to their social media down to their website design, there are no other companies like them now. And below are several reasons why there are one of the best in the CBD industry.

Pure EU-Sourced Hemp: As mentioned earlier, hemp that originated from the pure European plantations is the finest and most effective around the world, since they undertake strict federal regulations to develop under.

Customer Base: One of the best things about the brand is they try to build not only a customer relationship through the high quality of their products but also a real “lifestyle” and fan base that people would like to be part of. Making this venture to their customers proves that Hemp Bombs aren’t only here for the long term, but they also have faith in the CBD products that they are making and offering.

CBD Syrup: This is a special product that you can combine with any beverage for a very convenient and delicious way to have your strong CBD dosage. For users who don’t like oil drops under their tongue or those who hate the favor of raw hemp, Hemp Bombs CBD Syrup is a must-try!

Products Potency: There are various premium quality CBD oils available, but here’s the catch unless you’re splurging your money on the priciest oil in their product choice, you’re not going to get a super-effective tincture. And since all their CBD oils are from 99% CBD extract, though, they can “pack in” more of the active mixture in every container. Like for example, Hemp Bombs 4000mg CBD oil has a massive 66mg CBD in one dosage – something you can’t find in other brands.

0% of THC: Another great advantage of taking pure CBD extract rather than full-plant hemp isolate is there’s no chance of taking THC – even little, trace quantities of it. If forthcoming drug diagnosis got you a little obsessed, for example, all products are described as having 0% THC.

Hemp Bombs Products

The brand has no shortage of CBD selections to pick from. Remember, though, all are CBD extracts instead of full-spectrum isolates (mostly use 0% THC extracts so they can legitimately deliver to all 50 states). The following is the listing of their current product selection:

For some consumers, CBD gummies don’t work for them, however, they have lots of reviews which means they are good. They tasted delicious and they are available in 5 count bags up to 60 count containers (15mg CBD/gummy).

Pain Freeze
Their “CBD Pain Rub” is meant mostly to alleviate joint pain and muscle tightness. You can rub directly on the affected area without waiting for the intestinal system to absorb the active elements. They are sold in either 1oz or 4oz tubs.

CBD capsules are used by people who are not a fan of the oils. Some consumers haven’t used the Hemp Bombs’ capsules as they love using the oil. They are available in 5 counts to 60 count choices and include 15mg of their CBD per capsule.

Vaping Products
The brand offers a full assortment of vaping products, from their vape juice that you can use in any portable vaporizer, to their e-liquid flavor that you mix with your favored e-cigarette vape juice, to actual pre-stuffed CBD vape containers. Also, Hemp Bombs vaping products are sold in 11 unique flavors.

The brand’s CBD oil is available in 2 special flavors (watermelon and peppermint) and five special strengths – 4,000mg (nearly 66mg CBD per dosage), 2,000mg (nearly 33mg CBD per dosage), 1,000mg (nearly 16mg CBD per dosage), 600mg (nearly 10mg CBD per dosage), and 300mg (nearly 5mg CBD per dosage).

This product can either be consumed itself or combined with any hot or cold beverage for easy drinking. They are sold in 4oz bottles and three unique strengths – 1,000mg, 300mg, and 100mg.
Max Chill Shot. This is available in little bottles, but each has an incredible 75mg dosage of CBD (which makes them ideal for sleeping time and anxiety alleviation). They are sold in either 2oz containers of packs of five.

Pet CBD Oil
This is the latest addition to the Hemp Bombs products, a CBD oil made exclusively for the pets. They are sold in either beef or chicken flavors and available in 1,000mg, 300mg and 125mg containers for small, medium-sized or large dogs.

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All their oral CBD oils are available in two unique flavors (watermelon and peppermint), and sold in 5 special strengths:

4,000mg for the price of $299.99
2,000mg for the cost of $144.50
1,000mg for the cost of $99.99
600mg for the price of $74.99
300mg for the price of $49.99

Pain Freeze
This Topical CBD Pain Rub is available in 4oz or 1oz volumes:

4oz container costs $39.99 and includes 200mg of CBD total
1oz container costs $14.99 and includes 50mg of CBD total
Relaxation Syrup
The Relaxation Syrup is available in 4oz bottles, and comes in three unique strengths:

1,000mg for the price of $99.99
300mg for the price of $49.99
100mg for the price of $19.99

Max Chill Shot
The super-effective (75mg of CBD per bottle) Max Chill Shots is available in 2oz jars and are sold individually for $14.99 and packs of 5 for $59.99.

Hemp Bombs Gummies costs range from $14.99 for a 5-pack which is 15mg CBD per gummy and for the price of $99.99 for the 60-count jar. They also have HP Extra Strength Gummies which is 25mg of CBD per gummy in 60 count jars for $139.99.

The price for a 5-count pack in which 15mg of CBD per capsule is $14.99 and the cost the for a 60-count bottle is $99.99. They also have HP Extra Strength Capsules which is 25mg CBD per capsule in 60-count jars for the price of $139.99.

Vape Tanks
Hemp Bombs Vape Tanks is sold in 1mL pre-stuffed cartridges and available in 3 unique different strengths:

1,000mg costs $99.99
300mg costs $49.99
125mg costs $29.99

They come in 11 unique flavors as CBD Vape Liquids.

Pet CBD Oil
The Pet CBD Oils is sold in 1oz bottle and come in three unique strengths:

1,000mg which is suggested for the large dogs cost $99.99
300mg which is suggested for the medium-sized puppies cost $49.99
125mg which is suggested for small canines, felines, and other animals cost $29.99

Vaping E-Liquid
The Vape Liquid is available in 11 unique flavors and six unique strengths which are all in 60mL containers.:

4,000mg CBD cost $299.99
2,000mg CBD cost $169.99
1,000mg CBD cost $99.99
300mg CBD cost $49.99
250mg CBD cost $39.99
75mg CBD cost $14.99

They also come with 4 and 10-pack Packs where you can mix and match different flavors and strengths.

E-Liquid Additives
Hemp Bombs Vape Additives are specifically manufactured to be mixed to your favored e-cigarette vape juice or e-tobacco liquid.

The Bottom Line

Hemp Bombs is an exciting and extraordinary CBD brand that is worth recommending! However, it’s important to remember that all products are CBD extracts that have zero percent THC as opposed to full-scope hemp isolates that have THC trace amounts. This is great news if you’re living in a non-authorized US state, as the brand can ship lawfully to 50 states since their CBD products have no THC level.

Go visit their official website at http://www.hempbombs.com/ to peruse their entire product selections and current price rates. What’s more, they always offer great sales!

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Hemp Bombs Quick Summary

Quality 95%
Effectiveness 94%
Benefits 93%
Price 94%
Customer Service 98%
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“The taste of this oil is fantastic. 30 minutes after taking my first ;dose I already felt less anxious”

“A high grade CBD oil. Excellent”

“Worth every penny”

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