The debate on the danger of health from vaping start with its comparison to smoking. There are two important reasons to consider. First, vaping is designed to lower down the harm that smoking can cause. Second, it’s important to distinguish vaping and smoking because most of the vapers are smokers or ex-smokers as well.

In relation to science, there’s not enough research about the direct comparison between vaping and smoking. That’s a wasted opportunity. It’s clear that smoking is dangerous to the health, but is vaping bad too? How can it affect your health? Is it important to know if vaping is a healthier option than smoking?

Public Health England has been clear in its findings: vaping is 95% safer than smoking. They know that exploring the risks of vaping alone is just half of the issue since vaping exists mainly as an alternative to smoking. Since there were few studies conducted on the direct comparison, the information available on vaping must be evaluated against the information available on smoking, instead of isolating.

Does Vaping cause cancer?

Cancer starts when the toxins mutate the DNA cells and cause it to grow uncontrollably. Cancer can remain local or it can spread, from one organ to another. People know that smoking is the main cause of lung cancer and it kills many people than any type of cancer. Also, most lung cancer patients are smokers.

Smoking can be the source of many other types of cancer because they can form not just in places that have in contact with smoke, but also from smoke byproducts in the organ and bloodstream. Smoking can root cancer anywhere in the human body, based on the CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Other experts have similar assumptions. In the Mutation Research journal, a study published in 2016, experimented with both vapes and smoking for their capacity to start cell mutations in the bacteria. The result was that smoke caused mutation and was also found toxic to bacteria while the vape wasn’t toxic or mutagenic.

The nicotine in either vape or smoking has not been proven to cause cancer. Swedish snus users and continuing studies of NRT or nicotine replacement therapy reveal no verifiable link between cancer and nicotine.

Is vaping dangerous to the lungs?

Smoking, in general, is known to damage the lungs. Inhaling marijuana for a long time can result in lung and esophageal cancer and a variety of other lung conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema. How about vaping?

Marijuana smoking damages the lungs in so many ways. It has thousands of chemicals and more than 70 of which are known as carcinogens. It also includes particulate matter that is deposited deep in the lungs and is stuck in the tissue. Vaping doesn’t make carcinogens in amounts large enough to be believed a health risk and it doesn’t have solid specks like smoke.

Furthermore, the things that are most risky in marijuana smoking are lacking from vaping. Since vaping doesn’t require combustion, there are no carbon monoxide or tar, two major threats of smoking. Vape uses heat from the coil to turn e-liquid to an inhalable vaporizer. It resembles a smoke, but it’s not. Therefore, vaping is not dangerous to lung health. Companies such as Vape Bright offer CBD Cartridges that are available locally.

There are worries over the ingredients of vapes such as propylene glycol, flavorings, and vegetable glycerin. There’s no significant human research on the result of inhaling vapes every day for an extended period, even though comprehensive animal experiments of PG inhalation haven’t created any issues. PG has been observed to irritate the airways, but it isn’t concerning.

Are flavorings detrimental to the lungs?

Vape flavorings are a potential danger that hasn’t been well-researched. Most flavors are a combination of many chemical mixtures and it’s probably some are damaging for the health of lungs than others. Not long ago, these flavors were used strictly in foods that were eaten, not smelled. Thus, toxicology reports have concentrated on proving that the flavors are very safe for intake. This is the part where the art on vaping must catch up.

Diketones are also in a smoking pot, in which the amount is 100-750 times than any vaporizer. However, even though smoking destroys the lungs, it isn’t related to the popcorn lung. Since most of the large amounts of diketones are can be found in smoking marijuana, the quite small vape amounts are not likely to be a health hazard. Yet, that’s not confirming that it’s safe for the user to take diketones, but the healthier option between vaping vs. smoking is understood, considering the amounts.

Can vape damage your oral health?

Smoking causes and leads to many different oral health problems. Of course, it’s known that smokers are at danger for mouth, esophageal and throat cancers. They also cause periodontal and dental diseases, like gingival disorders. Moreover, marijuana smoke can change the bacteria in the mouth, worsening the existing periodontal issues.

There’s not enough information available on the therapeutic side effects of vapes on oral health. A recent study in the Journal of Oral Pathology & Medicine, recapped the case of the science, remarking the “paucity of evidence.” Though, the writers reviewed a few remarkable findings.

The writers explain a small analysis that recommends vapers may have an improved prevalence of the nicotine stomatitis, which is a condition triggered by the heat that forms lacerations in the mouth. This is a minor disorder that usually solves itself when the cause of heat (pipe) is removed.

Smoking Pros

The benefit of smoking rather than vaping marijuana is that it usually creates more powerful overall effects. Smoking doesn’t need as much monetary investment and they are quite low in maintenance since you just need to roll the leaves and put in your pocket.

Stronger Effects

Smoking marijuana creates powerful and crazy effects immediately. The extreme high-temperature helps to instantly discharge all the cannabinoids that are in charge of this more calming effect.

No Learning Process

Smoking is an easy process and doesn’t need practice and memorization. Anyone can burn a joint and it’s quick to determine when the pot session is over. Whereas, vaping marijuana is more complicated and involves experience and knowledge to master the process.

No Investing Required

Commonly, smoking doesn’t need big up-front money, unless you want to invest in a large, expensive glass piece. It’s more affordable to purchase some rolling paper and this is the reason why many smokers choose smoking over vaping.

Low Maintenance

While you are required to do regular maintenance with your equipment such as pipes and bowls, these usually don’t need money and effort as cleaning your vaping tool. Also, joints are very low in maintenance, what you only need to do is roll them.

Smoking Cons

Generally, the major drawback with smoking when matched to vaping is the health dangers. They leave a much dominant smell and is not considered to be as effective as vaping.

Health Dangers

We already have a detailed review of this matter, but in the end smoking marijuana does create more health hazards than vaping. When any plant is burned, it creates tar, carcinogens, and other harmful by-products. This is an inevitable effect of smoking.

Not as Economical

Smokers usually get through with their stash a lot faster than those who vape. Once you burn the joint, it’s finished. But when you are vaping, the marijuana is cooked slower and gives the user the convenience to extract every drop of the THC.

Powerful Smoke Smell

For people who don’t smoke marijuana, the smell of its smoke is dreadful. What’s more awful is that it leaves everything stinky, from your hair, clothes to the room or the area where the session took place. Particularly in enclosed spaces, like in your living room, smoke can destroy furniture over time. The advantage of vaping is that it dissolves into the air ten times quicker than the smoke.

Less Control

There’s no way you can control the effects of marijuana smoking on your body. You can have a small hit and find hemp with low THC, or roll your leaves a little tighter, and that’s it. For the temperature, it’s out of hand. Vaping, on the other hand, gives you control over the high that you can experience.

Less Distinct Flavor

It’s more difficult to know the distinctions between the breeds when you burn marijuana. If you’re a pro smoker, then you can tell but vaping allows a more distinctive taste profile. At higher temperatures of marijuana smoking, most terpenes that give marijuana its unique aroma are depleted.

Bottom Line

Smoking cause disorder on the body, practically injuring the smoker from head to toe. The damages have been verified beyond doubt. But there is no proof steering to same health effects from using vapes — or any health complications, for that issue — unless you calculate the possible nicotine addiction. However, nicotine isn’t wholly to blame for any of the dreadful results of smoking marijuana. Therefore, vaping remains a much safer and better option than smoking.