CBD is a short name for cannabidiol (CBD), a plant extract known to have significant benefits. For people familiar with the use of CBD oil, its effect, and benefits. Will have no problem paying the exorbitant amount of money required to buy just a little bottle of CBD oil. On the other hand, a person who has no prior knowledge of its benefits and takes a glance at the price tag on the little bottle it comes in will ask the question; Why is CBD oil so expensive? Why do I have to part with more than a hundred dollars to get this small bottle of oil? However, when one gets a firsthand experience of the effect of CBD oil, the person will have the answer to this question.

It gives us a hint about the cost of its extraction and refining processes for something as efficient as it is. CBD oil goes through expensive processes, which is the primary reason for the high CBD oil prices. Like in the list of CBD oil reviews and the Protkfu Hemp Oil CBD reviewhere are some reasons why CBD oil costs a lot of money.

Legal Issues Surrounding The Growing of Cannabis

CBD can be isolated from either the hemp plant material or cannabis plants. As we all know, cannabis is still classified as a controlled substance in many countries, including the United States of America. This means that all cannabis and cannabis products remain controlled substances. However, the prohibition on hemp plants was lifted by Congress in December 2018. Making the use of hemp and CBD extracted from the hemp plant legal.

The restriction placed on growing cannabis in many countries and the limitation still placed on growing hemp in the United States despite its prohibition has made growing these CBD-rich substances rather expensive to farmers. They have to pay massive amounts to the government to register their company and obtain permission to grow these plants. In addition to this, the government also imposes heavy taxes on legal growers of these plants. These vast amounts paid to the government to settle all the necessary paperwork to become a legal grower of these CBD-rich plants add to the CBD oil cost as manufacturers have to ensure they make a profit on the product increase in the price points.

In many countries, the license for growing cannabis is only given to a minimal number of people. This makes them have very little competition. Hence, they can put the prices up as high as they choose, with people having no other option but to buy from them. The United Kingdom is one such nation.

The High Cost of Growing CBD Rich Plants

Even though the growing of hemp is legal in the United States, the high taxation and the costs required for a company to obtain a license to grow the crop makes growing the CBD rich hemp. Farmers that grow other unrestricted plants do not have to pay all these fees to get started, so they stick to those kinds of crops. Only a few farmers can forget the costs and go-ahead to grow the plant. This means the supply of hemp would be low, and in economics, low supply equals high demand and high cost.

Growing hemp that will give a high-quality hemp oil brand requires many tedious farming procedures that come at huge costs. It is essential to know that when the hemp is not well monitored and taken care of during the growing stage, it can lead to the plant getting higher than 0.3% THC level. 0.3% is the maximum amount of THC that can be accepted in a plant for it to be deemed safe in terms of service (THC is responsible for the intoxicating effect that marijuana has). When this happens, the crops must be destroyed. This is a massive loss in hemp farming, and it is a situation that should be avoided at all costs.

The Manufacturing Cost of CBD Oil

We have established the fact that CBD oil is extracted from CBD rich plants like hemp and cannabis. However, the processes involved in this extraction is not as easy as extracting juice from an orange. For companies to produce high-quality CBD oil, many processes have to be executed by highly trained professionals, and costly machinery have to be used.

In the extraction of cannabinoids like CBD, expensive machines have to be used. One example is the CO2 extraction machines, which use high-temperature levels and pressure to convert carbon dioxide to its supercritical state. It possesses both liquid and gas properties, making it able to penetrate solid plant matter and extract substances from them. This process is referred to as the CO2 extraction process.

The substance extracted in this process is a full-spectrum CBD meaning it will contain CBD as well as other compounds like terpenes and heavy metals. However, we need to have pure CBD. This means we would need to remove the other unwanted things from the extracted full spectrum CBD substance to make sure we make the CBD isolate. After making CBD isolate, there are many other processes required to get a good CBD oil quality. One such process includes winterization.


Winterization is a manufacturing process employed to make sure we get a pure CBD free from THC and other accompanying compounds. In this process, the full spectrum extract from the CO2 extraction method is frozen and purified. The process is particularly important in separating the different compounds in the full spectrum extract before storing the CBD tincture in a bottle.

This process involves the total purification of a hemp extract. The oil gotten from the hemp is soaked in ethanol (in the ethanol extraction process) and frozen. This is important in separating the waxes from the mixture. This will result in a darkened moisture, which has qualities similar to a maple-syrup.

Winterization will produce CBD that is free from THC and other undesirable compounds. Like cleaning a bong without the use of alcohol, the total removal of THC makes the winterization process a very important one in CBD extraction for obvious reasons. After bottling the CBD oil, one might think that the extraction process of CBD is finished. This is not correct as it still passes other processes to ensure the consumers get a high-quality product.

