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If you have been wondering about the ever-growing hemp industry, you will enjoy this in-depth review of one of its leading companies-PrimeMyBody. This review is one of the first extensive ones online that contains everything you need to know about the growing hemp industry and the products that businesses can create from this plant. In essence, the Prime My Body review will let you get a glimpse of how their company works, the products they have, business opportunities, etc. If you want to grab an exciting offer from as we share tons of information about it, be our guest.

PrimeMyBody or Prime My Money?

A picture of Paul Rogers, CEO of Prime My Body

People used to frown over the term “marijuana” along with its extract that is commonly known by its acronym, CBD. It was associated with recklessness and widely known as a gateway drug to other hard drugs. However, with more studies and research taking place on the product, its immense benefits were brought to light. This rigorous research changed the public perception of CBD products and led to legalization in different parts of the world. As the legality of the PrimeMyBody company and other CBD oil products became established in certain areas, the industry witnessed immense growth.

Marijuana used to be a controversial topic from all over the globe is now opening the door to a billion-dollar industry. The market embraces the use of CBD products for its remarkable results, as proven by one affiliate after another. As more companies delve into this kind of business, it is no secret that the competition for the best products keeps getting tighter as years pass by. One of them is Prime My Body Company, which offers a variety of products like serum and a muscle salve as the first of its kind in the modern world.

If this sounds interesting to you, we’ve laid out everything you need to know about the PrimeMyBody company before you binge-buy their products and be one of the first clients to affirm its effectiveness.

About PrimeMyBody is a lifestyle company founded by Paul Rogers aiming to improve one’s overall wellness by providing nutrition-based supplements to improve one’s mental clarity and physical condition. PrimeMyBody has been in existence for several years and has allowed the common man to invest in the booming CBD industry. It means that you don’t have to create your own CBD company to become a partaker of its benefits. By just being an affiliate of a company like PrimeMyBody, you get a fair chance to create wealth via multi-level marketing from CBD products.

Their headquarters are in Texas, USA. As for their marketing strategy, the company currently employs a multi-level marketing approach. They encourage viewers on their website to become the company’s business affiliates where they can create a startup for as low as $39.

What does PrimeMyBody offer?

PrimeMyBody has a lot of hemp-infused products that claim to soothe your mind, improve muscle ailments, and a night of better sleep as the first of its kind in the booming market. Also, they have launched a skincare serum that boasts of its anti-aging effects according to their advertisement, stating how a drastic difference is possible in as early as five minutes.

Also, Prime My Body cites products that can be good for your pets’ wellness, too. If you’re skeptical about what goes into their body with their products, the complete list of ingredients and their full review is on their website at, or you can just approach an affiliate for a faster response. Make sure to read thoroughly to ensure that you don’t experience any allergies or any other unwanted side effects and see if this is worth the hype and your monetary investment as well.

PimeMyBody’s Best Selling Products

One of Prime My Body’s main selling points is getting clients to use various hemp-based products for different reasons and effects that the consumer wishes to happen. Although there are many other products available and here’s a list of their best selling products for you to try:

  1. Focus – What used to be known as Recept rebranded to Focus in a 50mL bottle. It is a mind and body hemp oil extract that stimulates overall body wellness with its seven active terpenes and other ingredients that the body can absorb at a fast rate into one’s bloodstream.Prime My Body: FOCUS Mind & Body Hemp Extract
  2. NOX – This serum comes from its active ingredients, Nitric Oxide, which aims to bring back your youthful skin by flushing out its impurities and removes any abnormal pigmentation with its hemp extracts. Moreover, this antioxidant is rich in Vitamin C & E, which is suitable for your skin cells and tissue.

