Throughout the more recent years, the use of CBD has become more and more popular. Indeed, in more recent times, the medical world has begun to use CBD more. In fact, it’s no longer just an “alternative medicine” – in many cases, doctors will prescribe or recommend the use of a Cannabinoid to their patients to help with a bunch of conditions. Yes, CBD’s use in the medical world has become a great help in alleviating various health conditions. This is the exact reason why more people are turning to CBD as an alternative treatment, or even as a supplementary course of action. To help the consumers go through all the companies that makes CBD, we publish CBD oil reviews to better understand what companies are offering.

Although the use of CBD has not been fully legalized and regulated throughout the world, many companies have been trying their best to introduce CBD to consumers and prove its benefits. The dream is that one day, it will be legal worldwide, and humans as a whole can benefit from the many wonders a cannabinoid preparation can offer. Fortunately, over the years of successfully disseminating information about CBD, people now recognize it as an effective treatment for many health conditions especially for those that have to deal with chronic pains and anxiety. And so, chances are, more governing bodies will take heed and begin to consider the possibilities of legalizing.

With a lot of brands coming out on the market today, it can certainly be said that people are looking to purchase only high-quality products. After all, with so many new releases on the regular, the market can become overwhelmed with subpar options. This is why it’s important to look for a company that will ensure their products are tested for the integrity of the bottles’ content. That is one of the promises that NuLeaf Naturals has for its loyal customers. Certified brands like NuLeaf Naturals offer customers their best with 100% all-natural CBD products. Each of these comes from pure hemp, and naturally, each of them offers great benefits.

NuLeaf Naturals is a trusted CBD brand committed to providing top-quality CBD products. In today’s Nuleaf Naturals Review, we will take a look at everything there is to know about this company – from their history to their commitment to a brighter future when it comes to making people happy.

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About the Brand — NuLeaf Naturals Review

NuLeaf Naturals was founded in 2014. It was one of the pioneers in the CBD industry – one of the first to be making a name for themselves when it came to cannabinoid items. Even before the cannabis craze started in the US, the company had already started getting into the cultivation of cannabis plants as a head start. They were on the frontlines when it came to promoting CBD as an industry. The brand started with CBD oils as the main product, one which was developed in a lab in Colorado.

Users of this brand’s preparations might find comfort in the fact that NuLeaf Naturals was founded by health enthusiasts whose goal is to promote wellness in body and mind. With the help of CBD, of course. Through the course of time, they should be able to easily achieve this goal. After all, more and more people are looking to use Cannabinoid products in their day to day lives. The brand claims that the plants that are used to make their products are grown organically. Everything is done with sustainability in mind when it comes to their farming practices. You can trust that every single one of the farms they source from takes their time to follow code. Well, to make sure their farms are sustainable of course. Overall, NuLeaf is currently focused on selling CBD oils to the market.

NuLeaf Naturals Product Highlights

This brand is currently focused on offering CBD oils to their consumers. The company promotes its CBD oils as made from 100% organic materials. In their formulation, they’ve perfected the product by combining USDA Certified Organic Hemp Oil and Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract into the best and most effective cannabinoid preparation. Add to that the fact that they keep sustainability in mind, you have a company with scruples and principles. In order to direct their product and live up to its name, the brand thus uses natural and raw ingredients that do not contain any traces of preservatives or additive. After all, they want their users to be healthy as can be.

Let’s start the review. Their CBD oils are lab-tested for purity and quality, as well as for potency. And so, if you find that your purchase contains items that are subpar, you should contact them to rectify the situation. Each milliliter of oil is concentrated with approximately 50 mg of cannabinoid. Since their products are organic, they process their extraction via CO2 extraction to get the CBD from the hemp plants. Since the extraction method does not require solvents and heat, the pure extracts are retained and a full spectrum of cannabinoids is harvested from the hemp crops. This is exactly why testing then leads to results showing purity and potency! If you’re worried, you can always ask about how the company does its testing.

Because NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil is made with 100% organic hemp oil and any other organic components without any trace of additives, it has a potent smell that is exactly the same as the plant. With no artificial flavors, the product may taste a bit woody and has a tart flavor. However, if this is what your experience is, there is no cause for concern. After all, this is exactly what natural hemp tastes like. Those who are not used to CBD oils that are not flavored may struggle to get used to the taste. If you think you’ll have a problem with it, you might want to look for something with a bit of flavor. Otherwise, prepare to get used to it due to its pureness. However, if you are someone who appreciates the taste of organic CBD oil, this is definitely one of the best brands to try.

