Over the years, the use of Cannabidiol (CBD) has increasingly become popular and for the right reasons, too. Existing in so many forms, CBD has been used for the treatment of so many ailments ranging from both physical to psychological. This drug derived from the cannabis plant has proven to be effective in the treatment of pains, sleeping disorders, anxiety, etc. Cannabis (marijuana) mints are a new form of edible products, infused with the potent aspect of the hemp plant called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), gaining popularity in cannabis society.

Even those who do not smoke are attracted to this relatively new form of CBD edibles. The question, however, is why? Could it be the new taste? Or maybe, the feeling attached to these products? Keep reading, and you’ll find out.

What Are Marijuana Mints?

Marijuana mints are new, weed-infused edibles that are small, refreshing, and affordable. Famous for its mild high and delicious taste, this form of edibles is a great way to approach microdosing if you’ve never tried out any kind of edibles before. Mostly, even though cannabis is legal in different states, including California, there are a few people that might not like to smoke or try out a considerable concentration the first time. Microdosing is an excellent way for new users to use fewer doses of CBD without thinking the worst will happen.

Although there are other ways you can decide to microdose (for instance, CBD lollipops), this option is undoubtedly the most approachable way to get it done. You can get as little as 1 mg THC per dose, which is one-tenth of the standard dose, infused in your mint. That way, if you’re new to it, you can tell if you will be able to handle more or not. A huge misconception a lot of people might have is that this type of mint edibles tastes different from regular peppermint, however that isn’t entirely true.

Because the concentration of THC infused in weed mints is usually low, the taste is almost 100% masked by the peppermint flavor. You might taste the THC flavor if you are intentional about it, but it is improbable. Thus, new users might find it difficult to tell the difference.

How Does Taking Marijuana Mint Feel?

Before going into details about what it feels like to use these new products, it is essential to mention that the legal age for use is 21 years. In the state of California, dispensaries might require some form of identification before selling you any. So, if you’re under 21 years, you are not legal for use.

Now, although explaining how marijuana can affect your body might prove difficult, with a weed mint, it is pretty straightforward. The first thing you should understand is that these products are infused with small levels of THC, so they’re not as “effective” as you might think. Usually, most are infused with 5-10 mg THC per mint, so you are not likely to get too high to function. Also, it takes about 15- 20 minutes before it begins to take effect after use.

THC & CBD absorb through the cheeks and mouth, which is why they take effect in a couple of minutes. The high from a few weed mints can last for an hour; however, if you take a ton, it might be sufficient for several hours during the day. Nevertheless, you can remove the thought of experiencing couch-bound incapacitation as a result of digesting some of this new product. Instead, expect a slow, level, floaty high that keeps you in the right mood, regardless of if you’re new to it or not.

Are Weed Mints Safe?

The simple answer is YES. Weed mints are safe. As a new user, it is reasonable to ponder on this question. Most dispensaries, such as Kiva Confections, work under the Bureau of Cannabis Control & the California Department of Public Health.

What Are the Uses of Marijuana Mints?

Since these weed products are infused with THC, and this component is considered potent and harmful in large doses, you might be wondering what effect they might have in small doses. These confectionery products offer a lot more than their delicious taste and mild, but enjoyable high.

Here are a few uses of weed mint products a lot of new users might not be aware of;

Relieves Nausea

One of the significant benefits you get when you use a dose of THC infused products like mint is that it helps with nausea. Ideally, mint leaves and oils have been proven to help with nausea, primarily when it is caused by treatment, surgery, or medication. Hence, taking a cannabis mint in combination with mint oils can help to combat nausea.

Improves Irritable Bowel Syndrome

These products are also great for improving irritable bowel syndrome. Necessarily, studies have shown that the use of mint leaves and other products can help with digestion and other problems that are affiliated with this syndrome. Although it might not get rid of this syndrome, it does help with easing the symptoms.

Great For Colds & Sinuses

A single dose of mint-flavored products can help relieve symptoms of sinuses & cold depending on the severity. A weed mint is not left out. Taking them, regardless of how new you are to it can help your symptoms tremendously.

Thus, it could be considered a must-have during the winter months when it is flu season.

Fresher Breath

Just like mint-flavored products; toothpaste, floss or mouthwash, these are great for your breath as well. These confectioneries are part of good oral hygiene and can be a substitute for regular breath mints.

Try taking a new one after every meal or after eating certain food products; onion & garlic flavored snacks, and your breath will smell great all day long.

Some of these products can be found on either the Live Green Hemp or Kiva Confections website, which you can only access if you’re 21 years old. Kiva isn’t new to the cannabis community and operates in California. With all rights reserved, this brand is a certified dispensary and has a wide range of new Petra mints. These Kiva products are sold in California and other parts of the United States.

They include;

  • Tart Cherry: These have been selling in California since 2015 and exist in a concentration of 2.5 mg THC.
  • Pineapple: This flavor is juicy pineapple and will leave you with a low dose of THC all through the day. It also offers 2.5 mg THC as well.
  • Saigon Cinnamon: Also, offering a 2.5 mg THC potency per dose, this option tastes of warm cinnamon designed to warm up your senses.
  • Citrus CBD: This variation offers a delicious citrus blend of lemon & lime for a zesty flavor. It also provides 2.5 mg THC.
  • Morrocan Mint: Also, offering a 2.5 mg THC potency, this flavor tastes of peppermint and Tahitian vanilla.

Although there are other dispensaries in California, Kiva has become a household name with rights reserved and offers a wide variety of delicious weed-infused confectioneries. With so many benefits, convenience, and delightful taste, weed mints are definitely worth the trial. Be sure to check out the Kiva website to take a pick of your favorite.