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Found within the bizarre and lush city of Oregon, a wide acre pastureland located in Jewell lies the famous Tweedle Farms. As this new competitor had made its way into the market of marijuana, it is starting to get its chance in the spotlight. Introducing the Tweedle Farms – from the city of Oregon, within the dewy and fertile highlands of Clatsop State Forest. With a population of only 994, here exist several farmlands that seem to be a lacking community but with the definite unpolluted environment. Despite being new and having just started back in early 2016, Tweedle Farms had gained a huge amount of followers upon being exposed in the world of social media along with the enthused fans who seem eager to build up or enlarge the community by sharing the new and hyped product.

It is founded by two similar individuals that share alike disposition or purpose who by chance met in Oregon and ended up being best of friends and business partners in the field of work. James Green had started to learn from his grandma in the earlier days, and Jason Evans had grown up on a farm – both men have shared the same interest in gardening and planting. When marijuana became legal in the state, the two grew as friends and formed their own hemp production in Oregon.

Tweedle Farms is submissive to all the legal forms in the marijuana industry. The products are stored in vacuum-sealed mylar bags, to be able to maintain its freshness and kept in great condition. After seeing the reviews of their products, nothing came out but only positive feedbacks for Tweedle Farms from the reliable people who seem to be satisfied with its overall quality.

Tweedle Farms does take pride in their product, which is well grown and sustained of organic and natural procedures.

In recent years, Hemp and CBD have been gaining its popularity because of their natural origins and having a low risk of dependence. In hopes of not being able to miss out on the 21st Century Gold Rush, Tweedle Farms had proposed numerous offers of various products that will surely fulfill your needs, wants, or desires.

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The search for the perfect strain

Which product suits you best? Is it the one for you? With determination to work things out, they had tested to experience the top products of Tweedle Farms’ popular items so they will be able to give and share information of this in-demand item in the market.

The product has an overall great quality of use, and because of this, its dependable and excellent standards had gained a majority of the people or consumers who look forward to buying and using the product. The hemp is specialized in strains and well taken cared of, it is grown without the use of any fertilizer of insecticides that may be harmful, turning the plants into more specialized and medicinal strains which are high in CBD and low in THC, but still beneficial for those who are sensitive to THC.

But we all know behind the curtains, there will always be negative feedback shared by the people. Such as having a limited selection of strains. Tweedle Farms do not have a wide array of strains of hemp that is accessible or considered as their choice. If you seek to have a different type of psychoactive high, I guess this one is not for you since they do not have high THC strains that are made for those who need medicinal types. Due to high demand, most of their products always run out of stock or sold out in the market.

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Product Review

Firstly, hemp strains come in Tweedle Farms Hemp Buds. An array of 13 different strains are available that will help you pick the one you desire. These hybrid hemp strains have been chosen to have profound traits and better characteristics. The CBD and THC content of each kind may vary from one another, ranging in the percentage of medicinal content for other options.

Next, we have the pre-rolls. These are pre-rolled joints that come in 5 different kinds, which is more convenient for the consumer and is at ease to be used. Pre-rolled joints, alike to hemp strains, are also of great quality with much easier use that will give off medicinal and relaxing highs.

The third one on the list the Broad Spectrum Distillate Wax. It is available in two different kinds that are available in terms of size. The wax in this product is concentrated to its extent that with kick off a very strong medicinal high.

Lastly, the 4-Strain Mystery pack. If you are new or foreign upon using the products of Tweedle Farms, in hopes of trying out of curiosity, this strain will help you discover different samples of a bud. Each mystery pack or container has a one of a kind bud with certain types of strains that will give off different levels of strains of your choice. Each one may be different, but each one is a different vibe that will not leave you disappointed.

The Verdict

Tweedle Farms’ hemp is surely of great quality upon growing in the chaste and lush farmlands of Oregon. With the passion and determination to produce such a product, two people with the same mindset are able to succeed in topping the spot in the marijuana market and offers great service to its customers and consumers.

Most people recommend the product to others who look for an exotic flavor whose qualities may not be that too strong but is quite pleasing to the senses. Tweedle Farms’ hemp is known to possess high quality and medicinal kicks which are also reliable strains.

In terms of medication, Tweedle Farms has helped out numerous people who suffer different psychological disorders or personal problems. Such as relating to depression and long term anxiety, those who have heard about Tweedle Farms’ products is pleased upon using it. It did help them overcome their senses that are a distraction, which pleases and relaxes the senses of the consumer and may be able not to take the prescribed medication.

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Tweedle Farms Quick Summary

Quality 99%
Effectiveness 94%
Benefits 96%
Price 95%
Customer Service 98%
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“The taste of this oil is fantastic. 30 minutes after taking my first ;dose I already felt less anxious”

“A high grade CBD oil. Excellent”

“Worth every penny”

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