PureKana CBD Oil Review: Is it Worth the Try?

Over the past decade, CBD continues to make waves in the world of alternative medicine in the form of many products to which CBD can be infused with. Today, a lot of companies are offering a range of products infused with CBD from oils, extracts, edibles, skincare, pet care and many more.

With the knowledge about the benefits of CBD as a potential treatment for various medical conditions, it is no surprise that the number of people who recognize its use in the treatment of various health conditions and the people turning to CBD for relief is on the rise. Along with this demand is the number of companies offering CBD-based products to help spread the word about its potential as well as to suffice the demand of the people who believe in the power of CBD.

Of the many companies sharing this cause, one brand that has successfully made a name in the competitive world of CBD is PureKana. Continue reading our review about PureKana and find out how it got its competitive rating of 3.6 out of 5-stars as a best seller in Amazon!

About the Brand: PureKana

PureKana is a company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. However, it also has offices in Parsippany, New Jersey, Watford and in the United Kingdom. It is relatively a new company that started its operations in 2017 in the UK through its founder Jeffrey Yauch. It prides itself as a company that sells only high-quality CBD products and one of the most affordable CBD goods in the market. Their products can be accessed in all 50 states in the US which most of their products are used as nutritional additives on food.

The hemp plants used in their products are sourced from Kentucky where hemp is organically grown, thus, they are GMO-free, have no pesticides, or not grown with artificial synthetic fertilizers. Because their plant source is organically grown, they use the solvent-free CO2 extraction method to extract CBD since it is the safest and most efficient extraction method to use since it does not leave any traces of solvents in the extracts.

To ensure the quality of their products, PureKana provides lab testing for its oil conducted by a third-party company for reliability and validity to their CBD claims.

PureKana CBD Products

PureKana offers a good range of CBD -based products on their website. This brand offers CBD oil, vapes, CBD capsules, topicals and other products such as dog treats and bath bombs. Here are the products that Purekana offers its consumers:

PureKana CBD Oil

The PureKana CBD Oil is available in 300 mg, 1000mg, 2500 mg and 5000 mg bottles which are available in Mint, Vanilla, and Natural CBD flavors. All of their all are of full-spectrum which means that aside from CBD, you can also have other cannabis compounds such as phytocannabinoids and terpenes. The PureKana CBD Oil is retailed starting at $54 (300 mg) up to $149-$390 (5,000 mg).

The Natural CBD oil has a plain flavor with no added flavors. Since it’s all-natural, you will expect an earthy taste and the hint of hemp is strong. For starters, it is recommended to start on the lowest amount which is the 300 mg then just gradually increase your intake to your desired amount and need.

The Mint flavor will remind you of peppermint. This flavor is also known to help relieve mental stress, aids in alleviating various symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and discomfort in the abdomen. It also helps with weight management.

The Vanilla flavor has the same benefits as the Natural CBD Oil but with a kick of vanilla. It’s a good variety that targets stress and anxiety as well as a good anti-inflammatory remedy and a great antioxidant.

PureKana Vape Pen

Among many other ways to consume CBD, vaping is the best option to take when it comes to efficiency and bioavailability. The effect is much quicker and you can almost utilize the whole thing which is cost-effective. The PureKana Vape is available in Vanilla and Mint flavors. These vape pens are good for relieving stress, anxiety and mild pains. The PureKana CBD Vape Pens are sold at $45 (125 servings at ~1.85 mg CBD/serving).

PureKana Capsules

If you are not much of a smoker or do not smoke or vape at all, this capsule is a good choice to take CBD. Each bottle contains 30 capsules with each capsule containing 25mg of CBD. These capsules are great in dealing with stress and anxiety symptoms and have a calming effect to help you relax. Each bottle is retailed at $89.

Other PureKana Products

Aside from the oils and topicals, they also offer products such as CBD-infused bath bombs which you can place on your bathtub for a relaxing bath. There are also pet treats that contain safe amounts of CBD that you can give your pet for their wellness. They also have some topical lotions in their roster of products.

Aside from these, they also have some edibles like the gummies available for sale and even CBD Pure Picks which are CBD infused toothpicks which are perfect for those who have the habit of placing toothpicks in their mouth.

Final Thoughts on PureKana CBD

By far, PureKana has been serving its purpose of providing CBD users CBD-based products that are of high-quality. Their product selection is also quite decent. They have strict manufacturing guidelines to which they adhere to which is probably the reason for their quality. The downside on this brand, however, is that it may make you glare at its price tag. Nevertheless, their product seems to justify the price.

If in case their products do not satisfy the consumers, they have an efficient return policy which issues a full refund within 30 days after their purchase.

PureKana Quick Summary

Quality 95%
Effectiveness 94%
Benefits 93%
Price 94%
Customer Service 98%

“The taste of this oil is fantastic. 30 minutes after taking my first ;dose I already felt less anxious”

“A high grade CBD oil. Excellent”

“Worth every penny”

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 6 reviews
by mark on PureKana
Great Product but delivery 3 days late

I like the product a lot. It gives me the satisfcation I need. It just came a little late

by Jason l. on PureKana
Vaping was never this good until I found vapekana

When my brother told me about purekana vape pen, i wouldnt believe but he made me try it and it was so good.

by Tom M. on PureKana
Purekana CBD Oil

I couldnt believe how this oil does its work...

by shery G. on PureKana
My anxiety attack is unstoppable... The purekana capsule was a heaven sent

I have been having anxiety attack for a month now and I stopped smoking vape... I was surprise that I could get the same effect taking purekana from a capsule. It helped! Thank you so much Purekana

by Ela K. on PureKana
I personally didn’t like it, I gave it to my friend and he said he liked it. So I don’t know.

I didnt like it so gave it to a friend and he liked it.

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