Are you a stoner who feels uncomfortable with wasting your precious alcohol to clean your bong? Did you know there are better ways to do the same thing without pouring out a good glass of isopropyl alcohol? You’re about to find out how to clean a bong without alcohol.

Isopropyl alcohol has increased in price over the past few months, no thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Aside from being a significant ingredient in sanitizers, it’s also used as a cleaning solution for surfaces. As a stoner, you know how disgusting it can be to have a dirty bong, the entire outlook of your bong could even deter fellow stoners from joining in. In this article, I’ll show you how to keep your bong sparkling clean without alcohol, whether isopropyl or rubbing alcohol.

Why do you need to clean your bong?

Aside from the fact that it looks irritating to have a dirty bong just lying around in the sitting room or any place else for that matter, the following other reasons are why you must have a clean bong at all times.

The airways may be blocked

This may not be a major concern if it’s just a few dirty marks here and there on your bong, especially if you are using a glass percolator bong. However, with time and without cleaning, the resin will continue to settle in and buildup, and eventually, you’ll find it difficult to drag your smoke.

It could give off a bad smell

This also may not be an issue if the stains aren’t too many, but for someone who stays with family or who has friends over now and then, you shouldn’t have to be reminded that they may not feel comfortable with seeing, not to talk of smelling a dirty bong. The resin that builds up in your bong could discolor the bong water and make it smell.

Friends may not want to share with you

Who wants to stick their mouth in a stinky bong? Absolutely nobody. It doesn’t matter if your friends are also stoners or have dirty bongs themselves. They may be comfortable using their filthy bong but not yours. Who knows? You might even have a friend who wants to borrow yours. A dirty or smelly bong is not one you’d be proud to give out.

There’s no excuse for having a dirty bong. If you can’t use the alcohol solution, at least, now you can use there are ways to clean a bong without alcohol that will be shared with you right here and right now.

Now, let’s get into the discussion, how exactly can you clean a bong without making use of alcohol? The methods that will be outlined in this article are going to be for specific kinds of bongs. All you have to do is look for your type of bong and follow the steps listed below.

Cleaning a silicone bong

If you’re a new school smoker, you’d know that the silicone bong is the rave of the moment. Aside from the fact that they are cheap, you will find out that they are very stylish, come in really cool colors, and they are tough to destroy.

One thing, however that can destroy them is the awkwardly dirty look and smell that may come as a result of not cleaning them.

A silicone bong is, in fact, the easiest bong to clean. You don’t need rubbing alcohol, burning hot water, paper towels, or any deep cleaning agent at all. All you’ll need is your freezer and your bare hands. You can also make use of a pipe cleaner to brush the resin off the surface of the chamber. Here’s how to do it.

  • Detach the bong from the downpipe.
  • Place your bong in the freezer. You want to make sure that you’ve emptied it of the bong water.
  • Let it stay there for up to 12 hours uninterrupted. It’s advised that you do this at night when you’re going to sleep and may have no need to open the freezer.
  • When you’re ready to clean, squeeze the chamber gently till all the resin falls off.

The coldness from the freezer lifts the resin off the surface of your silicone bong by a bit, and this makes it easier to peel them off. Do not pour hot water or any solvent inside the bong; you could end up ruining the whole process and have to repeat the freezer thing for another night.

How to clean a bong that is made of glass, wood, metal, or acrylic

There’s a chance that you have had to clean your bong before but with alcohol. Maybe now you’re just not feeling the whole chemical and alcohol thing anymore. The following steps will help you get an even cleaner result. The only downside to this is that it’s going to take a little extra effort and time, but for getting the job done, it’s way more ideal.

What you’ll need

To carry out this easy task, you’ll need the following east-to-get equipment.

  1. Coarse grit, salt, or sand
  2. Saran wrap
  3. Hot water (boiling water preferably)
  4. Rubber bands
  5. Lemon juice, especially for cleaning the glass bong or the metal bong. Lemon juice is useful for cleaning any glassware.
  6. Ziploc bags

As you can see, you probably already have most of these in your house. If, however, you don’t, you can always get them from the closest store to you.