    Prime My Body: NOX Nitric Oxide + Hemp-Infused Skin Rejuvenation Serum
  3. Hydrate Pure – This moisturizer is perfect for those who have dry skin as this locks in the nutrients that your skin needs while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also uses a 99% pure hemp oil extract that supports skin elasticity.Hydrate Pure — Hemp-Infused Moisturizer
  4.  Hempening Vanilla Lip Balm – One of the thinnest layers in our body needs the most delicate care. The Prime My Body bundle of four is perfect for you to share with your loved ones. The hemp oil reacts with avocado and coconut oil along with other natural herbs to instantly hydrate your lips.Hempening Vanilla Lip Balm
  5. Prime Protein Superfood – Whether you’re planning on dropping a few pounds or toning your muscles, this versatile product from hemp might be the best option for you without the additional preservatives. It is a plant-based protein shake that mixes with any beverage of your choice.Prime Protein Superfood Chocolate Love

Aside from the products mentioned above, Prime My Body also launched two new products; CALM, a hemp extract formula that guarantees a good night’s sleep, and PAWS, which is a supplement for your pet’s mental and emotional health. Precisely, it is why it is also essential to know Prime My Body stock from their site to know how many pieces per product you would want to order.

Just like any other product in the market, make sure to consult with your doctor for medical advice, especially if you have any pre-existing medical condition before ordering any prime my body products.

Manufacturing Process (CBD Oil)

One of the best ways to get a hold of their products is to simply visit their website at and add to the cart the items that suit your needs and interests best. Since they are mainly selling oils, don’t forget to look for Prime My Body Hemp Oil Review across the internet to know more.

Don’t forget to visit their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for easy access with one of their customer service employee on how to make your purchase smooth.

Aside from that, you may get some products from one of their business affiliates, and you can also learn how to make money from becoming an affiliate. The support for their affiliates is impressive- with live calls, free business training, and a great seller dashboard, you will have everything you need to start a business.

Prime My Body Business Model

As mentioned earlier, PrimeMyBody utilizes multi-level marketing that allows the company to expand its business by merely using their affiliate’s network and connections and helping them make money in the process.

Though they are not keen on the product itself alone, the company emphasizes that their offer serves as an opportunity for those who want to make money and earn a profit of 10-30% as they sell their products for a lower price.

What prime my body business affiliates usually do is share their replicated sites on their respective social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram since they are unable to rank it on Google. The commission rate is fixed at 10% plus more benefits once affiliates can successfully recruit other people to join the expanding company with all rights reserved.

This type of affiliate marketing product model may work for you if you’re competent and confident in your skill because it provides a high potential of helping you get extra income with all rights reserved.

Customer Support

You can also check out Prime My Body’s official website at to contact customer service as they provide a wide array of details from various parts of the globe. If you know one of the prime my body affiliates, it may also help to ask the person for advice on a product. They have excellent customer support at your beck and call them ready to answer any questions you may have about products and give you more information on their affiliate programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the best things about their company’s FAQs section is that all the questions are well-arranged based on the category to ensure that you are reading as extensively as you like on their products, programs, and other inquiries without skipping a detail.

Is Prime My Body a Pyramid Scheme?

No, Prime My Body is not a pyramid scheme. It is a CBD company with a multi-level marketing business model that helps people profit via affiliate marketing.

Their FAQ section includes general inquiries, how their system works, information on a particular product, and how to address simple issues and mistakes.

For more information, you may visit their section at

If there are parts that seem confusing to you, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of their affiliates for more details.

What is Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil has been around for decades as one of the great products of marijuana. The consistent application of modern technology allows more and more researchers to break down the heavy molecular content in hemp oil. The technology application makes it easier to consume and makes it work a lot faster than the typical hemp oil. Prime My Body hemp oil makes use of nanotechnology to produce the best hemp oil in the business.

Unlike your regular hemp oil, a nano-enhanced one brings its bio-availability to almost 100%. It makes it ten times more concentrated than the regular hemp oil. As your body ingests this prime body hemp oil, no product ever goes to waste as all of it is being adequately absorbed at a faster rate. Hence it’s proven results that are adored by many clients from all over the globe. The nanotechnology increases the absorption rate of hemp oil and makes the benefits visible faster than the old hemp oil.

What is Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil Used To Do?

This type of oil garnered the term “Liquid Gold,” and it has a variety of uses and benefits to the human body. It is said to boost the immune system that protects you from other diseases by increasing the white blood cells in your anatomy. The antioxidant properties of PrimeBody hemp oil also let you bask in the fountain of youth as slows down your body’s aging process while minimizing your overall stress from daily life. It’s soothing properties also keep you calm and relaxed throughout the day.

