There are a wide variety of companies when it comes to CBD Oil. It is challenging to pick the best one out because of their distinct features. But there is one company out there which will work best for you. That one company you might ignore all the flaws and cherish their advantages. Can Johnny Apple be that brand for you? You’ll have to read this whole to get that.

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About Johnny Apple

Johnny Apple formed in San Francisco, specializes in CBD. It serves a highly potent THC free CBD helping remove all the joint pain, muscle pain, and anxiety. It soothes the mind and calms the body.

Johnny Apple uses only those hemp plants which do not contain any GMO. It uses one of the best techniques in the industry to extract and refine CBD, resulting in a 99.9% pure CBD.

What does it offer?

There is CBD crystalline isolate in their hemp isolates for each medical issue like insomnia, stress, pain relief, PTSD, anti-anxiety, and anti-spasm. You may add these isolates into the drink, infused in cooking, vaped, dabbed or applied topically. Johnny apple recommends that CBD may be dabbed, vaporized, orally ingested, or combined and smoked with dry herbal blends or strains.

Johnny Apple also a pod-based vaporizer starter kit which is easy to use and designed specifically for Hemp extracted CBD oil. They make CBD tincture out of 100% premium coconut-derived MCT oil, unlike other CBD tinctures which uses alcohol to make it.

Johnny Apple also serves topical CBD for anxiety using extra virgin seed oil, cocoa butter, organic beeswax, and scented with Calm terpene. It is proven to be highly effective for anti-inflammatory targeted pain relief.

They also offer gift certificate which other brands fail to provide. So, if you want to gift someone you can buy those on their website. You need to enter name email of the sender and recipient with an optional message and the theme of the certificate. And that’s it you can gift any desired non-refundable amount to your loved ones with a customized themed gift certificate.

The company ships free and fast first-class shipping for every order in any state of the US. Unlike other competitors which offer a minimum order for free shipping
there is no minimum order.

The packaging used for this product is a certified ‘CRC” Child-Resistant packaging, which is better sealed for shipping as well. And they also offer a 20% discount on active duty military personnel and veterans.

Products Offered

  • Hemp Isolates – ($30.00 – $50.00) Johnny Apple provides isolates with various flavor including mint, citrus, berries and more. It comes between two options half-gram or full-gram.
  • Stem (CBD Oil Vaporizer) -($40.00) This product comes with a 0.5ml STEM pod, a vaporizer battery, and a micro USB charger. The choices are between pure, zen, bliss, or calm where each seed contains 375mg of CBD.
  • Tincture – ($30.00 – $50.00) These are available in either 500mg or 1000mg and sold in 1-ounce glass dropper bottles. We recommend this to all those who need a highly effective anti-anxiety. People also use this product for cats, dogs, and other pets.
  • Calm Balm Topical – ($35.00 – $65.00) They made calm balm topical for people suffering from arthritic pain, fibromyalgia, tendon soreness, and physical pains in specific areas. It is available in both 500mg and 1000mg and arrives in a 25ml tin container.
  • Vapor Cartridge – ($25.00 – $78.00 for 0.3 ml and $35.00 – $78.00 for 0.5ml) There are two kinds of 510 threaded cartridges to buy. One is available in 0.3ml with 225mg of CBD and 0.5 with 375mg of CBD. Both are free from THC. You can order individually or a 3-pack variety (2-pack in case of ‘Pure’ cartridge).
  • Wax – ($60.00) Johnny Apple offers both honey oil and live resin dabber’s wax in a 2-gram size. This wax helps alleviate the joint and muscle pain relief and anxiety relief. It contains roughly 1300mg of pure THC free CBD. The test results show that broad-spectrum wax 74% of CBD; whereas honey oil includes 64.08% of CBD.
  • Gummies -($35) Johnny Apple also serves CBD gummies with serving size of 30gms without any saturated fat, trans fat, polyunsat fat, monounsat fat, cholesterol, dietary fiber, calories from fat. It contains 24mg of hemp extract from aerial plant parts, 1gm of sugar and 1gm of protein.
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Lab Testing

Johnny Apple tests all their products with 3rd party tests. The certificate of analysis is available on the website of all the products including cartridges, stem pods, isolates, tinctures, balms, honey oil, broad-spectrum wax, live resin. CB Labs, Inc. based in California conducts all the tests and have passed in most of the tests performed. The potency ratio of isolates, tinctures, and balms is 99.82% as determined and has proven to be free of heavy metals.

The only point to be noted is that there is only one company to test all the products which might raise some suspicion on the biases of the results. As of the Certificate of Analysis provided on the website, Johnny Apple seems to pass all the tests with flying colors.

Contact Johnny Apple

To enquire about anything you can mail at or fill out the form including full name, phone number, email address, and order no.(if any). There is also a Captcha submission required before you can submit the form. Johnny Apple connects through its customer by most of the social media, including Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Personal Experience

As you enter into the website interface is clean and straightforward. It provides FAQ on the page. You can also find customer reviews on the website, but we don’t know about the reliability of it. The site is designed beautifully and free of clutter. All the necessary options of an e-commerce website like Wishlist, search bar, and shopping cart are present. Overall the experience of shopping on the website is pleasant and friendly.

If you sign up as a customer, you’ll be able to check out quicker, ready to save multiple shipping addresses, access order history, save your items on a Wishlist, and track your orders. Now, the signup procedure is lengthy but not complicated. They would require you to enter your email address, password along with a confirmation, country, full name, address including city, state, postcode, and your phone number. Even after this fill your captcha so that you can complete your registration.

When you search online, there are not many reviews on other sites. The only considerations you can find are on the website. Many consumers ignore this product, but as per the reviews on the site, people like it.

Returns and shipping policy

You may return the product if it is unopened, within 30 days of delivery, and they generate a full refund for the same. If the return is due to an error on the company side, they also refund shipping charges. It generally takes four weeks to create the refund, which is high as compared to the competitors. To issue a return, you can contact them directly through the “Contact Us” page.

Johnny Apple ships anywhere in the US free of cost. It also promises to ship any part of the world except those places where international laws restrict them for a nominal charge. Shipping time and prices depend upon the area to place and shipping provider depending upon the weight of the product you ordered. But generally domestic First-Class shipping takes 2-5 days, and domestic priority shipping takes only 1-3 days.


If you look at the advantages of using Johnny Green over other competitors is mainly free shipping in the US, military discounts, and premium quality. Johnny Green does not compromise at the quality at all, providing all-natural terpene to give an aromatic flavor experience and offers for a price matching the industry average.

But it kills all other brands when it comes to shipping charges. And also major of the companies offer discounts to veterans, but when it comes to active duty military personnel, there are not many such companies.


The reasons you might want to go with other brands is its return policy, no money-back guarantee and no clear information about the sourcing and extraction of hemp plants, and a full list of ingredients not available on the website. If you look towards other companies, there are many different companies which let their customers know the whole process of how the product reaches their doorstep, which in turn increases their trust in the brand.


Johnny Apple is a pretty great choice when it comes to choosing CBD products. But the outcome is yet to reach masses. It provides ultra-pure quality at fair prices, but the competition undermines this brand. We expect that if they market the product to the customers, it will blossom like a flower. So, we want you to try Johnny Apple and make it reach the market position it deserves; you can visit the website here.

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Johnny Apple Quick Summary

Quality 91%
Effectiveness 93%
Benefits 91%
Price 98%
Customer Service 99%
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“The taste of this oil is fantastic. 30 minutes after taking my first ;dose I already felt less anxious”

“A high grade CBD oil. Excellent”

“Worth every penny”

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