Cannabidiol is also known as CBD, is now very popular and beneficial in the medical society. The cannabis business could be worth almost the same as legal marijuana production in a few years. The cannabis cause will be significantly supported if the Hemp Farming Act becomes law.

But you don’t need to look for marijuana if you wanted to smoke CBD. Cannabis strain like Harle Tsu Oil, have been particularly crossbred while considering high CBD level. Continue reading to be familiar with this increasingly well-known cannabis strain.

About Harle Tsu Oil

Harle Tsu Oil is a 60% indica-dominant mix that was produced by Southern Humboldt Seed Collective. It’s a mix of Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. The effect is a type of cannabis with CBD high in content. You could avail the Harle Tsu Oil test with 24% of CBD, however, most tests are about 18% mark.

What’s more, Harle Tsu Oil contains a slight amount of THC which is below 1%. And so, with the ratio of 20 CBD to 1 THC, there’s certainly no way of experiencing euphoria from this marijuana strain.

Harle Tsu Oil Growing Information

There’s not enough information about growing the Harle Tsu, and if you cultivate it at home you must maintain its humidity levels. If the growth becomes too thick, be sure to cut it before fungi and molds start to develop. It’s a cannabis strain that controls heat well, however, try to hold the highest 80 levels Farenheit or so.

When full-grown at home, Harle Tsu takes 8 to 9 weeks to mature and it produces high yields. If you want to grow in the outdoors, be sure that it isn’t subjected to above 50% of humidity levels during the maturing period.

Harle Tsu Oil Scent, Taste, and Look

Even a little hint of the Harle Tsu Oil will help you rest for a short time. The peppery aroma provides a whiff of pepper, pine, and earth, like what you would imagine a woodland smell like in the morning. Harle Tsu Oil is pale green in appearance with little hairs and crystals than what you would observe on a high THC strain.

Sniffing Harle Tsu Oil, you perhaps will expect it to have the same zesty and earthy flavor. However, it’s surprisingly luscious, although there some hints of pepper and citrus that sits on your palate.

Harle Tsu Oil Effects

First, you won’t feel crazy high when consuming Harle Tsu Oil. But possibly you can exchange your evening wine session for this variety. It delivers you a whole-body relaxation but you’re never at risk of getting couchlock. Consumers also reveal feeling very ecstatic when they take Harle Tsu Oil. If you’re feeling depressed, take some hits of the strain and never be shocked if your feelings enliven quickly.

Among the best qualities of Harle Tsu Oil is that it follows the needs of your whole body. If you’re exhausted late at night, Harle Tsu Oil will calm you until you succumb into an extreme and comforting slumber. However, if you’re feeling dead in the day or want a boost in the night, Harle Tsu Oil can give ample recharging. Moreover, the extremely low THC level means that a drug test shouldn’t catch you.

Health Benefits of Harle Tsu Oil

The strain has become among the highly coveted medical cannabis strains. It’s abundant in terpenes that carry the health benefits. Below is the quick list of the terpenes and its uses:

  • Pinene: Tiredness.
  • Myrcene: Stress, depression, and muscle tremors.
  • Terpinolene: Anxiety and sleeplessness.
  • Humulene: Discomfort and swelling.
  • Ocimene: Contains antiseptic and antiviral qualities.
  • B-Caryophyllene: Soreness and gastrointestinal problems.

It’s a mixture of CBD and various terpenes that gives Harle Tsu Oil with its clear medical attributes. The very low-level THC means kids can safely consume the strain as well. While the 0.6% level of THC is still above average for some mothers, the high CBD level neutralizes any potential hallucinogenic effects.

Harle Tsu Oil is especially beneficial for children suffering epilepsy or have related medical conditions which triggers seizures. Undeniably, most mothers will select Charlotte’s Web since it has no THC content or consume CBD from cannabis, thus, no psychedelic effects too.

Although Harle Tsu Oil has minimal THC content, it’s still categorized as Schedule I element, like other cannabis variety. It’s an awkward situation, since Harle Tsu Oil, and other small THC levels THC, high CBD levels strains, have immense medical benefits, at least as stated by hundreds of researches which define CBD’s health advantages.

As adults are involved, Harle Tsu Oil is the best and effective treatment for anxiety and tight muscles. You possibly realize to your worth, every time there is a pain, soreness is not left behind. Luckily, Harle Tsu Oil can help treat with swelling and provide for a more mellow and less excruciating recuperation.

Possible Damaging Reaction to Harle Tsu Oil

Since Harle Tsu Oil doesn’t give you any crazy effects, you need not be alarmed about it aggravating stress or worsening feelings of delusions. In unusual cases, you may feel lightheadedness and migraines. Harle Tsu Oil is a mellow smoke, so there’s no real danger of choking fit, however, this cannabis strain can lead to a dry mouth. So, to avoid this problem you must drink a bottle of water before using the strain and after the session.

Bottom Line

Harle Tsu Oil is amongst the most calming smokes available on the market. Although the THC level is barely greater than those of industrial marijuana, it’s still federally unlawful and banned in 17 US territories that yet to authorize medical cannabis. If you’re living in a state where medicinal marijuana is accepted and open, then you’re lucky and so, might as well take a shot of the Harle Tsu Oil if you like to feel rested and positive without getting drugged. The high CBD level and terpene level in the strain means it can give you great health benefits equaled by few cannabis strains.