Note that NuLeaf even makes oil for your pets. For a small cost, you can keep your dog or cat on the road to feeling healthy as much as possible. Indeed, you can get a fast way to help treat any of your dog’s or cat’s ailments in a natural way. After all, can it get any more natural considering the fact that everything comes from a plant? With shipping, you shouldn’t really have to pay much to improve the life of your pet. They might not be able to say it, but your pet will surely be thanking you.

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NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil

If you’re wondering whether NuLeaf’s oils contain any THC, the answer is – yes. It does have some. As in, a minute amount. 0.3% THC is contained in this oil, which means if you need to take a drug test you may fail. So keep this in mind. However, if you are worried about that high you get from cannabis, you won’t get it from this oil. So feel free to take it with its daily recommended dose. If you have further questions, you may want to contact the company and ask them for clarity.

Here’s a fast reminder of what the benefits of these oils are. First of all, they can help you if you’re feeling down and low. They can also help with general malaise, chronic pains, anxiety, and mood swings. If you have a problem with sleep, you might find cannabinoid products to be really helpful. After all, they are quite well known for helping you to feel much more relaxed, then leading to an easier time falling asleep. In some cases, NuLeaf Naturals oils can help you lose or gain weight as well (depending on how they affect you). Not just that, but you’ll also be much more healthy in general. So, you can tell NuLeaf Naturals really wants to help people be at their best.

The CBD oils are available in 5 sizes — 5 ml, 15 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml. Customers are free to choose which size bottle to purchase on their official website. Shipping is generally fast so you don’t have to worry about having to wait a long time. Visit their store occasionally and you might find discounts available in their shop. Sometimes, you might see they have a coupon code or two up for grabs. Having a coupon code will help you save a bit of money with your purchase.

  • The 5ml bottle has 240 milligrams CBD. It costs thirty-eight dollars and fifty cents.
  • The 15 ml bottle will have 725 milligrams CBD and it costs about ninety-nine dollars.
  • The 30ml bottle will contain 1450 milligrams CBD oil and it is retailed at one hundred seventy-nine dollars.
  • The 50ml contains 2425 milligrams of oil and it costs two hundred and thirty-nine dollars.
  • The 100ml bottle has 4850 milligrams of CBD (that’s a LOT!) and it is retailed at four hundred and thirty-nine dollars.

The dosage is completely up to the CBD user. However, it is important to remember that 1 drop of the oil contains 2.4 mg of CBD. It’s recommended that you drop underneath the tongue and keep the dose there for a little to absorb before you swallow it.

NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil Effects

The effect is better when taken under the tongue for 30 seconds prior to swallowing. Many customers claim that they felt significant change and effect on their condition even only after a few drops of the product. Due to its potency, this CBD oil by NuLeaf Naturals is best for evening use which is perfect for extreme relaxation.

NuLeaf Naturals claims to help treat various medical conditions such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation and other medical issues such as epilepsy and treat seizures. Of course, it’s always a complementary treatment or a supplementary one. Don’t simply rely on CBD if your doctor has otherwise told you to also use other treatment methods. Exhaust all of your options before you decide to drop everything and go with using only CBD instead. This is especially important in cases of serious illness!

How to Purchase the Product

Purchasing NuLeaf Natural products is easy and can be done by simply ordering from their website directly. The website is very easy to navigate and is user-friendly so you can find right away what you are looking to purchase. It ships all around the U.S. and to 40 countries around the world via USPS Priority Mail. It’s fast – shipping happens within 2 to 3 days depending on your area. A 30-day return policy is also available through which you can return unused, damaged or unopened products in exchange for a full refund (but with corresponding shipping fees).

Final Thoughts on NuLeaf Naturals CBD

For this CBD oil brand, the quality of the products they produce is no doubt really good. Everything is potent and pure, a promise that NuLeaf Naturals has made and delivered. Using only naturals in their formula, they’ve ensured that nothing synthetic goes into your body, keeping you healthy. Because of all of this, NuLeaf Naturals has remained as one of the most trusted brands when it comes to organic CBD oils. With products that have the power of a full spectrum plant and extracts from organic hemp which are extracted in the most careful and efficient way, NuLeaf Natural’s products have remained a renowned high-quality and best-selling brand over the years.

Although it was a good strategy to focus on only one product to offer the market in order to really focus on making its quality known and establish the product, what NuLeaf could do better now is to supply more variations and preparations. This will definitely give more options to customers on how they can taste the goodness of the CBD that the brand is especially known for. It will also reach more markets and will definitely give more profit to the company in the long run. Besides, not everyone likes using oils taken orally!

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NuLeaf Naturals Quick Summary

Quality 96%
Effectiveness 97%
Benefits 92%
Price 85%
Customer Service 93%
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“The taste of this oil is fantastic. 30 minutes after taking my first ;dose I already felt less anxious”

“A high grade CBD oil. Excellent”

“Worth every penny”

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