Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is a natural ingredient extracted from the marijuana plant that is Cannabis Sativa. It is one of the various cannabinoids produced in the cannabis family.

CBD oil is produced in a lab by extracting CBD from the marijuana plant and then diluting it with a carrier such as a coconut or hemp oil. That proprietary process produces CBD oil products that are completely different from hemp seed oil.. As the researches showing the health benefits of CBD oil have come a long way, many companies or organizations are providing various CBD oil-based products for a variety of different purposes and also some by-product packages that may include hemp seed oil. This is one to Hempland USA CBD Reviews, one of the many online providers of CBD products that have managed to establish themselves in this very competitive market.

What is Hempland USA?

Hempland USA brand is a USA based company established in 2014 that offers a wide range of CBD oil and CBD products right from different types of oils to creams to soft gel in America. The main aim of Hempland USA is to provide high-quality CBD-rich oils that you can trust and can help people in ways concerning aspects other than the health factor. We wanted to post a review for Hempland USA to show the consumers another choice the can consider.

The technique that Hempland USA is to extract the hemp oil is referred to as supercritical CO2 extraction. In this technique, the CO2 molecules are treated at a particular temperature under a certain amount of pressure to convert it into a liquid that can draw out the hemp oil to ensure purity. Hempland USA claims that his is the most natural and delicate way to extract hemp oil without damaging its natural structure. Therefore, we can see and present to our review that not only are they using high-quality natural ingredients but are also using the best techniques to extract high-quality CBD hemp oil and preserve the purity of the extracted CBD oil and any by-products.

So if you are still curious as to why is there a hype about Hempland USA products, continue reading our review and the simple answer is that they are not one of those companies willing to cut corners just to make some extra money, they are one of the very few companies that source their high-quality CBD oil.

Hempland CBD Products

Hempland USA offers a range of 6 products that can be bought on their site. For those who are looking for the exact price of these can refer to the information below that also consists of the description of what the product is exactly. Let’s take a closer look at these CBD oil products and maybe conclude by the end of the review. Here is a list of Hemplad USA products.

ECS5 – Cannabitol Full-spectrum CBD oil – enhanced with ECS5 is a uniquely formulated product combining all the ingredients of their full spectrum hemp CBD oil and ECS5 extract.

ECS5 is a unique combination of highly concentrated CO2 extracted plant oil from clove, black pepper, rosemary, hops, and jujube. This product is intended to deliver the most advanced endocannabinoid system (ECS) support available. It comes in 3 variations in the quantity of ECS5 in the product as 500mg, 1000mg and 2000mg respectively. The first item with the smallest amount of ECS5 that is of 500mg is priced at $99.95, whereas the item with 1000mg

ECS5 costs up to $149.95 and lastly the thing with 2000mg of ECS5 is available for $199.95. These items are described to be of introductory, intermediate, and maximum strength, respectively.

Full-Spectrum – Cannabitol Full-Spectrum CBD oil also comes in 3 different variations based on the amount of the CBD supercritical CO2 extract added in it. Full-Spectrum means that this product consists of all the natural constituents of hemp oil.

The three different variations of this product available are 350mg, 750mg, and 1500mg (amounts of CBD supercritical CO2 extract added). These variants are described to be of introductory, intermediate and maximum strengths respectively. The cost of the 350mg variant is $59.95, whereas the 750mg variant is priced at $99.95 and lastly the 1500mg variant is priced at $149.95.

THC Free – CANNABITOL THC Free Hemp CBD Oil is developed for people who simply avoid or do not want THC in their offerings. It serves the same purpose as that of Full-Spectrum but with the elimination of THC.

This product comes in the same three variants like that of Full-Spectrum that is 350mg, 750mg, and 1500mg described as of introductory, intermediate and maximum strengths respectively (amounts of CBD supercritical CO2 extract added without the THC).

And these are also priced the same as the Full-Spectrum as the 350mg variant is $59.95, whereas the 750mg variant is priced at $99.95 and lastly the 1500mg variant is priced at $149.95.

NOTE: The above-mentioned products are not advised for pregnant women and for those women who may be nursing. Always take your physicians’ advice before tackling diseases on your own.

Topicals – There are two types of topicals, that is, creams that this company provides.
The first one is the CANNABITOL Therapeutic Cream 350mg, which consists of 350mg of proprietary CBD combined with a unique formulation of active botanicals. The purpose of this product is to provide pain relief to its users.

This cream is for external use only and should not be used near the eyes. It is described to be fast-acting and long-lasting. It is recommended to apply this cream on areas of discomfort, not more than 3 times a day. This particular product is available for $59.95.

