It’s true, Juul vaping has become so incredibly popular these days. You’ll find people all over the world who have simply fallen in love with the ability to vape conveniently. This trend appears as though it’s here to stay, and that’s for sure. Juuls have gotten so trendy that any third party companies have begun creating products such as pods compatible with Juuls.

The argument for vaping and the advent of vape pens is that it’s a great way to lessen the impact of smoking on the lungs. Nicotine is an addictive chemical that can be hard to get over, and people who used to smoke a pack or so of cigarettes a day would be better served to try a vape pen instead. And so, the Juul has grown hugely popular, and there are now so many Juul compatible pods. These products may or may not include nicotine, depending on your preference. Many products are also available in varying concentrations of nicotine so that you can slowly taper down and get rid of it completely if you wish.

And so, here we are with the Airbender Pods, which are pods compatible with Juul pens. Airbender as a company is rather well known for its many different flavors. Most of the product contains nicotine, of course, since nicotine is an addictive chemical and many people look to Juul pods to switch over from cigarettes.

Let’s take a look at Airbender pods and the various products you can get through this CBD review.

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Airbender Pods

Airbender Pods as we have mentioned are pods compatible with Juul devices. These pods allow you to experience the ultimate in vaping. They contain high-quality e-juices that are formulated to smell and taste amazing and delicious. A pack of Airbender pods usually contains nicotine, and it does not appear that they have pods without the addictive chemical. Nevertheless, the high-quality Juul pods (third party pods that is) will bring you the nicotine and vaping experience in a beautiful and convenient pack.

Airbender Juul Flavors

Now that we’ve taken a quick look at the Airbender pods, it’s time to look at the many different available flavors. One thing we can say about this company is that they make wonderful pods that many love. You can get 1 pack to try them out, but what you’ll struggle with is finding the right flavor. Chances are, you’ll love them all so much that you’ll struggle to find your favorite! They have choices such as Gypsy Tantrum, High Wire, New Shorts, Legit Blue Razz, and more. Let’s talk about them in detail below.

Gypsy Tantrum

One of the most popular flavors of Airbender Pods is Gypsy Tantrum. This is a mix of kiwi, watermelon, cream, and strawberry. Buying 1 pack will give you 4 pods that are all compatible with your Juul device. Each of the pods holds 1mL of vape juice. This product contains nicotine (salt) in 5% concentration. Many reviews state that Gypsy Tantrum tastes pretty good and also feels rather mellow. However, some say that it is quite strong in the nicotine department. You may want to try 1 pack before you commit to purchasing more.

New Shorts

The next flavor is New Shorts. Although the name is a bit odd, this variant is pretty much the natural classic tobacco option with a menthol twist. 1 pack also gives you 4 pods of 1mL each, 5% salt nicotine included. Some say that the taste of the pods is rather minty, and not so much tobacco, but your mileage may vary.

High Wire

High Wire is a fantastically fruity blend of tastes all in one convenient package. This pack of 4 pods contains flavorful e-liquid with a blend of honeydew, strawberry, watermelon, and mango. High Wire contains 5% salt nicotine. 1 pod = 1mL.


The name of this flavor doesn’t at all tell you much about its taste. Paladin is a blend of raspberry, dragonfruit, apple, and blueberry. This is one of the products that sell well from Airbender, and we are sure you will like it too.


You’ll love the flavor of pinkie – it’s yellow cakes that are pink-frosted. Truly enjoyable, and Airbender has made sure this is one of their best products. 1 pack = 4 pods, 1mL each. Nicotine included.


If you want to try the best selling flavors without having to buy 1 pack of each, you can buy the Airbender Pods multi-pack. This pack contains Gypsy tantrum, pinkie, paladin, and high wire. The pack has 4 pods, one of each of the named flavors. Of course, nicotine is included in these products.


Naturally, this flavor tastes exactly of sweet and ripe strawberries. The pack contains 4 pods, 1 mL each. Nicotine included – 5% salt just like all the others.

Cucumber Mint

This flavor of Airbender Pods will truly remind you of a fresh summer drink by the pool. 1 pack is 4 pods 1mL each, with nicotine of course.

Legit Blue Razz

Next up we have Legit Blue Razz, which is essentially blue raspberry flavor. But, with a twist. What that twist is, you’ll have to find out for yourself! Try these Airbender pods and see for yourself.


First and foremost, we think that this Airbender product has quite an adorable name. Harassmint is a creamy milkshake with mint, of course.

Pitaya on ICE

Last but not least we have Pitaya on ICE, which is another of the Airbender products that contain menthol. This ejuice tastes like papaya, dragon fruit, and of course, menthol. These Airbender pods always come in packs of four. Airbender put 1mL of liquid in each pod, with nicotine of course.

Airbender Hemp Pods

Airbender 200mg Hemp Pods are compatible with JUUL vape pens and available in 4 delicious flavors. Each package contains a single disposable 1ml CBD Pod refill in Mint, Lemon Bar, Sweet Melons or Original. Each CBD Hemp Vape Pod has 200mg/ml full-spectrum CBD with approximately 200 puffs and No THC. Vaping is a fast-acting way to add CBD to your system and you’ll enjoy the delicious vapor these flavorful CBD E-juice pods produce. Disposable CBD e-liquid pods are a convenient way to relax and enjoy the pleasure of vaping.

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Final Thoughts

One thing that we can truly say about Airbender Pods is that many people love them. The products that this company puts out are constantly sold out because they simply offer amazing flavor and mouthfeel. The throat hit is also smooth, and you don’t end up struggling to get through your ejuice. If you’re wondering whether you’ll enjoy a flavor, you can simply take a look at the reviews and feedback online to see what other people have thought.

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