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The CBD market is probably one of the fastest-growing business today. With more and more people recognizing the mysterious potential of CBD as a treatment to various physical and mental conditions, it is of no surprise that hundreds of new companies offering CBD are now springing up in the market today. However, it is with no doubt that not all CBD products that are being sold are of high quality. With a lack of regulation in the CBD industry, it can be difficult to distinguish which brands you can and cannot trust.

With all the brands that exist in the market, you can almost just handpick those that live up to expectations of producing good quality CBD products. One of the few that does exactly that is Savage CBD. Let’s take a view on this CBD product line to know if it is savage to goodness CBD brand.

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Savage CBD

Savage CBD is a California based company that offers an extensive range of high-quality CBD products to the market. This company started as Savage Enterprises and produces only e-liquids and CBD infused vape juices before it started releasing more CBD products to possibly give their customers the best experience with CBD. Now their product range includes tinctures, edibles, skincare, vape juice, as well as pet spray.

The company was founded by Chris Wheeler in 2014 and has been run by people with personal experiences with CBD since then. Wanting to provide high-quality CBD products to the people who need it, the company is centered to committing itself to create only the highest-quality CBD products using only high-quality ingredients and by carrying out the best and safest procedures.

With their commitment to helping people, they sought to make their products affordable without compromising quality. Savage CBD’s mission is to introduce to as many people as possible the highly beneficial and trustworthy CBD products in hopes to promote a balanced and harmonious living through CBD.

Savage CBD Products

Savage CBD has an extensive and impressive line of CBD products under their brand making them one of the leaders in the CBD industry. Here we discuss some of its products and what makes Savage CBD a brand worthy of trust and recognition.

Savage CBD Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

A standard in any CBD product line, Savage CBD’s tincture is available in two refreshing citrus flavors of Lemon Lime and Pink Grapefruit. Most tinctures in the market are flavorless. These tinctures are not overbearing but subtle which makes it a great product for any tincture users.

Savage CBD tinctures are available in strengths of 1000mg, 1500 mg, and 2000 mg. And since it’s made from full spectrum cannabis, you’ll enjoy the full benefits of different cannabinoids along with other ingredients such as Hemp seed oil, MCT oil, terpenes, and essential oils. This tincture is perfect for those who want to improve their vitality and health. This can be taken under the tongue or added to your favorite drink for an instant boost of CBD.

Savage CBD Vape Juice

There is no better way to enjoy CBD than to vape it. CBD users would know that vaping is the most effective way of consuming CBD. Vaping allows fast absorption of CBD in the body and only a small amount of CBD goes to waste. Thus, it’s the best way to reap the benefits of CBD and is definitely worth your money.

If you are looking for a way to spice up your vape life, Savage CBD Vape Juice is not one to ignore. This savage e-juice is something you can enjoy using your vaping device with its 6 distinct fruity flavors — Driven, Hustle, Passion, Serene, Tranquil, and Vape Shot.

Driven – candied blueberry with notes of sour razzmatazz
Hustle – freshly baked cookies topped with delicious ripe, frosted raspberries
Passion – fruity watermelon, sweet pink candy and a touch of sour for an original and classic flavor
Serene – crisp apple flavor and a few sour notes
Tranquil – a mixture of mangos, coconuts and blood oranges
Vape Shot – no flavor

Savage CBD Vape Juices are available in 30ml bottles with 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. If you don’t have an e-pen at the moment, you can consume it by putting a few drops under your tongue and hold it for 1 – 2 minutes to enjoy the hit of CBD.

Savage CBD Skincare

Savage CBD has a few remarkable products under its skincare line. Savage CBD offers consumers its CBD infused products such as CBD Sunscreen, Aloe vera, and Full Spectrum Lotion.

CBD Sunscreen – This sunscreen offers you an all-natural SPF 30 sunscreen that will leave your skin all protected from the harsh sun.

CBD Aloe Vera – The natural effects of Aloe Vera is made even better with the addition of full-spectrum CBD oil for a more soothing and calming sensation in every application. A product perfect for the hot days for instant relief.

Full Spectrum Lotion – This full spectrum lotion has therapeutic properties brought by CBD that helps the skin against dryness and inflammation as well as provides pain relief.

Savage CBD Softgels

These soft gels are perfect for those who want an exact dosage. This can be eaten as gummies which makes it possible to take it at your own pace while the effects get into your system. Each capsule contains 25mg of full-spectrum CBD.

Savage CBD Pet Spray

This product allows your pet to enjoy the benefits of CBD. This pet spray is easy to use and can be directly sprayed into the pet food.

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Final Thoughts on Savage CBD

Savage CBD offers an extensive product line for a reasonably good price. The products are also marketed in an outstanding way starting from its appealing packaging. The products they offer serve well in providing their consumers with a variety of high-quality CBD products perfect for every need. With its remarkable products, Savage CBD earned its place in the industry as one of the leaders of the best companies to offer CBD.

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Savage CBD Quick Summary

Quality 98%
Effectiveness 97%
Benefits 96%
Price 98%
Customer Service 95%
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“The taste of this oil is fantastic. 30 minutes after taking my first ;dose I already felt less anxious”

“A high grade CBD oil. Excellent”

“Worth every penny”

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