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Mary’s Medicinals CBD 101: Facts, Products and Cost

The cannabis in many US states is now legalized and is mainly used for medical purposes. Mary’s Medicinals have been presented by The Cannabist as “Best Medical Advancement” for two consecutive years and people have regarded them as a vital business.

Mary’s Medicinals CBD are known to have the best natural treatment for opioid addiction and this is because of their strong patches of transdermal cannabinoid. In addition to the (THC and CBD) which are the main elements, Mary’s Medicinals are very proud to offer brands that are high in THCa, CBN, and CBC.

While most CBD companies market CBD as a food additive, Mary’s Medicinals CBD is a company that is becoming the frontrunner in consuming cannabis products in unique ways. They are selling them as lotions and ointments, allowing consumers to enjoy CBD by using it right to the skin.

With this extensive review of the Mary’s Medicinal, we’ll be discussing the company, available products, who can use them, and if they’re more useful than other brands that you can find in the medical marijuana dispensary.

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About Mary’s Medicinals

The CEO and co-founder of the Mary’s Medicinals is Lynn Honderd. She’s also the director of the Mary’s Foundation for Caring, a 501-organization committed to patient education and outreach.

Honderd has been in the Capital markets for 15 years and was helpful in the IPO execution success and marketing for different companies across various industries. Also, her experience helped establish Mary’s Medicinals CB as the top producer of medical-grade marijuana products in many states. Mary’s Medicinals aim to advance world acceptance, awareness, and use of cannabis along with other plant treatments.

Mary’s Medicinals is a well-known manufacturer and exclusive supplier of Transdermal Patch, as well as creating products that increase the usefulness of terpenes, cannabinoids, and plant minerals, the company is truly revolutionizing how people perceive and use marijuana.

Aside from being the first company to deliver products that are transdermal cannabis, they’re also the pioneer in promoting the benefits of THCa and CBN and discover inventive methods to separate CBD. Moreover, they keep on creating new innovative ways to acquire, produce and sell therapeutic marijuana.

From the proprietors and associates to their researchers and production partners, the dedication of the company is everything.

The following are the 5 main factors in which all their goods are manufactured:

  • Patient First Mentality
  • Industry-Leading Liability
  • Accurate Dosing
  • Scientific-grade delivery
  • Convenient use

In 2013, Mary’s Medicinals was established and masses of medical patients have resorted to this brand as a trustworthy source for pain relief since then. Because of their exciting brands, they earned praise as the top quality and up-to-date brand in the dietary cannabis market.

Mary’s Medicinals CBD Products Selection

Mary’s Medicinals CBD is confident to claim that all products being offered are effective dosing, which means that they are 10 times more effective than anything available on the marketplace. The claim is from the truth that the liver doesn’t easily get transdermal products broken down and then processed by gastric acid. They accomplish this due to the elements that are carried to the blood right after being applied to the skin. So, let us look at the brands that Mary’s Medicinals CBD are offering:

The Remedy THC

This brand contains 1000 mg of THC tincture and is only available in the flavor of lemon-lime. It’s only available in 15 ml vial which is about 60 servings.


The only 100% pure, free of pesticide THC mixture in this lineup which contains 1 (CBD) :1 (CBN) and 3 (CBD) :1 (THC). The consumer will have to use heat control equipment to obtain the best flavor. Mary’s Medicinals and PAX blend results in the ultimate vapor experience.

Distillate Vape Kit

This kit has an adaptable voltage battery that displays battery life and draws time. It’s marketed in THC mixture, 1 (CBD) :1 (CBN) or 3 (CBD) :1 (THC). The 500mg Pyrex glass cartridges include only cannabinoids and terpenes, there are no additives, cutting agents, fillers, etc.

Transdermal Patch

This patch of Mary’s Medicinals can be used to any blood section of skin and gives 8 to one-half day of pain relief. The consumption is between 15 to half an hour. The product is sold in six profiles such as Indica, CBN, Sativa, CBD, 1 (CBD): 1 (THC) and THCa.

Coltyn’s Remedy Oil 1:1

This is a 100mg CBD and THC extract that has the desired “entourage effect. This has been manufactured in partnership with Coltyn Turner and about 45 servings per bottle.

Muscle Freeze

Muscle Freeze is a topical cream that’s CBD-filled and offers a fast relaxing effect. Also, it’s effective in alleviating pain and reducing inflammation. The relief can last up to 4 hours.

Transdermal Blend

The 100mg mixture of CBD and THC can give a quick and concentrated pain relief for about 3 hours. This is helpful for people suffering from nerve and joint pain and inflammation.


