A lot of attention is being given to THC for recreational reasons or also to “get high”. Therefore making it easy to forget that CBD is not only for giving you the “high” that you want, and neither is it for recreational purposes only. CBD may also be used for the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Also, CBD is ultimately legal in all 50 states. Hence, if you want to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis minus the “high”, CBD is the most effective and popular alternative. This is precisely the reason why a lot of CBD companies are emerging.

Ignite, one of the major brands in the CBD industry is doing its best to keep up with the growing CBD market and it has gained success and popularity in the CBD industry. However, let us try to see if the product lives up to its reputation.

About Ignite CBD

Ignite CBD was co-founded by its chairman, Dan Bilzerian, who is known as the “King of Instagram”. The company was launched straight out of his Bel Air mansion. Dan is a marketing expert and has exceptional business acumen. This expertise has helped to spread the word about Ignite CBD to the public.

He started with the kick-off of the super-lux cannabis brand with a party consisting of over a thousand people in his Bel Air mansion. Dan certainly knows how to make an impression, and indeed, the party has impressed a lot of people. People involved or connected with social media have heard of this brand. Because aside from the hype, Ignite offers the best highest-quality, and purest CBD products in today’s market. Being the first high-end global cannabis brand, Ignite offers premium quality THC and CBD products.

Upon its launch in 2017, the company started with 40 products. They are delivered in the form of pre-rolls, concentrates, flowers, and oils. These Ignite products are available in more than a hundred dispensaries all over California. Ignite CBD, just like any other CBD products, are sold online.

Despite the competition, Ignite exerts its best effort in giving its customers the best of their products. With it come the assurance that their customers get the best, premium quality CBD products. Aside from that, Ignite CBD products are natural, clean, consistent, and definitely effective.

The unique knowledge that Dan has allowed him to act as a founder, owner, and a strong force behind decision making when talking about Ignite. Aside from that, he is not only considered as an influencer, but as a strong foundation of the company, too. His obsession and for excellence and hands-on approach when it comes to anything about cannabis shows in the products that the company produces.

Positive Points of Ignite CBD

Topping the list of Ignite CBD’s positive points is Dan Bilzerian. The man behind the brand. His marketing and business expertise has contributed a lot to the success of his company, and spreading the word about CBD.

There are more factors which have contributed a lot to the success of Ignite CBD. Let us talk about some of them.

Another factor behind the success of Ignite CBD is a devoted team. Ignite CBD’s devoted team is comprised of the best and brightest mind in the cannabis industry. The company is very meticulous in selecting and hiring partners for every project. They have the most experienced growers, cultivators, and manufacturers who make sure that Ignite CBD products are delivered with high quality and are indeed effective.

Then comes social media presence. Social media must not be ignored or overlooked. Ignite is said to be the most “Insta-famous” cannabis brand in the market. With over 1.6 million followers on Instagram and active Twitter and Facebook accounts, the popularity of Ignite CBD is not to be questioned.

Another positive factor about Ignite CBD is its lifestyle brand. Being the world’s first super-premium lifestyle brand, Ignite is making cannabis more popular by delivering the highest quality products by giving importance and priority to both trust and quality.

Ignite’s blog section on its website makes information dissemination easier and faster. It is accessible to interested parties, where information about the company is made available. Everything about Ignite, for instance its products, and other exciting and innovative brands, may be found on their blogs. Hence, educating their customers and making them more knowledgeable and responsible when it comes to the use of CBD.

Ignite CBD’s Negative Points

In every positive point comes negative points, too. And yes, Ignite is not exempted from such negative points and opinions. One important detail to consider when talking about Ignite CBD is that the company website does not mention anything about laboratory testing. This is a negative point on the part of Ignite. Most CBD brands today state that their products have been laboratory tested, even if they do not post or publish the reports of the said test.

It is very important for companies to publish their laboratory tests on their website. That is how it goes in the CBD market today. Companies must be transparent. This is a way of showing their customers that they have legitimate, high-quality products. Maybe it is about time they add lab testing information on their website.

Ignite CBD Products

Ignite CBD offers a wide array of products. You will find a list of these products and a short description for each below.

  • Disposable Vape: The Ignite CBD Disposable Vape is an award-winning product. The disposable vape pens are convenient and discreet. They are available in a variety of flavors and CBD blends. These include: Pink Chill, Blood Orange, Tropical Fruit, Apple Berry, Spearmint, and Lavender.
  • Rechargeable Vape: The rechargeable vape pens are available as part of a starter kit. They also come in the form of a pod and are available in two flavors. The flavors are Tropical Fruit and Blood Orange. Black Soft Touch vape pen is also available at Ignite.
  • CBD Drops: There are four different flavors of CBD drops available at Ignite. They are Tropical Fruit, Lavender, Blood Orange, and Unflavoured or natural. Each contains 1,000 mg CBD and comes in a 30 ml bottle at 33 mg per serving.
  • CBD Toothpicks: CBD-infused toothpicks from Ignite is also available. These innovative toothpicks come in six different flavors: Mango Ming, Menthol, coffee, Cinnamint, Passion Fruit, and Lemongrass. Each pack contains ten picks, and each pick contains 25 mg CBD.
  • Chargers: Vape USB cable chargers are also available from Ignite. They may be used for your rechargeable vape pen. The chargers come with a 27.5-inch cord. It may be used with the Ignite Black Soft Touch Vape Pen and also the Starter Kits.

The Verdict

In today’s modern world, with technology moving at a very fast pace, CBD is now used as a remedy for common health issues. From ordinary aches and pains to the most critical and complicated conditions like cancer. However, you must know how to choose the right CBD product which will help address and resolve whatever health issue you might be experiencing and Ignite is something that’s definitely worth trying.

Ignite CBD Quick Summary

Quality 98%
Effectiveness 97%
Benefits 96%
Price 95%
Customer Service 96%

“The taste of this oil is fantastic. 30 minutes after taking my first ;dose I already felt less anxious”

“A high grade CBD oil. Excellent”

“Worth every penny”

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Protkfu helps me to improve my health, I will order again to take in my daily life. Thank you!

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For the cheap price, this is the best cbd I have tried.

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Fast shipment! Well package! Cant wait to use it. Will buy again.

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All of the Ignite products are excellent! The disposable vape is great! Many flavor to choose, Blood Orange is my favorite!