If you are also a fan of CBD oils, then Thought Cloud might be one such brand that has been popped up on a number of social platforms. Thought cloud is currently voted the number one CBD on Instagram and has proven to be an excellent choice for those interested in finding a CBD product that is 100% Organic, legal with no psychoactive effects that make you high.

But if you are still skeptical about the vitality of the products, then this article may help you find answers to all your queries.

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Thought cloud – An Overview

Formulated in 2017, Thought cloud came into existence with the belief to make pure, high grade, organic, vegan, and all-natural products. The company assures to foster its products from the organic hemp of Colorado, which is sustainable for their consumption.

The peculiar feature about Thought cloud is the manufacturing starts right from scratch. From the growing of seeds to its development to oil, they ensure that the quality of the product is preserved. The main extraction is done using Carbon dioxide method, which is deemed to produce high quality, food-grade hemp oil.

The hemp plant, the parent of CBD oils, has THC, which is psychoactive in nature. When CBD oil manufacturers chose to extract CBD from the hemp plant, there is a high probability of infusing a lot of THC simultaneously. This comprehends that consumption of CBD oil dramatically results in an unwanted ‘high’ state in the body. Thought Cloud, is quite alarmed with this and thus, practices a brilliant way to reduce the THC content. Hence, their product has proven to contain just 0.03% THC.

Their products and the production methods are displayed on their websites. Their products have started making a monopoly in the market when it comes to delivery, for they offer free delivery anywhere in the USA. The products have been cross-checked by the laboratories and are verified. Another calling feature of them is the untiring customer services. From contacting them through emails to live chats, they have it all.

Thought Cloud Highlights

Thought Cloud products are derived from whole-plant. The plants which are subjected to initiate the formulation of the oils are grown using organic and sustainable farming practices. Their main aim is to serve their customers CBD oil to pacify their all needs, conquering your issues right from the roots. Each and every batch is a collaborative result of positive meditation and reiki energy. They believe in spreading positivity and keeping the energy high in unison.

Thought cloud possesses a team of dedicated and committed workers. They leave no stone unturned to make the product extremely suitable for you. There is no possible way where you can point on an error in their services. Some of its exclusive features are described below, which are convincing enough to add more customers to their family.

With an ultimate commitment to quality and a skillful team who endeavor to promote the potential benefits of CBD with the world, they are always ready on their toes to run at one call of their customers. Among the innumerable qualities that make Thoughtcloud popular, here we present a few of the things that really stand out:

1. GMO- Genetically Modified Organism

Genetically Modified Organism refers to plants, animals, or other organisms whose genetic data has been modified in ways that do not occur naturally. The plants have been subjected to such treatment in order to get free, organic, and sustainable products that make no compromise with health and quality.

2. Unique products

An exciting feature of the products is the availability of different products for different sections of the age group. From the young children to those oldies, they have a product to satisfy everything from those teenage skin problems to adult back problems.

3. Purity is its promise

As stressed earlier, purity is something they don’t compromise on. With the extensive use of pure hemp oil, they make their products indispensable of choice by their customers.

4. 30-day return policy

There are times when you find the product not compatible with your skin. In such cases, feel free to return your product without any worries. And you will get your money back.

5. Hardship assistance

Thought cloud holds the opinion that Customer satisfaction is the price you get. They are well aware of the queries that might arise in the minds of their precious customers.

They offer selfless customer services and assign a dedicated agent exclusively for the customer to deal with the hardships faced. Their main aim is to see the happy curve of their customers and intend to have their customers satisfied.


Purity comes with a price. There is as such no con that can irk the customers. However, its high price can be an alarming issue to a number of buyers to adjust their budgets. However, if you are assured about its purity, then the high price won’t raise your eyebrows.

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What does Thought Cloud have to offer?

Thought Cloud manufactures a variety of products from CBD. Their website portrays a comprehensive list of CBD oils, vape supplies, CBD bath bombs, pain management balms, CBD skin creams, and apparel. Here is a detailed list of some of these products.

1. CBD Oils

Thought Cloud is spreading its wing enveloping the USA by means of purity and organic nature of the CBD oils. It delivers a wide variety of oils on sale which is inclusive of the special full-spectrum range, sustainable isolate range, and flavored grape range.

The full spectrum range is formulated from the whole plant CBD hemp oil extract. In ordinary language, this extract in addition to the stated properties is providing you a bonus of the natural compounds like cannabinoids, terpenes, and other oils.

The full-spectrum CBD oils by Thought Cloud is considered as their best product by regular CBD oil users for, its efficacy has no match in the market. The extraction process followed to make this product, is a vital step for the manufactures to preserve the maximum CBD in its native state. Apart from this, the addition of additives, chemicals, or preservatives has been completely done away with so as to foster their customers with fully pure and healthy products.

Thought Cloud is also expanding its benefits to your pets. It introduces a special formula that is safe to use on pets. The credit f its efficacy is sheerly given to the CBD present in them. For a stronger range of these products, Thought Cloud has the high CBD formula range as well.

This formula is effective against inflammation and allergies and subsides their harmful effects fast. This high CBD formula contains several other natural compounds such as MCT oil, cannabigerol(CBG), and many more in the list.

2. Vape Supplies

Thought Cloud gives you the magnificent blessings of Vapes. The brand offers around 11 tasty flavors for you to choose from to accompany your vape pen including. From bubblegum to cheesecake they have all the flavors ready for you, including the banana split as well.

3. Pain Management Balms

Those muscles pain can be annoying. Thought Cloud takes care of that too. It offers pain management balms which are best to subside chronic pain such as backache, pain in knees, hips, shoulders, and more and reduce the inflammation as well. The balms are also effective against treating osteoarthritis, arthritis, and several digestive problems.

In day to day life, the balm can be used to fight the stink of the insects so as to reduce the swelling. For teenagers, they can be an excellent anti-acne treatment and the right moisturizer for your chapped lips.

4. CBD Bath Bombs

Thought Cloud is one of the innovations companies of the US to introduce something as flexible as CBD bath bombs. These bombs too have a variety of fragrances to make your bath be extremely relaxing and not to forget their magic to cure those sinus congestions.

Final Word

Thought Cloud is a versatile brand delivering products to suffice every family member in your house. The potential benefits that these products claim to give you are in no way a match to those ordinary market products. While finding a perfect product for your body, it gets a little cumbersome to find an excellent company to foster the same.

Thought Cloud is one such brand that will not disappoint you in any case. They really have proven to be a promising company that is genuinely committed to providing the best CBD products for the best reason.

Still, if you are skeptical about choosing the products, go for the trial version and if it fails to convince you to go for the return policy. But do give it a try, for its worth the money.

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ThoughtCloud Quick Summary

Quality 10/10
Safety 9/10
Effectiveness 10/10
Satisfaction 10/10
Price 10/10
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“Best CBD oil for pain relief.”

“I like this brand specifically because they do not add any unusual ingredients that makes me question what I am taking.”

“Great product and very affordable price.”

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