Mary’s Medicinals pills are from 100 percent plants that are available in both CBN and CBD. When taken right, the consumer can get 5mg per capsule. The CBN is perfect for people with sleeping disorders, on the other hand, CBD is for patients with nervousness.

The Remedy CBD: CBN

The one bottle of this mixture contains 200mg CBD: CBN and is sold in citrus-vanilla flavor. The effect of this product peak after 90 minutes and can last 4 to 8 hours. It’s helpful for people with sleep and countering problems.

Transdermal Gel Pen

This is one of Mary’s Medicinals’ fast-acting and correctly dosed products in the market. The consumer can take 2mg per pump and 50 dosage per pen. The effect can last 4-6 hours. Transdermal Gel Pen is available in Indica, CBD, Sativa, and CBN.

Remedy Oil

Remedy Oil is Mary’s number one sublingual mixture, effective at treating pain, anxiety and inflammation problems. The ingredients of this oil are 500mg fully grown CBD, sweet almond oil, myrrh oil, and cinnamon oil. A single drop of remedy oil below tongue is equivalent to 2mg dosage.

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Mary’s Medicinals CBD Products Review

Mary’s Medicinals is a unique and game-changing company that sells the most useful and advanced CBD products in the market. Probably, one of the best brands out there, aiming to make a big difference. Below are the best reviews we gathered from our website:

Dedication to Education

More and more people are discovering medical cannabis and its usefulness and so, there’s a high demand for truthful, objective, and up-to-date information. Mary’s Medicinals works with different organizations and experts to educate society on the latest development in cannabis medication.

Benevolent Giving and Community Outreach

Mary’s Medicinals have unwavering support to the people. They are currently working with different organizations such as Patients Out of Time, Americans for Safe Access and Realm of Caring, American Cannabis Nurses Association, and United Patients Group.


The company has received multiple awards that support the quality and authority of its products in the cannabis industry. Aside from receiving the award as “Best Medical Advancement”, they also won the following:

  • 2017 Most Valuable Brand Award
  • 2016 Edibles List Award – Best Transdermal
  • 2014 Invention of the Year Award

In-House Testing

The brand has its chemists who supervise all the testing of the mixtures, raw and final products, conforming with the challenging standards of consistency and concentration. Mary’s Medicinals was the first cannabis manufacturer in Colorado to have an internal UHPLC or Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography testing equipment and workforce to assist it as well.

News & Events

The official website of the company has a “News & Events” tab, where you can read different articles about the products, partnerships, latest developments and more. This is a complete page that covers everything about cannabis. It’s a very useful section of the website to keep consumers informed about the brand.


The prices of Mary’s Medicinals products are unavailable for consumers who are not part of their qualifying states. Still, you can browse the shop and if you give a call to one of their authorized shops or if you research deeper, you can get information about the pricing.

Bottom Line

In most states, medical marijuana is now legal and accepted, and so, Mary’s Medicinals CBD are taking advantage by simply by selling premium value of cannabis products to the people. Thus, a growing number of consumers today are looking for pure, effective alternative options to health problems such as pain and it seems like Mary’s Medicinals is a leading company.

In summary, our review of the company’s products proved that this is a business with several best, unique and effective brands of any marijuana industry. They certainly provide brands that deserve to be used, and if you’re residing in a US state where marijuana is allowed, we highly suggest you give the products a try. Moreover, if you don’t own a health cannabis card or are not living in a US state where it’s legal, then you can buy from Mary’s Medicinals CBD’s sister business for cannabis brands that are sold in all fifty US states.

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Mary’s Medicinals Quick Summary

Quality 99%
Effectiveness 97%
Benefits 96%
Price 95%
Customer Service 94%
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“The taste of this oil is fantastic. 30 minutes after taking my first ;dose I already felt less anxious”

“A high grade CBD oil. Excellent”

“Worth every penny”

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by Rosie B. on Mary’s Medicinals
Such a good product

This I was such a good product, after trying different hemp oils, so far this is the best one.

by Aaron A. on Mary’s Medicinals
The best

I bought this product hoping it would help my spinal pain. It has helped very little if at all.

by Gregory M. on Mary’s Medicinals
Five Stars

My knee pain is almost completely gone, so it really works!

by Eva D. on Mary’s Medicinals
Didnt work

Did not help with pain.

by Kristy K. on Mary’s Medicinals
Highly recommended

Have recommended this to my friends and family for their pain, anxiety and inflammation.

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