There are two ways of taking marijuana; vaping and smoking. Both methods have triggered a debate in the cannabis business recently, with each aspect stating their ideal choice is more useful, healthier and in general, a better alternative.

Vaping marijuana is now considered the modern way of smoking and has gained lots of recognition in recent years. The process of heating the dry marijuana to a certain temperature that is lower than the point of burning in a vaporizer is called vaporization. Thus, a stream of smoke is created that then breathes in through a bag or mouthpiece.

Which process is right? Which of the two is best for you? While for most experienced marijuana smokers, the clear choice is vaping however, it’s more complicated than that. Asking “if vaping marijuana is better than smoking” is a subjective issue because they’re very different, and therefore, it depends on what high or experience you want to achieve. In this review, we will be discussing the difference between smoking and vaping and their advantages and disadvantages.

Is Vaping Marijuana Better than Smoking?

Smoking marijuana, or anything that creates tar together with other damaging by-products, whether it’s through a bong, pipe, joint or bubbler, it still depends on the flame. Even though just a few studies have been performed in the aftermath of vaporizing cannabis especially, vaping nicotine is largely believed to be 95% safer than using cigarettes. Therefore, it’s not a big jump to create the same theory when it comes to marijuana. Thus, vaping is the highly suggested technique for using medicinal hemp.

However, there are some legal issues about the different vaping tools available. Like for example, the very cheap devices are usually made from China. Most devices that are from these locations, health is not really a main concern. There are many complaints regarding the devices claiming it contains potentially toxic glues or heavy metals, which at extreme temperature could be inhaled by the user. And again, the question to which is the better choice is subjective.

Some companies like Vape Bright offer Cartridges and Starter Kits that most starting users buy for Vaping Marijuana as it is a much cleaner choice for newbies.

Advantages of Vaping

Vaping is the process of heating the marijuana without combustion. The heat emits active elements into vapor, which is discharged into the air in a transparent mist that is formed by a vaping tool. Since burning doesn’t develop, no smoke is produced.

While the most convincing reason why vaping is better for your health, for newbies, vaping lets you get a taste of more of a difference between strains and allows for control over high temperature. It’s primarily a more useful and discrete choice.

Below are the pros a consumer can experience when vaping:


Vaping marijuana is performed by slowly and efficiently extracting the cannabinoids from dry marijuana. Often, you can have several sessions in just one pack.

Discreet and Available

Smoking marijuana attracts various attention. On the other hand, vaping doesn’t create as much of an aroma and tastes a lot less than mist. Also, vaporizers are available in different sizes and shapes, many of which are handy enough to fit your small hand, so people would not notice you’re using a vape.

Vape is Cleaner

Let’s be clear, smoking marijuana can get dirty. Rolling the loose dry buds and papers can cause a great mess that you’ll need to clean after, which is not really the most pleasurable experience. From the start to the end, vaping creates a lot less chaos.

Recycling Vaped Marijuana

In smoking marijuana, when the joint is already consumed, it’s done. However, in vaping, once you’re finished, you can still utilize the vaped marijuana in several other ways. For example, you can use it in all types of food by following marijuana-infused recipes.

More Prominent Flavor

Since vaping doesn’t produce combustion, it allows for a softer, cleaner and more subtle taste. It’s 100% free of burnt taste and concentration that smoking can produce. With vaping, you can taste the cannabinoid profiles and specific terpenes of every strain more clearly.

Temperature Control

You can’t control the temperature of marijuana, so you must take whatever temperature your cannabis burns at. However, just about each vaporizer has some temperature control, which means you can find out how strong you want the vapor to be. Lower temperatures endorse for softer and tastier vapor. Higher temperatures create stronger vapor and greater clouds.

Disadvantages of Vaping

Vaping has quite a few disadvantages such as maintaining it clean, knowing how to operate your vaping tool, and ensuring it’s always charged. First, you need to buy a vaping machine and grinder. Thus, vaping is more costly, to begin with.


A genuine vaping tool is expensive. While the market is also offering cheap vaporizers, the cost price of a machine can go up to $100. However, in the end, a user can save more money because vaping is a more effective process.

Must be Plugged or Charged

Since vape doesn’t need a lighter, if your machine isn’t fully charging or you’re not close to a wall socket to charge into, you cannot vape. On the bright side, when your vaping tools are fully charged, they can deliver quite a few sessions before wanting to charge again.

Needs A Grinder

In case you didn’t know, most vaporizers cannot function well without a device to fine grind. This means you will be needing a reliable grinder, specifically if you’re using a compact vape pen that operates on conduction heating. The grinding helps to improve the surface area that allows all cannabinoids and terpenes to be derived from the plant more effectively.

Uncertainty to Lifelong Health Effects

Even though an ever-increasing number of researches are stating that vaping doesn’t seem to have any lifelong health effects, we cannot be 100% clear. Research on the subject are still limited.


Vaping devices don’t explode. However, there’s one part of each tool that could go wrong, and that’s the battery. But, this is true for every battery. Through erroneous and negligent use, the battery could explode and break the property, device or worse, yourself. Thus, it’s essential to know more about the safety issue of the battery. Moreover, if you don’t know what you are doing, don’t create your coils.

The Truth About Vaping

Vaping has become a trendy and popular method among cannabis users. Health benefits are one big reason why they are a better option than smoking. But then, in the end, there are advantages and disadvantages for both methods of using cannabis and it’s all about consumer’s personal choice. Also, you must listen to your body and determine what you’re feeling at that moment. It’s all about knowing what experience you want from your cannabis.