Because of the different health benefits that CBD products have on people with different health conditions, it has gained popularity and still continues to be popular. Most especially to those who cannot seem to find remedies for their health conditions from prescription medicines.

CBD is believed to be a remedy for common health conditions like simple aches and pains, anxiety, depression, insomnia, the more complicated and severe cancer, and other chronic illnesses.

There are a lot of different CBD products available in the CBD market today. Because the CBD industry is becoming successful and profitable fast, many companies have entered into the CBD business. Hence, producing many CBD products. Therefore making consumers and prospective CBD users confused as to what products to use.

One of the most popular CBD products is the CBD oil. However, one question often comes up when talking about CBD oil. That is: “What is CBD oil full-spectrum?”

CBD products can either be CBD isolate or CBD full-spectrum. Other people might think these two are the same, however, they are completely different. The terms refer to the description of the type of CBD found in the products. Although some users prefer CBD isolates, the majority of CBD users opt for full-spectrum CBD. For reasons we will find out as we move along through this post.

How is a CBD Product Made?

To determine whether a product is CBD isolate or full-spectrum CBD, the range of cannabinoid spectrum must be identified first as these CBD types are dependent on the range of cannabinoid spectrum. Using a method called CO2 extraction, the cannabinoid content is taken from a plant called cannabis.

Aside from the cannabinoid content, other components of the cannabis plant are also extracted during the CO2 extraction process. Such compounds can include terpenes, other cannabinoids, and flavonoids. The composition and profile of the cannabinoids differ from each other. This is because it depends on the classification and strain of the cannabis.

Because of these differences in strains and classifications, the THC contents also differ. THC is what gives CBD users the “high”. Users choose the CBD products they want to use depending on their needs and preferences. For those who want to be relieved of whatever issues they might have but do not want to get “high” would opt for products with low THC content.

After the CO2 extraction process, comes the refinery. The extracted CBD is then refined, hence determining if the product is an isolate or a full-spectrum CBD.

Understanding Full-Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD is the whole plant CBD. In other words, it contains not only CBD but likewise plant molecules and other cannabinoids. In short, whatever the cannabis plant contains, full-spectrum CBDhas it, too.

The “entourage effect” is what is responsible for intensifying the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids. This is when terpenes, full-spectrum cannabinoids, and essential oils that were taken from the cannabis plant work together. The cannabis plant has over a hundred compounds. Each compound has its own therapeutic and medicinal benefits, however, if they work together, they become more effective. Thus making full-spectrum CBD best in resolving even the most severe health conditions.

CBD isolate was once believed to be the most effective, however, recent studies have shown that full-spectrum CBD is more effective. One of the studies involved two subjects. One used CBD isolate and the other, full-spectrum CBD. It revealed that CBD isolate, although effective, remained consistent despite an increase in dosage. Full-spectrum CBD, however, becomes more effective and enhanced as its dosage is increased. A cause of alarm for some people is the THC content of full-spectrum CBD. But it must also be noted that the full-spectrum CBD contains a very small amount of THC, which can pass as insignificant. Hence, it minimizes full-spectrum CBD’s psychoactive risks.

Best Uses of Full-Spectrum CBD

Because of the results of studies and researchers conducted proving that full-spectrum is more effective than CBD isolate, it is much preferred for therapeutic and medicinal purposes. Not only does it provide relief, but it has long-lasting effects, too. Let us find out what are the best uses of full-spectrum CBD are for.

Best for Vomiting and Nausea

Full-spectrum CBD is the best remedy for nausea and vomiting. What is responsible for this is the very small amount of THC found in full-spectrum CBD, which is helpful in repressing vomiting and symptoms of nausea. It stimulates the brain’s CB1 receptor which is found in the regulatory center and is responsible for making us feel nauseous and make us vomit. THC also reduces intestinal mobility by stimulating the CB1 receptors in the gastrointestinal tract.
THC’s activation of the CB2 receptors also represses vomiting and nausea because it influences the release of serotonin.


One of the most popular uses of full-spectrum CBD is for resolving anxiety issues. Extensive studies and research were conducted to understand how CBD works in the brain. And despite the fact that the results of these studies and researches are more on the positive side, researchers still continue with their tasks to understand full-spectrum CBD and its effects better.

Yes, THC alone might worsen anxiety attacks. However, if induced with full-spectrum CBD, the effects of THC may be reversed. Full-spectrum CBD and THC working together is a potent remedy. Not only for anxiety, but for stress, PTSD, and other related health issues.

Chronic and Severe Pain and Inflammation

Another health issue where full-spectrum CBD is used for best is in the relief of chronic and severe pain and inflammation. This CBD type is proven to be more effective in the relief of aches and pains and inflammation. Be it sever or chronic, full-spectrum CBD can remedy it all. As compared to CBD isolate, full-spectrum CBD is definitely more effective, as revealed by studies and researches.


Because of the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of full-spectrum CBD, more and more people are using it especially in the relief of most health issues, from simple to severe and chronic aches and pains, inflammation, anxiety, depression, stress, up to the more intricate and serious illnesses like cancer. Nevertheless, it must be used with proper caution and guidance from those who understand the product best. This is to avoid complications and for a CBD user or patient to achieve its maximum benefits.