Whether you are new or have been using CBD products for a while already, understanding how it works can still be overwhelming especially on how to properly find the right dosage that is perfect for every user. With the industry that is still quite new, there is still so much that needs to be figured out to properly know how CBD should be used the right way.

People are becoming more aware of the benefits of CBD as more articles are released for the information of the masses. While the knowledge of the effects and benefits of CBD is important, it is equally necessary to know how to determine the right dosage for every product and use.

CBD products are categorized by the FDA as a dietary supplement. However, unlike with the other supplements, there is no Recommended Daily Intake or RDI for CBD that FDA mandates, therefore, it doesn’t have an official serving size. Because of this, some users tend to do their own estimates on their use of CBD or just follow what the brands recommend the users to take which are again, just estimates. The thing is, the right dosage means that the product, strength, and amount of CBD are at parr to the individuals’ needs of the product. Some factors that need to be considered are the weight of the user, body chemistry, the severity of the condition, and the concentration of CBD.

In this article, you will learn how to calculate some variables that will help you know the right dosage for your CBD use.

How to Measure Potency of CBD Oil

Measuring potency is important in selecting the right strength of CBD. This involves two specific measurements that are important to determine potency and dosage — the concentration of the CBD in mg (milligrams) and the size of the bottle in ml (milliliters).

To measure the strengths, a high concentration of CBD will, of course, mean that the product is strong. However, you need to also take into account the size of the bottle to which it is contained. To calculate the strength of CBD, simply divide the concentration in mg that is stated in the bottle by the ml of the bottle itself.

For example:

Bottle A – 100 mg 15 ml bottle VS Bottle B – 500 mg 60 ml bottle

100 mg / 15 ml = 6.6. mg/ml
500 mg/ 60 ml = 8.3 mg/ml

Bottle B is stronger than Bottle A because of its high concentration in the bottle.

Bottle A- 100 mg 15 ml bottle VS Bottle C – 200 mg 30 ml

100 mg / 15 ml = 6.6. mg/ml
200 mg / 30 ml = 6.6 mg/ml

Bottle A and Bottle B both have the same strength — they’re just different size bottles.

Here’s how to convert mg to ml CBD:

Mg to ml

CBD oil has a density of 920kg/m3. If you want to convert 15 mg to ml of CBD oil, here’s what you should do:

1. Since the density of the CBD oil is in kg/m3, convert it first to grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm3).

Simply divide 920kg/m3 by 1000 to get a g/cm3 unit. Doing so will give you 0.92 g/cm3.

2. Convert the unit from mg to g. In our case convert 15 mg to g.

Divide 15mg by 1000. 15 / 1000 = 0.015 g

3. The conversion now becomes like this:

0.015 g x 1 cm3
———- ———- = 0.016304347826087 cm3
1 0.92 g

4. Convert your volume to ml. Since it’s a 1:1 conversion, 1 cm3 = 1 ml. Therefore, 15mg of CBD oil is equal to 0.016304347826087 ml of CBD oil.

Choosing the Right Strength

Choosing the right strength of CBD for you and how much to take in a day really relies on how much CBD you can tolerate. It varies depending on the tolerance, preferences, and body chemistry of an individual. This means that determining the right strength is really up to the user to see which one works for them. Some users use much higher CBD strengths than others.

CBD is safe to take in higher amounts as long as it is the kind that does not contain THC. The amount of CBD depends on how much the person can take until the desired effects are felt. A smart way to introduce CBD in your system is to start on a low dose then working your way up.

If you desire to experience specific effects, here are some guidelines for you to work on:

For minor stress, aches and pains, use low strength CBD or ha 7.5 mg/ml. Medium strength which has 15mg/ml is ideal for moderate stress, pains or digestive problems, and inflammation. Lastly, a higher strength of 40 mg/ml is perfect for those who experience sleeping disorders, intense stress, and pain.

How to Choose The Right Dosage

Getting the right dose actually entails trial and error. While there are guidelines that recommend the strength that you can take, it is up to the users to decide which ones work for them. Every user is different since each has its preferences and body chemistry.

The smartest thing to do is to start low and go slow. Start by using small dosages per day, like for instance, 5 mg per day or a few drops to allow your body to get used to the effects of CBD in your system. Gradually increase your intake and work your way up slowly until you find the right strength that works and the right dosage that would give you the best effect you wanted.

It is important to allow the body to adjust and get used to the effects of cannabinoids and to take only as much as needed. While CBD is safe to take in higher amounts, it is still very important to set your limit. So use only as much as what your body can take.