CBD oil, which is generally extracted from the cannabis plant and then diluted with another oil, also known as the carrier oil, is gaining some serious popularity among people in the health and wellness world.

Due to the fact that it can help us in improve our mood, reduce anxiety, help us cure some chronic diseases as well as to reduce the pain and balancing metabolism, help fight insomnia; there is some pressing need of creating awareness about its types and particular use cases.

As the research, as well as applications of CBD, is still in its infancy, the prices for which it is made available to the general public varies a lot according to the brand name and particular application, and one needs to know what to buy and for how much, for his or her own use cases.

There are online traders and service providers who give this CBD oil for use case-oriented products, and at the right price, one of them is Pure Spectrum. This is the band that we are going to review today, to get to know more about what products they offer and what makes them stand out from the rest of the brands that sell the CBD products.

The company Pure Spectrum was established in 2015 and is wholly based in Colorado USA. It can ship products to some European countries, the whole of the United States as well as Australia. It gives a 30-day refund if the customers feel unsatisfied by their products, which is one of their selling points.

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Invigorating CBD Salve: Useful in case you don’t want to spend your day with sore muscles or joints. You can just gently massage your strained or sore muscles or joints with this all-natural salve, and not being messy and runny, it guarantees a great experience every single time.

Hemp Oil Tincture: 100% pure, organic and completely free from pesticides and insecticides, the Hemp Oil Tincture from Pure Spectrum is to be ingested under the tongue, or sublingually, in doses of 5-15mg for 30-90 seconds depending upon the use case. It is available in the packaging of 250mg all the way to 1250mg.

99% CBD isolate: It is made from natural Hemp and is 99% pure. It is entirely tasteless and colorless so that users can add it to their favorite foods or drinks. It is packaged as a white anhydrous powder which can mix with food or drinks easily.

Relaxing Salve: If you are having some trouble finding sleep because of pain or discomfort, this product from Pure Spectrum is definitely for you. It can be applied directly to the affected areas and provides a soothing experience to the user. What’s more, it does not leave a stain residue on the clothes or the skin!

Honey Oil Cartridge: Each cartridge of the Honey Oil available in flavors like Bubble Gum, Tangerine, Natural and Sour Diesel contains 450mg whole plant extract Honey Oil, with an approximation of 100mg CBD. They are compatible with 510-thread or variable voltage vape pen batteries only.

Pure Clear Hemp Oil Cartridge: Available in different flavors like Lemon, Sour Diesel, and Natural, the Pure Clear Hemp Oil Cartridges are engineered to be leak-free and can vape out a nice amount of concentrated oils in every intake. They are manufactured using tempered glass for the best experience.

After WOD: Contains CO2 extracted Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba, Lavender, Rosemary, and Menthol, and is a good recovery product for everyone that needs their body to perform at the highest levels every day. It is available in a concentration of 1000mg and the product is gently whipped, preserving the properties of the balm.
Pure Pen Battery: It is one of the very reasonably priced vaping pens and is compatible with all of the Pure Spectrum Cartridges. It is very light in weight and comes in a choice of two colors: Silver and Black. It has a good battery life and comes with adjustable heat settings.


  • Invigorating CBD Salve: Around 50 USD for a 250mg pack.
  • Hemp Oil Tincture: Ranging from 29 USD for 250mg to 229 USD for 2500mg.
  • 99% CBD isolate 30 USD to 800 USD depending on the quantity. 30 The USD price is for 1000mg, and 800 USD for 50g or 50000mg quantity.
  • Relaxing Salve: Around 50 USD for a 250mg pack.
  • Honey Oil Cartridge: Available in a 100mg pack for 36 USD.
  • Pure Clear Hemp Oil Cartridge: Available in the 250mg pack for around 50 USD.
  • After WOD: Around 121 USD for a 1000mg concentrate balm pack.
  • Pure Pen Battery: 15 USD per piece; however, it was out of stock at the time of writing this review.
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Highlights or Selling Points

Pricing is in a wholesale value: You can make use of the discounts and offers on bulk orders from Pure Spectrum. This is very useful if you have a retail store or wish to resell the Pure Spectrum CBD products in bulk.

The quickest delivery possible: One of the main advantages of being a wholesale retailer, on the seller’s side is that there is always some headroom for a new order in terms of a number of units ready for dispatch. As a standard buyer, this is a big bonus as our order gets dispatched almost immediately and hence, we can expect quick deliveries.

If you visit the website of the Pure Spectrum Company, there are test results available which have been conducted by some third parties, providing transparency and a feel of trust to the users.

All of the products provided by Pure Spectrum are certified organic and non-GMO.

The customer care is excellent. You can contact them on their phone at (303) 674 5759 or email them or even leave a message on the online chat option available at https://purespectrumcbd.com/contact-us.

Free shipping! Pure Spectrum provides absolutely free shipping to the regions it can ship to, on orders with amounts more significant than 100 USD. They provide standard shipping on all of their products.

30 Day Refund Policy: Pure Spectrum provides a 30-day refund for their unsatisfied customers. If you do not like their product, you can reach out to them on their contact number, mail, or through their website. They will assist you in anything you need, and if you feel like you would like a refund, they will arrange for the same.


There only a limited number of products listed on the website, and some customers might feel the product range lacks some variety. This is not a deal-breaker though, as the products provided under the Pure Spectrum brand are top quality.

Website is not so informative. It lacks a detailed information guide about how to use the products properly, as well as which products are useful in which cases. Such information could be convenient for someone who is not so familiar with the CBD products.

It sometimes takes a longer duration than they mention at the time of placing the order actually to ship the order to the customers. But hey, standard shipping is like that sometimes, right? It would be really nice if they give an option of some expedited shipping even if they charge some extra cash for the same. It would be useful for customers that need the product on short notice.

Final Verdict

Pure Spectrum is a brand in CBD industry that focuses solely on providing purest products to its customers. The badges on the home page of their website indicate the same, and you get a taste of the same purity when you actually use their products. They have a policy of providing their customers with insecticide and pesticide-free, without any introduction of un-natural ingredients right from seed to the final sale.

The vape pen heats up quickly and allows preheat as well. It is very portable, and due to the USB charger, it comes with, it is very easy to carry and use on the go. All the flavors that they provide on the CBD oils as well as balms are very subtle and do not have a sense of vigor. Such subtle flavors mean a lot in case of CBD products as it rules out the unpleasant experience of consuming natural CBD in the pure form.

The prices seem right for most of the products, and free shipping on orders above 100 USD is a real bonus. It could be better with an option of expedited shipping, but none the less it is not a bitter experience at all.

Product range, although lacks depth in terms of variety of products available, is still one of the best out there considering the purity in products right from manufacturing to packaging and delivery.

Overall, we would say, as a brand, Pure Spectrum has offered a nice and good quality range of products and backed it up with the support and 30-day refund policy, creating a bond of trust with its users.

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Pure Spectrum Quick Summary

Quality 10/10
Safety 9/10
Effectiveness 10/10
Satisfaction 10/10
Price 10/10
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“Best CBD oil for pain relief.”

“I like this brand specifically because they do not add any unusual ingredients that makes me question what I am taking.”

“Great product and very affordable price.”

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