Don’t you just hate it when you have all the facilities to get on cloud nine except the actual clouds? Getting high is such a deep spiritual feeling. It’s an embodiment of calmness, peace, and serenity engulfed in the sweet release of marijuana. Everyone deserves a taste of this feeling even though it’s a problematic topic. While some claim that weed has certain disadvantages, there are various pros and cons of smoking weed, as we all know. However, the pros outweigh the cons in this piece.

Luckily, weed is legal in most countries and states too, and it’s so easy to get it if it isn’t as there are even cannabis dispensaries and websites available now. Things are so easy now, and therefore, getting weed isn’t the problem. The problem, however, is smoking it. Now, just like the many fine herbs of life, particular apparatus is needed for really harnessing weed’s essence. One of these is a grinder. A weed grinder is an essential tool for smoking weed. It is the necessary cutlery of the cannabis world, and although it is required, one could do without it in the last resort situation. In this piece, we’ll be highlighting how you can grind your weed to perfection without a weed grinder. Hence, here’s how to grind weed without a grinder.

It may be surprising that there are a ton of innovative, sustainable, and quite simple ways in which one can grind weed without this metaphorical cutlery. The following ways get the job done, and they’re just as or even more effective than the actual weed grinder. Here they are:

Home-related Scenarios

These are alternatives to weed grinders that you can easily find at home.

  • Coffee Grinder

Let’s start with a coffee grinder. As you know, weed is much denser than coffee beans, and this makes it more susceptible to the grinder’s wheels and, thus, makes it easy to grind. However, you’ll want to put in a moderate amount at a time so that the buds and trichomes don’t overwhelm the coffee grinder. Now, just so you don’t end up smoking, vaping, or infusing your weed with coffee, you might want to clean out the coffee grinder first. Adjust the time settings accordingly and grind to your preferred consistency. Now, make sure you clean out the device after use as well, so that you don’t make coffee with a ‘kick’ the next morning.

  • Mortar and Pestle

It is one of the most primitive grinding utensils in the house, but this doesn’t take away from its efficiency. Mortar and pestle have been used for centuries in various parts of the world as a way to grind different items before the invention of the grinder. However, over the years, this toolset has adapted to a modern outlook. Presently this tool comes in such miniature size that it’s perfect for grinding weed. All you need to do is clean the mortar, place the quantity of weed or nug you want into the mortar, use the pestle to grind it up, and voilà, your weed is ready for use. You’ll also need to clean it once you’re done as well.

  • Knife and cutting board

When O.T Genasis said ‘cut it,’ he wasn’t just referring to bricks. Speaking of versatility, if weed is a herb and most herbs and vegetables are diced, sliced, or chopped with a knife on a cutting board, then why can’t the same be done with weed. This method is void of any grinding apparatus or methods. All you need to do is place the chunk on the cutting board, get a good knife, preferably a sharp one, and just go to town. Chop in moderation to your desired consistency and then do with it as you please. Like other tools, make sure both the knife and cutting board are washed clean.

  • Cheese Grater

Desperate times do call for drastic measures, and if all electrical grinding appliances aren’t functional, you can pretend your kush (weed) is a cheese square and just grate away. A grater is a less mechanical grinder, so you’ve got this. Grating anything can be an extreme sport as you can easily get cut or weary in your fingers; however, once you deploy safety measures and techniques with which your cheese grater functions best, the world is your oyster. Just make sure to wash the cheese grater thoroughly before grams makes her favorite pasta, else, like Travis Scott, she’ll be the highest in the room.

Grinding weed without a grinder

On the Go

These methods of grinding weed without a grinder can be utilized when one is in transit or on the go.

  • Pill bottle and coin

Remember the old pill bottle hack we like so much? As the name implies, all you need is an average-sized pill bottle; nothing too big or too fancy either. Get some heavy coins you like, could be from any country, one or two will do the trick, and put them in this pill bottle, then add your nugs of weed. You don’t want to add too much, so there’s enough room for the next step, which is once the weed and the coins are in the bottle, close it tightly and shake away. If there’s too much weed in the bottle, the weed will neither shake nor grind. Therefore, you need just the right amount for this step. With each shake, the coin will break apart the weed into small pieces until it’s suitable for your use. Do this right, and you’ve got yourself a portable weed grinder on the go.

  • Use your hand

You’ve been given an inherent pair of weed grinders which, when utilized together, can make magic. Your hands can grind weed without a grinder, and the best part is, it won’t cost you anything. So, if you can’t find a shot glass, a knife, or a typical weed grinder, just use your God-given hands that you like so much to grind. Grinding weed with your hands can be tedious, but the idea is to use your hands to break up the weed bud without losing a lot of it. Do this slowly and steadily until the consistency is good enough for you. Make sure you wash your hands before and after doing this as hygiene is important.

The grinder

At a party

With this method, you can grind weed even when you’re in the midst of friends at a party, all without a grinder.

  • Shot glass and a pair of scissors

A good number of people should have scissors in their homes, offices, or even in their cars. It’s a handy tool for cutting up fabrics, food wraps, packages; the list goes on. The typical manicure set also has a pair. An even more significant number of people would have a shot glass at home because let’s face it, alcohol hits different, and it could also double as a measuring cup. Put these two tools together, and you have no need for a weed grinder. All you need to do is this, put the weed (just the appropriate amount) in a shot glass you like, then use the scissors to cut it up, piece by piece till it looks ground. To achieve this, start by dividing the bud in two, then with the tips of the scissors, work from there. Keep cutting the mini buds until you make the right consistency. And there you have it, another very effective way to grind weed


Weed, to some, is such an intricate part of their lifestyle, and as such, such people need all the apparatus, they can get for its use. Since weed comes in buds, grinding these buds is necessary for extracting its essence. It isn’t this essence that can be smoked, vaped, or further processed into other cannabis products like oils, hair creams, shatter, candy, and lots more. On a domestic scale, this is where the weed grinders come in. However, in the absence of this apparatus, your life shouldn’t halt. You should still be able to do the things you love, whether you have an apparatus or not. It is why one needs to know how to grind weed without a grinder. Therefore, with or without it, smoking or vaping weed should still be possible, and as highlighted in this piece, it is with that being said, through utilizing any of the most convenient methods for you, from the pill bottle hack to cutting it up with a knife. The modernized mortar and pestle even to the cheese grater, you can grind your weed anywhere you are without worrying about a conventional weed grinding. There are various studies and research publications available today that discuss the different ways how marijuana can affect your body and if you like smoking weed, it is crucial to educate yourself just to have all the facts. Choose your weapon. Remember, “Don’t kill the high because you are low, Don’t.”