What is prime my body CBD?

Prime My Body CBD is a type of CBD oil gaining massive traction in the CBD industry. One can ingest by placing a few drops under your tongue before drinking any beverage for the next 30 minutes. It offers a quicker result than taking a capsule or taking a bite of an edible. Generally, Prime My Body CBD oil is safe and usually does not leave any aftertaste or any unpleasant experience to its users.

This CBD oil releases all the tension in your body by soothing your muscle and overall reducing your stress levels in a few minutes.

Customer Experience and Feedback

As we all know, the internet can be full of reviews that are either fake or biased based on the company’s marketing approach, which may tamper with facts.

However, one of the most common reviews is the company’s price, which tends to be more expensive than other companies that are offering similar products for a lower price. Consequently, it can lure consumers to their competitors. With PrimeMyBody’s high quality, the cost has a justification.

Though other negative reviews are floating around the internet on the company in regards to the payment process and other dilemmas, we are confident that the company lives up to its client-centric values and works hard to fix my issues as they come.

Countless reviews say that despite some issues, the product itself is worth every penny as it lives up to its expectations. There are many happy customers, even with the problems, which may be the company’s simple mistakes in processing orders.


The search for the perfect CBD oil continues to be a challenge as many companies seem to emerge every year and bring about the same promise of spectacular results. With the legalization of CBD across many states, more companies are springing up daily in a bid to partake in the wealth of the industry. Subsequently, this can make it difficult for a consumer to choose what products to use while being confronted with a lot of options.

Consumers are continually basing their buying decisions on a variety of factors. It is easy to find an alternative with a single click to the search bar, especially in a technologically-advanced community where one may compare and contrast a similar product based on their price, product content, and other factors.

But who doesn’t love the competition? It’s part of a company’s growth strategy, and who benefits? Of course, the consumer, who is the ultimate beneficiary because of the multitude of choices, but chiefly, the increased quality of products. Moreso, the customer, you, become savvier in the art of the perfect CBD oil.


In every business, there are two players involved: the buyer and the seller of the product. What makes the company’s marketing technique plausible is that they use their affiliates to their advantage by encouraging other people to try the one product first before eventually joining as their fellow affiliates as well.

If you look at Prime My Body’s product list, you may say that you’re getting a decent product for a high price. Unfortunately, this may be overshadowed by competitors who offer the same thing for a more affordable price range though loyal clients praise the product for its effectivity. In an ever-expanding market for these kinds of products, it is best to meet one of their affiliates to review Prime My Body products personally.

Moreover, Prime My Body’s products tend to be limited, so you need to ensure you check the current return policy so you can expect precise results if you may buy in bulk as other users have also encountered this problem. Advisably, it is always best to consult your doctor and try one product at a time to see if it works for you, just like it did to other clients. Once you are confident that a product will benefit you with zero or minimal side effects, then you can proceed to purchase as much as you want from the site.

If you want to try your luck on being an affiliate, simply head over to their website at and register the startup cost as little as $39, so there is no significant risk. Being an affiliate marketer means you have to study the products and understand their exact application. This way, you can efficiently market them to others. Either way, it is an excellent business opportunity, and Prime My Body has made it very accessible.

As to whether Prime My Body is a legitimate company or simply a Ponzi scheme, we can assure you that they are the Real McCoy- a group of credible individuals venturing into the industry. It is important to note that they have only been on the market for a few years, so we cannot expect a perfect system, but you can rest easy that it is indeed a working one.

Prime My Body Quick Summary

Quality 10/10
Safety 9/10
Effectiveness 10/10
Satisfaction 9/10
Price 10/10

“Best CBD oil for pain relief.”

“I like this brand specifically because they do not add any unusual ingredients that makes me question what I am taking.”

“Great product and very affordable price.”

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Heaven Sent Oil

This oil from PrimeMyBody is so far the best!

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I feel so much better!

Been using this hemp oil, it helps to ease my back pain. I will be purchasing this again

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Great Oil

Started to use for 3 days but a good result is immediately visible.

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doesnt work well

The product doesnt work well. For people with sleep problems.

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Good stuff

Works good compared to another brand I tried.

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