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CBD has been gaining a huge following around the world with many people starting to recognize the benefits it offers to both aspects of health and recreation. Wherever you go, CBD is definitely not unknown.

However, if this your first time hearing about it, here’s a bit of information:

CBD products offer tons of great health benefits that are backed by science. It has significant benefits for both physical and mental health as it helps in easing anxiety, relieves nausea, reduces pain and is used as a treatment for other illnesses.

With its potential as a product that provides great relief to a variety of health conditions, people all over the world are taking much interest in what CBD really has to offer. In fact, a lot of CBD products are now on the market making CBD more available for those who need it.

While there are a lot of high-quality brands out there that truly live up to their reputation and produce only good quality products, there are also many others that release CBD products that do not justify the remarkable benefits of CBD.

In a booming industry, regardless of what it is, we do expect competition between the good products and the bad. Good thing is, if you are looking for CBD products you can trust, you can always find one.

Let’s take a look at Hope CBD. Get to know all about this brand starting from the company behind this remarkable line of CBD products as well as how it became a brand that lives up to its name — Hope CBD– a hopeful choice for CBD users.

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The Makers of Hope CBD Oil

Hope CBD, as a company, started from humble beginnings and a compelling story. Hope CBD is a small company based in Hamilton, Scotland that was founded in hopes of helping a family member overcome a medical condition called fibromyalgia that causes the patient fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues, as well as chronic pain.

The desperation to find the cure led them to get introduced to CBD which eventually became the hope they were looking for that helped their family member bounce back to life. The positive result led them to the realization of CBD’s potential in the treatment of many medical conditions. However, finding quality CBD products was a challenge at that time since it had not yet reached its peak in the UK market.

Realizing the benefits of CBD and with hopes to share the good news, the founders established a company that offers high-quality CBD products to the UK. Thus, Hope CBD was born.

Hope CBD Products To Try

Hope CBD has an impressive selection of CBD infused products. From CBD liquids and oils, confectionaries, skincare, to a collection of teas, Hope CBD aims to serve their consumers with a variety of products that effectively carry the benefits of CBD. All their products are made up of certified organic, EU-grown hemp plant which means that Hope CBD products are made from a high-quality source.

Here’s are some of the best products Hope CBD has to offer:

Hope CBD Oils & Spray

Hope CBD offers four different varieties of oils that are specially extracted from organic hemp grown in Spain. The compounds are extracted via CO2 extraction which is the best method to use to keep the original taste of hemp and to get a full-spectrum extract that contains a full range of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Hope CBD has a natural CBD oil line available in 300mg CBD oil (20 ml), 2000mg CBD oil (20% CBD), 500 mg CBD spray, and an Advantage Plus CBD oil in Peppermint Flavor available in 200mg and 400 mg strengths. Hope CBD provides a handy infographic that provides info on how to safely use their products and how to maximize the benefits of the Hope CBD products.

Hope CBD Candies

This product is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. If you prefer something that you can munch on, these Hope CBD hard candies are up for the purpose. The Hope CBD candies are made using only honey, propolis, and natural CBD oil. Although it is candy, each piece is equivalent to 5 drops of 2% Advantage Plus Tincture Peppermint.

Hope CBD Tea

Since tea is a staple in the UK, so it is not a surprise for this company to release their tea line. Hope CBD uses hemp flowers in their tea blends which is a rich source of antioxidants and cannabinoids. Hope CBD tea is available in different blends such as:

CBD Morning Tea: Includes a perfect blend of green tea, Echinacea and Achillea that give just the right energy to wake you up in the morning.

CBD Evening Tea: For good night sleep, this gentle blend of Linden, Valerin and Lavender Root tea is perfect to let you sleep at ease.

Black Turmeric Tea – Assam Blend: This is actually a CBD-free product that Hope CBD decided to bring to its product line. It contains 25% black turmeric and is considered as a superfood.

Hope CBD E-liquids

If you use a vape pen, then these E-liquids will satisfy your CBD cravings. The Hope CBD E-liquids are available in Blueberry, Menthol and Strawberry flavors and in either 250mg and 500mg quantities.

Hope CBD Topical

CBD can actually be infused in almost any products including skincare. Hope CBD has a multi-purpose, CBD infused skincare balm that is a great addition to your everyday skincare. It contains 3% CBD per jar. This topical product is made up of extracts from hand-picked cannabis flowers that are rich in antioxidant and cannabinoids.

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Is Hope CBD a Good brand of CBD products?

Considering its decent product line which contains almost all the basic CBD products– CBD oil, e-liquids, edibles, skincare, and beverages, it’s fair to say that Hope CBD is a brand that deserves attention. Apart from its products, this company has a genuine start-up story that resonates their purpose as a company and that is to provide high-quality CBD products in the market.

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Hope CBD Quick Summary

Quality 98%
Effectiveness 96%
Benefits 96%
Price 97%
Customer Service 96%
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“The taste of this oil is fantastic. 30 minutes after taking my first ;dose I already felt less anxious”

“A high grade CBD oil. Excellent”

“Worth every penny”

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