The second one is the CANNABITOL Restorative Cream 500mg, which consists of 500 mg of CBD Supercritical CO2 Extracted. This cream is aimed at delivering some real skincare benefits to its users by working on the visible signs of aging. This product is also for external use only and should not be applied near the eyes. It is recommended to apply this cream twice daily on a freshly cleansed face and neck areas. This particular product is available for $79.95.

Both of the products mentioned above are THC free.

Soft gels – CANNABITOL Soft Gels 750mg consist of 750mg of CBD Supercritical CO2 Extracted, per box. Each soft gel consists of 25mg of THC Free CBD Hemp Oil. These soft gels are designed for people who are looking for maximum dosage with no THC in their product.

The advantage of this product is that you get the maximum dosage or maximum strength of the THC free Full-spectrum oil in the form of soft gels, which is effective at supporting your endocannabinoid system (ECS). It is advised to take only one or two soft gels in a day, and pregnant women or women who are nursing are not recommended to use this product. This product is available at $99.95.

K9 – CANNABITOL K-9 Drops 350mg CBD (THC Free) consists of 1 fl oz. THC Free Hemp Oil and 11.7mg CBD Hemp Oil per serving as well as 350mg CBD Supercritical CO2 Extracted. This product is aimed at providing the various benefits of hemp oil to our beloved pets that is, dogs and cats.

It is either to be added by drops to their food or is to be put directly into their mouths. It is recommended to be served twice a day. For dogs under 25lbs use up to 1/4 dropper, 25-75lbs 1/4 to 1/2 dropper, and 75lbs plus dogs use 1/2 to 1 full dropper. This product is priced at $59.95.

The offers provided on all of the products mentioned above are as follows:

  • Buying 2+ pieces (of a particular product) will get you a discount of 20% + free shipping.
  • Buying 4+ pieces (of a particular product) will get you a discount of 30% + free shipping.
  • Buying 6+ pieces (of a particular product) will get you a discount of 40% + free shipping.

Companies’ Transparencies

In this industry, it is important to provide transparency to your consumers about your CBD oil products. As far as transparency is concerned Hempland USA publically shows the lab results of various tests that have been carried out on each of their products, on their official website. Also, they very openly give a disclaimer to all their clients or prospective clients going through the website that none of their offerings are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health condition or diseases.

Hempland USA also likes to state the fact very clearly that they provide home-grown health by sourcing and manufacturing their entire CBD line domestically. They have their team of expert growers, scientists, manufacturers, tester, and sales personnel. Even though their offerings may be slightly expensive in this competitive market, they ensure that high-quality ingredients are used and the focus of their products is continuously maintained.

Final Verdict on Hempland USA

That’s our Hempland USA review. All the products offered by Hempland USA are high-quality products, and the company is so confident about the quality and effectiveness of its products that it gives a 100% money-back guarantee to its customers. That’s one trademark of their brand. Even though the company only offers 6 different products, every product is specialized at its purpose. We hope that our Hempland USA review helped you with your questions.

You ought to know that sourcing hemp plants from inside the USA and gaining the most flawless type of CBD oil includes some significant disadvantages. This is the reason it isn’t surprising to see that some of the products of Hempland USA are a little expensive than the other products in the market. Also, if you wish to gain the maximum benefits without the side effects of THC, then you will have to pay the additional cost for it.

The only negative aspect of Hempland USA is that they make suggestions or recommendations regarding the dosages to be taken for their products. These suggestions should not be mentioned as these types of products are not FDA-approved medications.

The conclusion after going through various aspects is that if you are looking for or are planning to use any CBD based products regularly, then you should go ahead and choose Hempland USA products for your daily treatments, skincare concerns as well as to keep your health issues under control.

Hempland USA Quick Summary

Quality 10/10
Safety 9/10
Effectiveness 10/10
Satisfaction 10/10
Price 10/10

“Best CBD oil for pain relief.”

“I like this brand specifically because they do not add any unusual ingredients that makes me question what I am taking.”

“Great product and very affordable price.”

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Hempland USA
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by Yvette M. on Hempland USA
Pain was diminished

This product was successful in accomplishing what it was intended to do. My wife suffers with constant pain, with sleep irregularity at night. She slept better, and the pain was diminished!

by Andrew D. on Hempland USA

I immediately felt stress relief upon taking this. I really like this product!

by Danielle B. on Hempland USA

Did not notice any effect.

by Gloria J. on Hempland USA
Trying it

I bought this product for my dad’s arthritis, so far we are pleased with the stress reduction and looking forward to more pain relief.

by Susie R. on Hempland USA
Best product!

Wow! I got Cannabitol Soft Gels. Great formulation!

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