The Processes Involved in Getting CBD Oil Ready For The Market

CBD oil is obtained from cannabis and hemp, two products that can potentially contain Tetrahydrocannabinol if the correct extraction methods are not used to obtain CBD oil. As we know, good CBD oil does not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol or addictive. Hence, it does not have the entourage effect associated with marijuana and other highly addictive substances. However, the fact that there is a chance of substances that can cause the “high” effect can be found in CBD oil if not properly processed. This has made it necessary for CBD oil to go through many lab tests and other tests to ascertain if it is safe to be released to the public markets.

For CBD oil to be deemed fit for the market, it has to pass through lab testing and governmental tests through its food and drug agencies. The price of these tests is on the high side as tests for its efficiency, THC content, and a host of others have to be performed.

All these tests are necessary to ensure that the populace will only get clean CBD oil products. This also adds to the high price of CBD oil. However, consumers can be immensely confident that any CBD oil they see in the market is of high quality and free from harmful substances.

Making A Safe And Efficient Product For Consumers

It is no news that cannabis prohibition has a huge effect on how many people view all cannabis-derived products. CBD products do not contain substances that can trigger addiction or have detrimental effects on users’ health. Still, the single fact that it is derived from cannabis, a good number of people don’t want to be associated with it. CBD producers know this, and to an extent, the expensive tests and accreditation go a long way in convincing people that CBD oils are free from harmful and addictive substances.

Due to the legal issues and the heavy taxation associated with the sale of CBD oils across the state and country borders, selling CBD oils across borders is extremely expensive, contributing to the high cost of CBD oil across borders.

Even with the lifting of the prohibition on hemp, it has not changed the fear some people have for CBD products. Most individuals think that CDB products are only gotten from cannabis plants. At the same time, CBD can also be gotten from hemp seed oil. This is a major challenge CBD companies face.

Why Are Some Products So Cheap?

The processes listed above are the processes that must be followed to get a high-quality CBD product. These steps are very expensive, and this is the reason for the high oil cost. Coconut oil has a relatively easy extraction method. That is why it is quite cheap. While quality CBD products have a high price, some CBD products are sold rather cheaply. These are sub-standard and did not go through the complex and costly extraction methods that costly CBD products go through.

It is not a wise decision to buy a cheap CBD product because while the quality CBD products have many health benefits, the cheap ones will harm your health as it is not properly purified. This makes harmful substances that are removed from the high-quality CBD products to remain in the cheap ones. When you get these cheap CBD products, you will save money, but in the long run, you might have to spend a huge amount of money in hospitals when the adverse effects associated with using a substandard CBD product kicks in.

How to Decide If a Product is Genuine?

To be sure you are getting the right CBD product to relieve chronic pain or help with your anxiety issues, you have to learn how to read and understand CBD labels. The fact that the FDA has not approved any nonprescription cannabinol product makes it all the more difficult to know if a product is genuine. Consumers are left to rely on a third-party lab test to make their decision. A genuine product will come with a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which shows that a third-party laboratory has tested it. The COA is usually accessed by scanner the QR code found on the CBD product with your smartphone.

You have to also check the ingredients of the product to a certain of it is what you want. Some individuals prefer to get a broad spectrum type. The broad-spectrum has all naturally occurring compounds except THC. You need to know that some companies and their partners might avoid using the word CBD in their ingredients table. But words like hemp seeds, cannabis Sativa seed oil, or hemp seed oil are used. They are synonyms of CBD. You can be sure you are getting genuine brands of CBD oil apart from the price by buying good brands from reputable companies. Contact us to get quality CBD oil brands and other prescription drugs at affordable prices.


The growth of the cannabis market, the different legal registration, and the production process involved in arriving at the final product of CBD are what make CBD oil so expensive. This high price of CBD products. The 2018 farm bill, which made the previously prohibited hemp to be seen as a cash crop, was good news in the CBD industry as it has helped a bit in the CBD oil industry. The Cannabis plant, which is one of the raw materials in the CBD industry, and a quality product, has remained prohibited as it contains high levels of the “high” substance THC. The high costs of things like the legal work involved in getting a license to plant hemp or cannabis are responsible for the high prices of cannabinoids. Before the acceptance of a CBD product in public marketplaces, it has to pass some expensive tests. These tests ensure CBD product is safe from harmful substances and are of high quality.

Quality CBD goes through costly production processes before they arrive at the pure compound that is sold. The cost of production is what affects CBD pricing. This, along with other reasons in this article, answers the question of why is CBD so pricey.