An In-Depth Look at the Brand, Products, and Cost

In the realm of health medicine, miracle treatment is what many people have been looking for. The idea that one pure substance can help treat various medical disorders and not own a list of harmful effects is quite impossible.

There’s no one single treatment, instead, we have a wide variety of organic medications that help cure all types of different ailments. Some have a possibility of treating quite a few conditions.

CBD is one of the best examples because it can help cure and deal with all types of different health conditions and simultaneously help treat a few other disorders. So, where can it be purchased? Worry no more, since CBD is legal in the US. It is now easier to find the most reliable shop for your needs.

One of the most trusted companies that people from the US and CBD seekers resort to is Just CBD, because they offer high quality goods that are supported with independent laboratory results.

Let’s review Just CBD company to know more about the products, its costs and if they’re worth buying.

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Just CBD- Who Are They?

Just CBD, a brand that believes in the power of CBD. To some individuals, CBD is a result and supplementary element to the Marijuana’s THC, only beneficial when getting high and having a great time.

However, because of the latest scientific breakthroughs in the medical uses of CBD, trusted brands like the Just CBD can start promoting and selling CBD to help treat all kinds of health conditions.

The website of Just CBD is simple, straightforward, and mainly focuses on its products. They have a detailed FAQ page that contains all information that you can understand about the CBD products and their effects. Just CBD is different from other sites as they also give legal assistance such as being obliged to go through a drug test, and other information like the complications you can experience if not managed well.

The only downside on Just CBD’s website is being ask to verify if you are over 18 for every web page. You will choose this option quite a few times during the visit on the page.

The best part about Just CBD aside from its wide selection of products is their laboratory reports. Each product has a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which details what elements are in each product. They also give expiration dates which implies that each laboratory test is performed annually, and you will always get updated information. These laboratory reports include all the products they are selling, which is great considering the variety of products that Just CBD is offering. Let’s examine each Just CBD product and find out if they’re worth your money.

What Products Are Available?

CBD Edibles

Just CBD is offering large quantities of different CBD edibles which are far more than any other companies. The edibles are the primary focus of the company.

First, Just CBD is continuing the trend of adding honey in their products and so, they’re entirely selling different kinds of CBD edible and they call theirs “CBD Honey Sticks”.

They are made from natural honey and has a mixture of 10mg CBD. These small sticks are mini sugar booster that allows you to microdose yourself all day.

If you’re not a fan of honey, you can instead avail of their CBD Dried Fruit selection, which is a variety of different dried fruits that contain 250mg CBD up to 3000mg CBD.

Each dried fruit is filled with whatever fruit you pick, such as Apple, Kiwi, Papaya and all other kinds of tropical flavors. Each flavored product comes filled with CBD, allowing you to take CBD all throughout the day by consuming a few amount of sweets at any time.

Some people don’t like taking CBD directly and Just CBD also sell all kinds of Vape Oils as well.

CBD Oils

CBD oil can be found on all CBD sellers and shops because it’s the easiest way of taking CBD. However, in Just CBD’s case, the focus of the company is each single possible CBD method known to consumers.

They do have a supply of CBD Oil for those who choose the classic procedures. Just CBD mixtures are sold in varieties of different potencies.

You can never find information about CBD Oils on their page, other than the list of components such as CBD, Honey and vegetable glycerin. The honey on the product is quite strange as most of the CBD Oil manufacturers strive to steer clear from using extra sugars. Thus, it’s interesting that Just CBD choose to add it, but, reviews and reports from the consumers have attested that it greatly improves the taste, allowing them to enjoy honey’s pure health benefits.

Since not all people like using oil droppers with CBD Oils, they also sell the Daily Dose Hemp Seed Oil. This has the same low dosage of CBD, and contains Hemp Seed Oil in a pre-ready drop. One single drop gives the user ample oil for one day, enough to help treat swelling and several other mild ailments.

If CBD Oil doesn’t satisfy you, you can take your CBD by eating it.

CBD Vape Products

The company vape juices are available in four different flavors such as OG Kush, Blue Dream, Pineapple Express and Cinnamon Sugar Cookies. Each flavor tastes like Marijuana’s famous strains, which have been enjoyed by people for many years.

After you chose your favorite flavor, you can pick your prescribed amount, from 100mg to 1000mg, and the cost ranges from $20 up to $70.

On their official website, vape juices are surprisingly the products with the complete information, including the nutritional value and effect on the consumer.

To CBD shoppers, this help make a firm decision on what kind of Vape Juice you want as each flavor offers different effect on the user. For instance, taking in Blue Dream will help you feel relaxed and experience cerebral high.

What You Didn’t Know About Just CBD?

Certificate of Analysis

Just CBD products have a comprehensive certificate of analysis. This is a laboratory test result that is specific for finding the Cannabinoid content, the full ingredients and the exact measurements. The lab results of Just CBD are exactly what you want to know as a consumer. They’re complete, honest and transparent, which keeps you informed right before you purchase.

New CBD Edibles

Just CBD edibles are far different from the usual CBD gummies. They’re also selling CBD honey sticks which are on-the-go sugar boosters. Their edibles are above the basic selection of CBD sweets, they’re the perfect choice for those who like CBD edibles.

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How Much It Cost?

CBD Edibles

Just CBD edibles cost ranges from $8 to $30, depending on the edibles you buy. Since the company has multiple edibles such as honey sticks or gummies, it is difficult to determine the exact price.

CBD Oils

Just CBD oils retail for $15 up to $120.

The prices are just right for the CBD Oils that you can avail especially for the product with the lowest price. Even though there are consumers that might not consider taking 50mg or the 100mg CBD, some largely gain from CBD microdosing, thus, having the choice of lesser amounts of CBD anytime is an advantage for Just CBD.

Below are the prices of Just CBD oils:

1500mg for $119.99

1000mg for $99.99

550mg for $79.99

250mg for $40

100mg for $20

50mg for $15

CBD Vape Products

The pricing of Just CBD vape products ranges from $20 to $70, this depends on the CBD potency.

Is Buying Just CBD Worth It?

The integrity of Just CBD brand relies on the pure quantity of the different products they’re offering to CBD consumers. Whether you’re looking for CBD Oils, edibles or vape juices, they’ve got you covered!

Aside from the great selection of Just CBD products that we’ve discussed in this article, they also provide numerous smaller, comparable selections that are quite exciting. Like for instance, if you’re looking to buy natural CBD but don’t want to consume the CBD Oil, so for $48 you can purchase 1g of the CBD Isolate Powder. It’s a natural CBD that you can add on anything you like.

While the website of Just CBD doesn’t provide enough information about the brand, or their philosophy, they show their truthfulness and commitment to serve in two important ways: (1) On hand laboratory reports and (2) a huge variety of different selections.

Knowing all the information related to the products make your shopping a whole lot easier and you are more confident in making decisions on your purchase. It is also essential that you have a huge selection of products to choose from.

Therefore, if you’re a picky buyer and looking for the best quality CBD, Just CBD is the company that you should definitely give a try. Whether you like to pick from the different options available or need a strong, effective CBD, then Just CBD is the right brand for you!

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Just CBD Quick Summary

Quality 95%
Effectiveness 94%
Benefits 98%
Price 91%
Customer Service 95%
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“The taste of this oil is fantastic. 30 minutes after taking my first ;dose I already felt less anxious”

“A high grade CBD oil. Excellent”

“Worth every penny”

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