The process you’ll need to follow

  1. Detach your bong from all the necessary attachments like the bowl and/or the downpipe. This will help you comfortably deep clean the bong. While you’re at this, make sure you already have hot water preparation.
  2. Pour the hot water inside the main chamber of your bong. You don’t have to fill it to the brim, just enough so that it exceeds the volume you’d have if you were trying to smoke. It would be best if you kept the water boiling because you’re still going to need it.
  3. Pour in the sand, salt, or grit, whichever one you choose. If you’re using salt, then you might want to consider using one that’s coarse like the Epsom salt. You can also add some lemon juice, about a cap full. If you don’t want to combine the two, you can as well opt for just one of either lemon juice or any coarse substance like the ones already mentioned.
  4. Now, it’s time to use the saran wrap. Cover every possible opening with it because you’ll need to shake the bong, and you don’t want to make a mess of your room by getting water all over it. So cover it tightly in a way that ensures that it is water-tight.
  5. Hold the saran wrap in place using your rubber bands. You can use more than one to make it fitter.
  6. Now, shake the entire bong vigorously, stir it till it looks like it’s beginning to foam or something. You might have to keep doing this for up to 30 or more minutes. The more you shake it, the looser the resin.
  7. If you feel like the water you have in it has become warm water, pour it out, add new grits, salt, or sand and add fresh hot water. And keep on shaking. You might want to get a glove so that way you don’t end up burning your hands.

If you had been using rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol, you would notice that the steps are the same in a way—the whole shaking and probably adding salt or sand and all of that. You’re only replacing the alcohol with hot water. At the end of the day, the goal is to get the bong clean.

If you’re using the above method for your glass bong, you might want to watch how quickly you pour the hot water into the bong. What you’re trying to do is get the resin out of the bong and not get your bong broken.

Gently and gradually increase the hotness of the water in the bong. If you suddenly pour in hot water, you might hear a cracking sound, and there goes your beautiful bong.

I’ll recommend that you place the bong in warm water that contains salt so that the content outside is the same or at least almost the same as the one on the inside. Now you can slowly pour the hot water inside. While you’re doing this, make sure you take any cold water out of the way because a rapid change in the temperature of the bong could break it or create a crack on it.

Another extra tip is if you have thoroughly shaken the bong, but you see that it isn’t as squeaky clean as you hoped or want, you could invest in pipe cleaners. You’ll dip it inside the bong and twist it from side to side to get the already weak resin off of it. You can as well add some more salt while you use the pipe cleaner. By now, you should have an entirely clean bong.

How to clean non-acrylic smoking devices or accessories

If you have a non-acrylic smoking device, like your cartridge for vaping CBD oils, you’ll need to follow these steps to get it clean without using alcohol.

You don’t need a lot of processes or equipment to carry this one out. You’ll only need acetone. If you’ve ever had to clean nail polish off your nails, you’ll notice that a nail polish remover makes the job completely easy. That’s because acetone is one of the essential contents of your nail polish remover.

You must note that acetone is very dangerous to humans and is considerably diluted in your polish remover. It’s, however, very efficient if you’re using it to clean a bong. You must be careful not to be too quick to smoke with the bong. The resin may be out, but the acetone content would stay for a while. You can rinse with water and leave it to dry completely before use. Using it too quickly could result in lung infection.

The process is all the same as the one listed above; whether you’re using alcohol, salt & water, or acetone to clean a bong, you’ll still have to pour the cleaning agent inside the bong and shake till the resins lose grip.

You can add salt if you think you need it. Epsom salt is very effective in every bong cleaning solution. If you can’t find Epsom salt, you can as well opt for any good table salt or rock salt, what you need are the coarseness and a clean bong.

For extra caution, do ensure that you have the rubber bands tight for holding the saran wrap in place to prevent the acetone from pouring out and on your skin or eyes. For even extra-extra caution, please wear gloves. You’re trying to clean a bong, not clean your sight.


We’ve talked about cleaning a silicone piece, glass, wood, metal, or acrylic piece, and, finally, a non-acrylic bit as well. We can’t begin to mention all the sweet benefits of smoking weed, but if you want to enjoy the high feeling, then you must ensure that that you have it with a clean bong. You don’t want to take a nasty looking bong to a gathering of fellow stoners. Even if everyone came to the party with a dirty bong, yours should stand out. In the words of the famous Redman, “When I hit the bong

I’m Godzilla takin’ over Hong Kong

Eatin’ wonton with a shotgun in Long Johns.”